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Husband Bites Off Wife’s Nose For Not Answering Phone September 13, 2015

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nose3Ms. Yang, a 44-year-old woman from the Shandong province in China, knew that she and her husband had a tumultuous relationship. In fact, they had recently begun divorce proceedings, although that does not appear to be the reason for the attack. Instead, the incident surrounds a phone call at two in the morning that Yang did not pick up. Her soon-to-be ex-husband had a history of calling, even though the two had separated, but Yang saw no reason to pick up the telephone at such a late hour. She was especially tired after having just completed a double shift at the factory where she works.

The following morning, in the middle of the factory and surrounded by her coworkers, Yang’s husband appeared and confronted her. He proceeded to slam her head into the wall while shouting at her about why she did not pick up his call the previous night. Suddenly, he lunged at her face and bit off nearly her entire nose. Where the story takes an even weirder turn is that rather than spit it out, the husband swallowed it whole as he ran out of the factory; Yang’s coworkers were too dumbstruck by what they’d just seen to detain him.

nose1She was rushed to the hospital where doctors were stunned at the devastation done to her face. The nasal septum, nose tip, and the soft triangle were all missing. A medical team has already begun the process of rebuilding Yang’s nose, but are uncertain about the level of success to expect. The process will take over three months and even after that phase of her recovery, she will still need additional plastic surgeries.

While police continue to hunt for her husband, additional details have emerged of the couple’s crazy marriage. Both she and her spouse had been divorcees when they met and he had two adult children from his previous marriage. A year after their marriage, Yang and her new husband had a child of their own, which appears to be when things started to go amiss. The insane man demanded that Yang sell their son so that she could pay more attention to his grandchildren. She refused, separated from him, and began divorce proceedings. All of that took place about five months before he went insane and bit off his wife’s nose over a missed phone call.


You Can’t Makeup This Shit …. Colonoscopy finds stolen Thai diamond worth $400,000

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The good news for the Chinese visitor to Bangkok was that a doctor had successfully removed a foreign object from her large intestine that could have damaged her digestive system.

diamonds-loose-certified-1The bad news: It was a 10 million baht ($A392,000) diamond the woman was accused of stealing from a jewelry fair, adding a piece of rock-hard evidence to the case against her.

Police Colonel Mana Tienmaungpak said tonight that authorities got to the bottom of the theft when a doctor wielding a colonoscope and the medical equivalent of pliers pulled the 6-carat gemstone from the large intestine of the woman alleged to have filched it, after nature and laxatives failed to get it out.

The woman and a Chinese man were arrested Thursday night at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport on their way out of Thailand on the basis of surveillance video from the fair just outside Bangkok, where earlier that day the duo allegedly switched a fake stone for the real one after asking to inspect it. The dealer at the booth selling the diamond also identified the two.

The suspects initially denied involvement, but X-rays showed a diamond-like object in the woman’s intestine, and police said she then confessed.

Mana, the chief investigator for the case, said the woman agreed to Sunday’s delicate operation after being told that the gemstone risked injuring her. The diamond’s owner identified the stone after it was removed.


You Won’t Believe The Damage A Little Chunk Of Ice Caused

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A loud crash startled a California family at home Wednesday morning when a chunk of ice the size of a basketball hurtled from the sky and smashed through the roof, likely the result of frozen moisture breaking loose from an airplane flying high overhead.


Monica Savath said she and her family were in the living room of their Modesto home when they were shaken by the commotion. She said it sounded like a bomb exploding. Running to the attached garage, they found a gaping hole in the roof and shattered ice. Nobody was injured.

“What on earth happened?” Savath said in an interview with KOVR-TV.

Jim Mathews, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Sacramento, dismissed any meteorological explanation, given the area’s clear blue skies and hot temperatures. He said an airplane is the most likely culprit. He suspects frozen moisture collected on an airplane and became dislodged.

Pieces of the ice in the Savath home were white or clear, not the blue tint of water used to flush airplane toilets.

Modesto is in the grips of a heatwave with the high temperature hitting 104, which adds to the mystery. Mathews said temperatures high in the jet stream are very cold, and the ice probably fell so quickly that it didn’t melt much on its way down.

“Good thing it didn’t hit anybody,” he said. “Boy, that could really do a number.”

Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, said an inspector visited the family’s home. Gregor said he had no immediate answers.

Neighbor Lisa Lawrence said she was outside smoking a cigarette when she heard a whizzing sound and saw an object the size of a basketball.

“Sounded like a jet, actually,” she said. “That’s what made me look up, and I was like, if that’s a jet, it’s travelling pretty low.”


Baseball Coach Accused (Again) Of Molesting 11-year-old Boy He Coached August 7, 2015

David-SolomonDavid Solomon, 47, is facing two sexual assault on a minor charges after he police say he repeatedly molested an 11-year-old boy who played on the baseball team he coached.

The boy came forward and told police that Solomon had been playing a series of games with his pecker that Solomon “The Claw” and “The Wedgie Bush.”

The boy said one incident happened in April during a sleepover at Solomon’s house and another happened during a car ride. During the sleepover, the victim said Solomon molested him about five to eight times on separate occasions.

When he finally told Solomon that he wasn’t comfortable with him grabbing his junk, Solomon told him not to tell anyone or he would break the “bro code.” The boy told his mother and she pulled him out of the baseball camp and confronted the suspect. I couldn’t find any details regarding this confrontation or why police were not called at that time.

Deputies said it wasn’t until the news leaked out that some of the victim’s former teammates told him that they too were molested by Solomon. When more parents became aware of the allegations, they confronted Solomon and then called police.

