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Man stabs wife repeatedly …… immediately after their marriage counseling session May 15, 2014

Deputies arrested a Port Charlotte man over the weekend following a marriage counseling session performed by the family’s pastor.

3726428_GJeanwell Napolean, 50, is accused of stabbing his wife several times in her left inner bicep, middle abdomen and lower back after she called her pastor to come over for some counseling.

“She said, honey I love you! And he said, honey I love you too,” said Andre Dalleman, the couple’s counselor who is also a Deacon at Eben-Ezer Church in Port Charlotte.

When deputies arrived to their house on Truval Terrace in Port Charlotte, they saw several people on the ground in their front lawn, including the victim who was bleeding.

They transported Marie Napolean to Bayfront Memorial by EMS then she was Bayflighted to Lee Memorial.

Dallemand says he was in their house before the stabbing happened and that Jeanwell Napolean wasn’t acting angry at all, although he kept talking about how Marie was going to leave him.

Another family friend, Cherisma Bordes, was called to the house, and when she arrived, that’s when Jean seemed very upset and said his wife was cheating on him.

“I didn’t expect anything like this to happen because she was caressing him talking about love,” said Dalleman.

That family friend then needed to move her car so the pastor could leave.

When that happened, the family friend heard screaming from inside the home. She went inside and Marie was screaming frantically and had blood stains on her shirt. Bordes said she saw Jeanwell Napolean holding a butchers knife to his stomach area.

The couple’s nephew who is caring for her talked off camera. He said his uncle snapped because he didn’t get a pastor position he wanted.

Deputies arrested him for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and he was booked at the Charlotte County jail where he’s being held on no bond.


Man, 83, was having a bad day … he fights off three attackers then has his car stolen the next day April 2, 2014

poorguy_12881527_8colAn 83-year-old Pinellas Park man who was ambushed, beaten and stabbed by three teenagers is a victim again! This time it looks like those same suspects came back and stole his car.

All of this started Tuesday around 10 a.m. when Charles Clark was getting out of his car at his apartment complex, when one of the suspects came from behind and started beating him and then stabbed him. Another person tried to beat Clark as well, but Clark was able to fight him off. He then screamed for help and once neighbors noticed what was going on, the three teens fled on their bikes.

At the time police didn’t think the teens were able to steal anything, but Clark said he thought they wanted his car. It turns out the suspects did steal his car keys and at some point late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, police believe they returned and took off in Clark’s car.

Around 4 a.m. police noticed Clark’s car was missing and found three bicycles near his parking spot. His vehicle was later found abandoned in a St. Petersburg neighborhood. It is currently being processed for evidence.

Police describe the suspects as two teenage boys — one in his early teens and the other in his late teens — and a girl in her early to mid teens with a heavier build and reddish, brown hair which she was seen continually trying to stuff into a gray hooded sweatshirt.

Below are surveillance images of two of the suspects riding bikes shortly before Tuesday’s attack:


Dressed like Rambo, gun-wielding man attacks patrons at resort bar March 17, 2014

sfl-flduh-armed-rambo-resort-bar-20140317-001By all accounts, Daniel Allen Noble was having a good time drinking in the bar of a Palm Coast resort Saturday evening.

But he ended the night in jail after Flagler County deputies say he went on a Rambo-style rampage that left two men injured with knife wounds.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Noble, 37, left the Europa Lounge at some point in the evening, only to return later dressed like Rambo, the movie character played by Sylvester Stallone. He was armed with what the Sheriff’s Office described as an “Uzi-style assault rifle” and a pair of hunting knives.

Shortly after 11 p.m., Noble challenged several patrons inside the lounge, which is located in the European Village resort, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Two patrons stopped Noble and grabbed the barrel of the gun, and one or two shots were fired into the floor.

The men got the gun away from Noble, but he lashed out with one of the knives, the Sheriff’s Office said. The men wrestled Noble to the ground and knocked him unconscious, but not before of them suffered knife wounds.

Vassili Mironov, 28, was stabbed near the left eye and was cut on both hands. He was treated and released at a local hospital.

Roman Dubinsechi, 23, suffered cuts to one arm. He declined medical treatment.

Both Mironov and Dubinsechi live in Palm Coast.

Deputies do not know what spurred Noble’s attack.

Noble, also of Palm Coast, was treated at local hospital, then booked into the Flagler County Detention Facility, where he is being held without bail. He faces a charge of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, the Sheriff’s Office said.


Anger over photo behind stabbing death of West Boca restaurant owner March 15, 2014

fl-tilus-lebron-first-appearance-a-jpg-20140314The horrific crime unfolded inside the packed dining room of a popular West Boca eatery. More than 20 terrified diners watched as a worker wielding a huge knife stabbed the restaurant owner and another worker during a dinnertime melee.

The reason for the rampage? Palm Beach deputies say the worker — 42-year-old Tilus Lebrun — was angry that his photo had been taken and posted online on March 2. So he attacked Dimitrios Karaloukas, owner of Jimmy the Greek Taverna, during Thursday’s supper rush.

Karaloukas died of his wounds a short while after being stabbed. The other worker, not yet identified by deputies, was taken to Delray Medical Center in critical condition.

In the aftermath of the crime, Karaloukas’s family was left in shock.

Joseph Scurto, who is Karaloukas’ stepbrother, described him as a family man who loved his wife, kids and grandkids. Scurto said Karaloukas, who lived in West Boca and was known by most as “Jimmy,” cared for his restaurant as he would a child — and that he treated his customers well.

