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Naked man peered into apartment windows May 8, 2015

Jesus Ruiz Aguirre_1430940525804_17945520_ver1.0_640_480A Zephyrhills man was arrested after he was found running around a neighborhood naked, peering into apartment windows.

Jesus Ruiz Aguirre, 22, was charged with loitering and prowling. He is listed in the arrest affidavit as a groundskeeper at Wild Things zoo in Dade City.

Zephyrhills police said Aguirre could not provide a reason for being in the area naked.

He was found near Oak Run Circle standing near an apartment without any clothes.


Man videotaped another man’s putter at miniature golf course March 24, 2015

7217361_GAn employee at a mini golf is under arrest because he used his cell phone to record another man urinating in a bathroom of the Congo River Golf in Port Richey, Pasco deputies said.

A mini golf customer saw a cell phone recording him near the urinal when he went to the men’s room. He called the authorities. He said he didn’t give anybody a permission to record him.

When the deputies arrived, they found the owner of the phone, Justin Lynn Barrett, 28, of Port Richey who worked at the Congo River.

After Barrett was Mirandized, he told the deputies that he had put his cell phone into the man’s room because he “saw a hot man.”

Barrett is in the Pasco County jail on a $5000 bond.


Upskirt suspect with shoe phone gets the boot August 21, 2014

A Wal-Mart shopper with a device hidden in his shoe snapped photos up a woman’s skirt in the toilet-paper aisle and in a checkout line at a Sanford store Tuesday, police said today.

sfl-flduh-upskirt-shoe-phone-20140820-001Paul Senzee, 40, of Apopka was charged with video voyeurism after he allegedly placed the device, described as iPhone or iPad, under the same woman’s skirt at the Wal-Mart at 3653 Orlando Drive.

“Senzee walked up behind the victim multiple times and extended his foot forward and under her skirt,” Shannon Cordingly, a Sanford police spokeswoman, said in a statement. “Once police are able to execute a search of Senzee’s cell phone they will be able to determine if there are additional victims.”

The alleged victim confronted Senzee after spotting his secret camera.

Police were called to the store just before 7 p.m. Tuesday after getting a call about a suspicious person.

A woman said a man later identified as Senzee “appeared to be attempting to sneak up behind her,” a report said.

When she turned to look, at the man, he quickly turned and walked away and attempted to appear to “focus on merchandise on the shelves,” according to the report.

She tried to walk away, but he followed. She spotted a hole in the top of one of his shoes but “didn’t think anything of it at the time,” the report noted.

The woman said she later noticed the same man was behind her in a checkout line but he didn’t have any merchandise to purchase.

She turned again, looked at the shoe with the hole, and the man immediately turned and walked away.

The woman said “she followed the man and stopped him with her grocery cart and asked the man to show her his shoes,” the report said.

He refused and continued to walk away.

She started yelling and an unidentified man approached Senzee and demanded he take the device out of the shoe, which he did.

Then police arrived.

“I observed Senzee wearing black in color dress shoes with a round hole cut out of the top of his right shoe,” an officer wrote in a report. “It should be noted that the tape around the camera lens of the ipod/iphone matched the color of Senzee’s shoes.”

The suspect declined to speak to the officer.

Store security found images of Senzee on surveillance video.

“I observed the recorded surveillance video which clearly showed Senzee walk up behind [the woman] while in a checkout line and extend his right foot forward and under [her] skirt multiple times,” the report said.

He was handcuffed, arrested for video voyeurism and taken to the John E. Polk Correctional Facility in Sanford.


Man arrested for prowling tried to fight a fire hydrant August 19, 2014

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St. Petersburg police recently arrested a prowler who they say tried to fight a fire hydrant before he was taken into custody.

http---Hidden-Past.com-Images-placeholderPolice said they arrested Jeffrey Paul McKenna, 34, after he was seen peeking into windows of homes in the 4800 block of Third Avenue N in St. Petersburg on Aug. 14.

Police were called and when officers arrived, McKenna told them he was looking for “Tony” and “wanted to go with the back up officer and smoke and be back in 20 minutes,” an officer wrote in an arrest report.

“He was also acting like he was going to fight the fire hydrant in front of him prior to being taken into custody,” the officer wrote.

The report does not indicate if McKenna — or the fire hydrant — landed any blows.


Man took photo up woman’s skirt at Wal-Mart, cops say July 20, 2014

handcuffs_generic_01-e1348525933359A 30-year-old man was arrested after he put his cellphone under a woman’s skirt at a Sanford Wal-Mart and took a photo, according to police.

Sanford police responded to the Wal-Mart on Rinehart Road around 11 a.m. Thursday for a report of a suspicious man. A Wal-Mart employee said he noticed the man, identified as John Henry Williams of Casselberry, following a woman and her young daughter.