Solomon was then arrested at his home and placed inside the Broward County Jail without bond. Now here is where the story takes a sick turn… this isn’t the first time Solomon has been accused of molesting young boys he coached.

In 2000, he was arrested while working as a coach and a physical education teacher at Hialeah Gardens Elementary School. He was accused of molesting an 11-year-old autistic student at the school and two boys under the age of 14 who played baseball at the Miami Shores Village Recreation Center. The charges were eventually dropped after one of the boys recanted his story.

Parents would rally around Solomon’s and raised more than $30,000 for his legal fees. I would love to hear from some of those parents now, as well as the parents of the alleged victims.

After he was cleared of the charges, Solomon stated, “I feel relieved and I just know it was a matter of time, (and) justice prevailed I guess. Kids know what to say and when to say it to get them out of whatever they need to get out of, and you just got to look out for number one.”

Police believe more victims will come forward, and are asking anyone with information about Solomon to contact the Sheriff’s Special Victims Unit at 954-321-4240 or Crime Stoppers, anonymously, at 954-493-8477.


Man Set His Wife On Fire Before Dying Trapped Inside Fiery Wreckage

Donn Keever threw gasoline on his estranged wife and set her on fire before dying in a fiery crash after running head-first into a semi.

Amy-KeeverKeever doused Amy Keever with gasoline and then set her on fire in front of their kids. A neighbor heard Amy screaming and ran over to help, watching as Donn drove away in his truck.

“She wasn’t on fire just a little bit. She was on fire. I can’t get it out of my head. It’s nothing I would ever imagine seeing,” said witness Jennifer Lewis.

She managed to help Amy put the flames that had burned off a large portion of Amy’s clothes, and call 911. Amy was rushed to the hospital suffering from serious burns over a large portion of her body.

Donn Keever was seen later that day speeding the wrong way down I-65. Witnesses say Keever abruptly turned into the path of a semi, crashing into it head-on. The truck flipped onto its side, but Keever’s truck continued going until it burst into flames after it cashed into another vehicle and a concrete barrier.

Keever’s truck burst into flames and Keever, who was trapped inside his truck, died from his injuries. The semi driver and other motorists involved in Keevers path of dumbassery were not seriously injured.

The neighbor who helped put out Amy said that the woman was scared of her estranged husband. “Maybe I’m wrong for saying this, but I’m glad he did what he did out there on the highway,” she said. “As long as he didn’t hurt anybody else.”


Alabama teacher was arrested after photos of his ‘sex romp with a student’ emerged online

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2B2887CE00000578-3187324-image-a-59_14388910187891 2 3An Alabama high school teacher has been charged with sexual contact with a student after photos surfaced online of him and a recently-graduated student in an inappropriate relationship.

Joe Bradley Petrey from Tuscaloosa was arrested after the photos were leaked anonymously.

They portrayed the teacher in a sexual relationship with a girl while she was still a student, with evidence dating back to the beginning of last school year.

Petrey turned himself in at the county jail Tuesday, August 4 after a warrant for his arrest was obtained. He has since resigned from his teaching job at Brookwood High School.

Sgt. Kenny Shipman with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office said the warrant for Petrey’s arrest was for a ‘School employee engaging in a sex act or deviant sexual intercourse with a student under the age of 19 years.’

Sgt. Shipman said in the release that an investigation began into an alleged relationship between Petrey and a recently graduated student on July 28.

‘The investigation centered on compromising photographs that were leaked anonymously over the internet portraying the two in a sexual relationship while she was still a student and he a teacher.

Search warrants were executed and evidence confirming the relationship dating back to the beginning of last school year was found.’

Evidence found in Petrey’s electronic devices, which was gathered through search warrants, confirmed the relationship dates to nearly a year ago, police said.

His bond was set at $20,000.

‘We take these allegations seriously and act promptly when a complaint or concern is shared with us,’ Tuscaloosa County schools Superintendent Liz Swinford said.


Mother tried to drown her nine-month-old son because she believed he was ‘possessed’

A mother has been jailed after good Samaritans stopped her trying to drown her nine-month-old son in a ditch while she was high on drugs.


Regina Dilworth, 22, had submerged the son in an irrigation ditch as her four-year-old daughter looked on in horror when the passer-by stepped in.

The good Samaritan led the child away and then another passer-by had to stop Dilworth, who was high on bath salts and an ‘injected opiate’ from submerging herself, according to police.

Court documents say that Dilworth had left the house with her two children and was ‘heading towards the light’ near her home in Idaho.

She was hearing voices that told her her son was ‘possessed’ and needed to be ‘baptised’.

He was submerged up to his neck when the passer-by, who had driven past her standing in the road vacantly, circled back to find the boy in trouble.

Good Samaritan Erica Pearce said: ‘All of a sudden I just saw her fall.

‘I did what needed to be done and I just thank God that I was here at that moment,’ she told KPOI5.

Sergeant Joe Ramirez of the Nampa Police Department, Idaho, said: ‘If she had called police and waited for them to arrive, who knows where that child would be now?’ reports MSN.

Sergeant Jason Cantrell said: ‘We learned that a Good Samaritan, actually several Good Samaritans, had made contact with Regina,’ reports KBTV.

He added: ‘Regina was making weird statements and was incoherent when she was communicating with people who were out and about at that time of morning.’

Dilworth has been charged with injury to a child and is being held in Canyon County Jail until she appears in court.

Her lawyer wants her to be given a mental health evaluation before her appearance on August 13

She also has possession of drug paraphernalia, credit card fraud and theft charges on her record.

The children have been taken into protective custody while their mother remains in jail.



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