“He loved what he did, he loved the people that he served,” Scurto said in a phone call from his home in New York on Friday. “If someone came in and they didn’t have money, he would take care of them”.

Lebrun’s cousin Markenson Augustin, 21, who lives with Lebrun in Pompano Beach, said he’s a “good guy” working two jobs to help send money back to his three children in Haiti. Augustin said Lebrun moved to the U.S. in 2005.

“We’re shocked because we didn’t expect something like this,” Augustin said in a phone call Friday. “He was working like crazy. I don’t see him too much because he’s always working.”

He didn’t know why Lebrun would get so upset about a photo.

Augustin said Lebrun worked at the Sun Sentinel Distribution Center in Deerfield Beach. Hired through a temporary staffing agency, he worked from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. He started working at Jimmy the Greek restaurant in January, Augustin said. His shift as a dishwasher started there at 3:30 p.m.

Augustin said Lebrun expressed frustration with the restaurant job. Augustin said he told Lebrun he should quit the dishwashing job.

State records show no arrests for Lebrun. Augustin described Lebrun as a normal person and said he and the rest of the family were stunned over his murder arrest.

Deputies say the attack happened at about 7:30 p.m. with the restaurant bustling with customers.

Employees told deputies Karaloukas, 61, was sitting near the front of the restaurant when walked up to him carrying a large knife and began stabbing him, three times in his left side and once in the back, for no apparent reason, the arrest report said.

Karaloukas died from his injuries at about 8:45 p.m., according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies found Lebrun wearing a black work apron and carrying a knife on the 8000 block of Glades Road near the Florida Turnpike shortly after the killing. Some witnesses told Sun Sentinel news partner CBS12 the weapon was a meat cleaver.

While sitting in a deputy’s cruiser, Lebrun asked the deputy if he was Haitian, and when the deputy said yes, Lebrun spoke to him in Creole saying: “I killed him because he took my photograph on March 2 and posted it on the Internet.”

In an interview at sheriff’s office headquarters, Lebrun told the deputy: “They need to learn how to respect people. I have three kids in Haiti. I know they will suffer, but they will survive,” according to the report.

The deputy said while driving to headquarters for the interview, Lebrun repeatedly said Karaloukas had taken his photo without permission.

Lebrun is being held in Palm Beach County Jail without bail on homicide and attempted homicide charges.


Man stole knife from one person, used it on another March 14, 2014

charles-edward-ferribee-iiA homeless man has been arrested after he allegedly stole a knife from one person and used it on another.

On Feb. 10 the man, 47-year-old Charles Edward Ferribee II, no address listed, stole a folding pocketknife from its owner, according to a Fort Walton Beach Police Department arrest report. No information about the theft victim was listed except his name, which will not be reported in this police blotter.

That night, Ferribee is accused of getting into an argument with a woman about her spending time with another man. He pulled out the pocketknife and tried to stab her in the ribcage area, the report said, but failed. So then he aimed for her face and neck. She suffered a minor stab wound to her left cheek and left neck area.


As If Enough Silliness Doesn’t Happen …. Fight over fishing spot ended in stabbing November 5, 2013

sfl-flduh-fishing-spot-20131104-001It started with a fight over where a man parked to go fishing. It ended with traumatic injuries and an arrest.                                          

David Christner, 58, is accused of stabbing a man Saturday with an ice pick near Siesta Bridge. Photo provided by the Sarasota Police Department

The altercation began with an exchange of words, then became physical, before the victim was stabbed once in the back and again in the right side, an arrest report states.

The victim managed to notify the bridge master, who called 911. Responders found the victim lying on Siesta Bridge. He was airlifted to the trauma unit at Blake Medical Center, where he underwent emergency surgery and a blood transfusion.

Christner is charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.


Man stabbed in eye after rejecting girlfriend’s sex request October 9, 2013

sfl-flduh-threesome-romp-20131008-001A woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend in the eye after he rebuffed her amorous advances was arrested on an attempted murder charge, according to a recently released affidavit.

The boyfriend of La Crystal King-Woolfork, 28, told Indian River County Sheriff’s investigators he was sleeping about 4 a.m. Sept. 26 when King-Woolfork got home drunk and wanting sex.

The boyfriend said King-Woolfork got upset and stabbed him in the eye at their Vero Beach home after he said he wasn’t going to have sex with her. The boyfriend said he disarmed King-Woolfork and called another person for a ride to the hospital.

Investigators photographed the stab wound to the boyfriend’s left eye along with other wounds.

Meanwhile, King-Woolfork said that she and a friend were at the Shake Your Booty club “having a good time” and got home about 4 a.m.

(King-Woolfork) further stated that she and another female entered the bedroom where (the boyfriend) was sleeping and started performing oral sex on one another while (the boyfriend) watched,” the affidavit states.

King-Woolfork said she wanted her boyfriend to have sex with her and the other woman, but he declined.

When the other woman left, King-Woolfork said she picked up a knife, saying she knew her boyfriend was going to get mad. Still, she said he wasn’t upset when she got the knife.

She said her boyfriend got out of bed and they started struggling over the knife.

She said her boyfriend “stomped on her head” a number of times before she broke her cell phone on his head.

Although King-Woolfork denied stabbing her boyfriend, she did say she hit him in the face several times with a metal candle holder. She said her boyfriend punched her in the nose after she hit him with the candleholder.

King-Woolfork, of the 4400 block of 28th Court in Vero Beach, was arrested on an attempted murder charge.



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