“Williams looked around nervously, and then, with the use of his small black flip top Samsung phone, lunged low to the floor and placed the phone between the still unaware female’s legs (the victim was wearing an above the knee blue skirt),” the arrest affidavit stated.

He allegedly followed the woman to another aisle and did it again, police said. When an officer confronted Williams, he said it was a misunderstanding and had done nothing wrong. The victim said she noticed Williams following her but did not know what he was doing. Police say both incidents were caught on surveillance video. The cellphone was confiscated. Williams is charged with video voyeurism and is being held in the Seminole County jail.


Barber shop doubled as a strip club July 1, 2014

priceThe owner of an Orange County barbershop was arrested after Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation agents raided the business and said it was being used as a strip club.

Super Fades barbershop, which sits along Pine Hills Road, is closed following the raid that sent its owner, 42-year-old Derrick Price, to jail.

Agents said they found a 17-year-old girl stripping inside the business. But Price denies that he was using the shop as a strip club.

“It’s customer appreciation. I thank my customers for coming in and supporting me, that’s all it was,” Price said to Eyewitness News.

MBI investigator Lt. Mike Gibson said undercover agents visited the barbershop by day and learned that it quickly morphed into a liquor-selling strip club every Saturday night.

“On each and every occasion they were serving alcohol and they had strippers. And not strippers following local law, but strippers that went completely nude,” Gibson said.

Undercover agents said about 1:30 a.m. Sunday, they bought $20 worth of vodka at the business, where the 17-year-old was allegedly one of many women working as a stripper.

The underage girl was charged with lewd acts and adult entertainment crimes, but agents are investigating whether she was forced to work against her will.

“We had to speed up our investigation quite a bit to get the juvenile out, and in fact, we did,” Gibson said.

There was a $10 cover charge for patrons to get in during those times, authorities said. But Price denied that he was collecting a cover fee when he talked to Channel 9.

“I wasn’t taking money for anything, I take donations,” Price said.

Neighboring business owners told Channel 9 they didn’t know about the alleged extracurricular activities at Super Fade, but MBI agents said it was no surprise what was going on.

“Surely he could make $600-$700 a night as the owner running this strip club,” said Gibson.

Investigators said they removed a stripper pole permanently installed in the middle of the shop.

“That would have been a piece of equipment that was there even when they operated during the day while they acted as a barbershop,” Gibson said. “I’ve never gone to a barbershop that had a stripper pole.”

Investigators said a tipster prompted them to take in cameras, where they shot video so graphic WFTV chose not to air it.

Gibson said they expect to make more arrests in the case. Price was booked into the Orange County Jail, but he has since bonded out.


Jeepers, creepers, a nursing home peeper? May 30, 2014

Winter Haven police arrested a man who, they said, was naked and committing lewd acts in public on two different occasions.
Willie Washington_1401365985171_5376415_ver1.0_640_480 (1)Willie James Washington was arrested Wednesday and charged with two counts of Indecent Exposure, two counts of Intimidation / Wearing Mask to Conceal Identity, Burglary and Violation of Probation.
Police said the Winter Haven resident was seen around 9:00 p.m. on May 15, fully nude outside a nursing home, 904 Lake Martha Dr., NE, with a t-shirt over his head and peering into windows.
A worker inside saw the suspect masturbating while staring at the worker.  The worker didn’t immediately contact police, but called the next day after management learned of the incident.
Video of the incident was obtained from the nursing home, but a positive identification was unable to be made at the time.
On Wednesday around 7 a.m., a pedestrian walking near the Chain of Lakes Trail saw a man acting suspicious. The witness saw the man emerge from some bushes and then duck back in.  The witness continued walking and when she turned back around and approached the area again, the suspect jumped out completely naked, fondling himself.
He had something covering his face and was wearing gloves. The witness screamed at the man saying she was going to call police. He jumped back in the bushes, grabbed his clothes and ran off. The witness was able to provide a clothing description from when he first appeared out of the bushes as well as the direction the suspect ran.
As officers approached the area, they saw a male fitting the suspect’s description near a vehicle close to the parking lot of Home Depot (2000 8th St., NE). Officers made contact and ultimately the witness positively identified Washington as the one she saw on the trail.
Because of the similarities in the two incidents, Detectives went back to the video from the nursing home and ultimately were able to identify Washington as the suspect. Washington was charged with both incidents and booked into the Polk County Jail.
Washington, 62, has a long and violent criminal history across several states, including arrests for Armed Robbery (multiple times), Armed Burglary (multiple times), Fraud Impersonating an Officer, Trespassing, Shoplifting, Kidnapping, Grand Larceny, Multiple weapons charges, Agg. Assault with a Firearm, Poss. of Firearm by Convicted Felon, Dealing in Stolen Property, Resisting an Officer, Multiple Drug Offenses (Cocaine), Multiple Paraphernalia Offenses, Agg. Assault on a Police Officer, Fraudulent use of Credit Cards, Theft by Extortion, Terroristic Threats, and Disorderly


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