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Busted cop: “The crack is not for me, it’s for my wife” April 22, 2015

A Sweetwater cop found himself on the wrong side after he reportedly bought a bag of crack from a sidewalk dealer.

jail-prison-3Police were conducting surveillance in an area known for drug activity Thursday when they noticed a man in white Chevy Malibu stop on the side of the road at 188 Street and 114th Avenue and talk with a woman who was standing on the sidewalk.

The man, later identified as 25-year old Christopher Heredia, then drove off and pulled into the parking lot a Walgreens at Quail Roost Drive and SW 114th Avenue. He then went back to where the woman was.

Heredia then hand her some cash and she handed him a bag with crack cocaine in it, according to his arrest report.

Heredia then drove off. Police pulled him over Quail Roost and SW 113th Avenue. When an officer walked up to the car, he reportedly noticed Heredia making movements as if he was trying to hide something.

Heredia told the officer he was a cop. When asked if he was currently working, Heredia replied ‘no’. The officer noted in the report that Heredia’s hands were trembling, he appeared nervous and he began to stutter.

Arriving officers found the baggie containing the crack on the driver’s side floor. A search of the car turned up drug paraphernalia and three Xanax pills.

At some point during the search, Heredia blurted out “The crack is not for me, it’s for my wife.”

Officers on the scene advised him to be quiet.

Heredia was charged with purchase of cocaine, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The woman he met on the sidewalk, 37-year old Tina Schofield, who was also arrest and charged with sale of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.


2014 in review December 31, 2014

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Thanks to all of you who read my blog. Here are the results!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 170,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 7 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


Fake cop had a ”Let’s Be Cops’ DVD December 29, 2014

Hernando County deputies have arrested a man, saying he impersonated a police officer.
sfl-flduh-fake-cop-dvd-20141228-001Authorities say they caught up with James Michael Buck, 23, during a bizarre incident on Christmas night in which a caller reported Buck tried to perform a traffic stop.
When the individual called 911, deputies say Buck was chasing that person with his black SUV and emergency-style lights flashing.
Deputies pulled Buck over and found shield-style badges in his car and wallet, along with other police gear and a DVD titled “Let’s Be Cops.”
Buck was being held in the Hernando County Jail of $5,000 bond.
Deputies say Buck told them, “If I could do tonight over again, I never would have done this.”
Buck also said that he installed the police-related equipment so that “no one would mess with him.”

Even I Deserve Some Time OFF!!!!! December 17, 2014

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Hey Readers,

I’ll be moving into my newly constructed home this week …. so …. no news for you until Monday, Dec 22. I’m sure you’re all upset and really pissed off at me … well, just get over it. OK? If not I don’t know what to tell you.

Thanks for being an avid reader and see you back next week.



Meth-making operation exposed when suspect butt-dialed cops October 10, 2014

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Sometimes, good detective work and weeks of investigation are needed to nab suspected criminals. But other times all investigators need is 30 minutes to listen in on an accidental pocket dial to a 911 dispatch center.

That’s the reason 55-year-old Donna Knope, 32-year-old Jason Knope and 41-year-old Thomas Stallings spent their weekend in the Volusia County Branch Jail on drug charges.


According to Volusia County deputies, one member of the trio accidentally dialed 911 about 12:30 a.m. Saturday. When the dispatcher answered and tried to get details about the potential emergency, there was no response.

Instead, she overheard a discussion about drugs.

Deputies say the dispatcher kept the line open and fed details to investigators from the three who were unknowingly being recorded. At one point, the dispatcher reported hearing bubbling noises as if something was cooking.

Using cell phone locater data, deputies tracked the origin of the call to a shed behind a home in the 3200 block of Roland Drive where Donna and Jason Knope lived.

When deputies arrived, the three were actively cooking a batch of methamphetamine, investigators say. Also found were many of the household items after found in meth labs like lighter fluid, coffee filters, a butane torch and batteries.

All three face charges of manufacturing and possession of meth. Stallings also faces charges of violating probation after a previous robbery conviction.


DUI suspect told deputies she was about to down another beer

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A Belleview driver was arrested on DUI and marijuana possession charges Tuesday night after sheriff’s deputies say she admitted drinking a half dozen beers and smoking marijuana cigarettes.

sfl-flduh-dui-another-beer-20141008-001Nichole R. Sommers, 33, had two children, ages 9 and 11, in the vehicle shortly before 8:30 p.m., when Deputy William P. Blair II pulled her over in the 4000 block of South Pine Avenue, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

She was stopped for not having two working tail lights.

Sommers told Deputy Joshua Driver, who assisted his colleague, that she was about to drink another beer when she was pulled over, the report states.

Deputies said her face was flushed, her eyes were bloodshot and watery, and her breath smelled of alcohol. Sommers agreed to participate in a field sobriety exercise, which she failed, according to the report.

Inside her 2002 Toyota Corolla, deputies reported finding a dozen partially smoked marijuana cigarettes in an ashtray in the center console and two 16 ounce beer cans on the backseat floorboard. She told them the marijuana cigarettes were hers.

Before Sommers was taken to the Marion County Jail, someone went to the scene and picked up the children. The Department of Children and Families was notified.

At the jail, a breath test registered blood alcohol levels of .189 and .205, according to the report. The threshold in Florida at which a driver is presumed to be impaired is .08.


On the wrong track: Thieves thwarted by stolen e-decoy device

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What appeared to be a sophisticated burglary of more than $30,000 worth of cellphones and tablets ended in a blunder for two burglars, authorities say.

sfl-flduh-thieves-stolen-decoy-20141009-001The two men sawed their way into a Greenacres cellphone store, stole more than 90 devices and vanished in their getaway car. What they likely didn’t know: One of the devices they had just stolen — made to resemble a cellphone — was a decoy equipped with GPS.
The device allowed officers to track the thieves’ movements as they drove across town. Greenacres police learned the suspects’ exact location, pulled their car over and arrested them, police said.

Police said the burglary started on the roof of the AT&T Prime Communications Cellular Store at 6748 Forest Hill Blvd.

That’s where police said the two men — Gennier Perez-Gonzalez, 32, of West Palm Beach, and Osniel Labrada-Guillen, 29, of Miami Gardens — used a power tool to cut their way into the business about 3:30 a.m.

A security company called police when the decoy had its alarm triggered. The decoy was being monitored remotely by the company, allowing an officer to learn where the device was headed.

The suspects’ car traveled north on Jog Road before turning east on Forest Hill Boulevard. The officer was told the device was passing him as he watched a lone vehicle go by and turn onto the southbound entrance ramp to Interstate 95.

Two officers then got the driver of the car to pull over to the shoulder between Lantana Road and Hypoluxo Road.

When the car stopped, the device indicated to the security company that it, too, had come to a rest. That helped confirm that the device was inside the suspects’ vehicle, according to the report.
Nine iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy 5 boxes were seen in the back seat of the car. When an officer opened the trunk, he said, he found 88 devices — along with the decoy device.

A security video system recorder, an angle grinder with a blade and other tools also were found in the trunk, according to the report.

Police described the men as sweating profusely, nervous and covered in debris, as if they had recently cut something with a metal disc. A total of 98 devices valued at $34,869 were found in the car, police said.

Both men face charges of burglary, larceny, criminal mischief and possession of burglary tool. Perez-Gonzalez was held in Palm Beach County Jail in lieu of $110,000 bail. And Labrada-Guillen was held in lieu of $86,000 bail.



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