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Substitute school nurse brought firearm to work April 17, 2015

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A substitute elementary school nurse was arrested Wednesday for carrying a concealed firearm at Garden Grove Elementary School, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office reported.

sizemoreGarden Grove Principal, Deborah Compton, approached the 59-year-old licensed practical nurse, Marvin Sizemore of Lake Wales, to ask whether he was concealing a firearm or Taser after teachers alerted her to a conspicuous bulge near his left ankle, according to the police report.

The school employees had noticed the bulge while walking into the school about 8 a.m., the start of the school day.

Compton told deputies that Sizemore claimed the weapon was a Taser — a conducted electrical weapon — and she informed him it was illegal to carry the device on campus.

Sizemore placed the weapon in his automobile and Compton contacted the Sheriff’s Office.

When deputies arrived, Sizemore claimed he was not carrying a Taser, but pepper spray. He denied the deputy’s request to search his vehicle, but said he had two weapons in his car and possessed a concealed carry permit, according to the report.

Sizemore was arrested at 9:35 a.m.

Based on the “possibility of firearms being in the vehicle which posed a threat to the safety of school students,” a search warrant was issued and deputies discovered two loaded weapons — a .40-caliber handgun under the driver’s seat and a .380-caliber handgun in the trunk.

Deputies found no Taser in the automobile, Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Donna Wood said.

The Sheriff’s Office said Sizemore “intentionally and unlawfully” violated a state law that bars firearms on school property outside of specific exceptions. He faces third-degree felony charges.


Man fired shotgun at neighbor wanting a favor April 16, 2015

A man in Delray Beach was arrested after he fired a shotgun in the general direction of his neighbor after his neighbor stopped by to ask if he could fill up his bicycle tire with air, police said.

gianuzziDelray Beach police arrested Stephen Gianuzzi, 53, Sunday.

Police said Gianuzzi’s neighbor was riding his bike through the neighborhood when he realized his tire was getting low. The man told officers he has gone to Gianuzzi’s in the past and gotten his tire filled with no hassle.

The man said he knocked on Gianuzzi’s door, but when he didn’t hear a response, he walked back to his bike, according to an arrest report.

Gianuzzi then appeared at the doorway with a shotgun and threatened to shoot him, according to the report. He let off one shot just to the left of his neighbor, and the man pedaled to another neighbor’s home who happened to be a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy.

Police interviewed Gianuzzi at his home and said he appeared to be intoxicated. He said he was sick of his neighbor coming over and asking for air for his bicycle tires, according to the report.

“Guys, what’s the big deal?” Gianuzzi asked, according to the report. “I shot wide to the left of him.”

Gianuzzi is charged with discharging a firearm in public and aggravated assault with a firearm. He is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail without bail.


Gun-toting suspect found having sex in car

Orlando police looking for a man with a gun Friday night made their arrest while the suspect was having sex in the back seat of an SUV, records show.

gunsJaudohn Hicks repeatedly declined to raise his hands.

“I instructed the occupants to put their ‘Hands Up’ and shined my flashlight in the vehicle,” stated the arrest report. “I again instructed him to put his hands up multiple times however he continued reaching down in front of him…eventually he put them out the rear-left window.”

Shortly before the 10:30 p.m. arrest at 5258 N. Orange Blossom Trail, two women stopped a police officer on foot patrol at Nassau Bay Apartments and said a man wearing camouflage pants had walked by them with a pistol in his hand, records show.

When 27-year-old Hicks was ordered to get out of the SUV and lay on the ground, the officer noticed that he “had camouflage pants down around his ankles.”

A 9 mm. Taurus pistol was found on the floorboards along with a half-gram of marijuana in one of Hick’s pockets. He was charged with illegal possession of a concealed weapon and drug possession.

His companion was not arrested.


Man accused of stealing tire rims — at gunpoint April 13, 2015

A 24-year-old Hastings man was arrested on a warrant Wednesday inside a Bunnell courtroom on charges stemming from a firearm incident last November in St. Johns County.

tireWilbert James Evins Jr. was first arrested Nov. 26, 2014, by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office on a charge of dealing in stolen property. The arrest came after someone called law enforcement saying he was following a vehicle along Rymfire Drive in Palm Coast that contained stolen tire rims, according to an arrest report.

The accuser said the suspect driving the vehicle had recently stolen the rims from him at gunpoint. He contacted the suspect using the Internet after he discovered the suspect was trying to sell the rims online, deputies said.

When the accuser met with Evins, the latter fled in his Dodge Magnum. The accuser followed the suspect while contacting the Sheriff’s Office.

After deputies pulled over Evins’ Dodge that night at the corner of Red Mill and Reidsville drives, they observed the tire rims inside the vehicle and arrested Evins and his passenger, Kiarious Smith, 24, on charges of dealing in stolen property, according to the report.

On Wednesday, while he was in Circuit Judge J. David Walsh’s courtroom at the Kim C. Hammond Justice Center to answer the latest charges, an outstanding warrant from St. Johns County also was served on Evins, deputies said, charging him with aggravated assault, illegal discharge of a firearm and tampering.

Evins was being held Thursday at the Flagler County Detention Facility. Bail for his combined charges was set at $220,000.


Small wonder we’re called the ‘Gunshine State’ … if you’re not firing bullets, you’re sweating them April 12, 2015

7333529_GA Cape Coral man looking for a missing cell phone tracked it to a home on Nicholas Parkway East – and when his attempt to get it back failed – he shot a round from a gun toward the bedroom and then fled on foot when it jammed, according to authorities.

Cape Coral police went to the 100 block of Nicholas Parkway East for the reported shooting into a home shortly after midnight on Wednesday.

A witness told authorities that Tevin Nelson was standing in the driveway in front of the garage at the residence. The witness says Nelson took a black shirt, wrapped it around his face and walked toward the side of the house, according to police.

The witness saw Nelson point the gun in the direction of a bedroom window and fire off a round, but then the gun appeared to jam. He then ran on foot towards the a convenience store at the intersection of Santa Barbara Boulevard and Nicholas Parkway E. and was picked up by a silver car that went south on SW Santa Barbara Place, according to police.

Officers located the vehicle on SW Santa Barbara Place and then stopped and detained four people inside the car.

The front passenger was identified as Tevin Nelson, 20, of Cape Coral. On the floorboard of the front passenger seat was a firearm wrapped in a black cloth, police say.

Nelson was positively identified by a witness, police say, after they did a “show up.”

According to the police investigation, Nelson allegedly went to the residence looking for a missing cell phone, after tracking it to that location using GPS software.

Nelson knew the resident and had been to the home on previous occasions and when his attempt to retrieve his cell phone failed, Nelson decided to go home and change into dark clothing, get a gun, and come back to the residence, police say.

Nelson fired one round at the resident’s bedroom window and when the gun malfunctioned he fled the scene and was picked up by friends nearby, according to police.

Nelson was taken to the Lee County Jail on charges of shooting into an occupied dwelling, and carrying a concealed firearm.


The teenage son of the Canadian Consul General learns diplomatic immunity doesn’t work when you’ve killed someone over a drug deal April 1, 2015


Authorities have arrested the 15-year-old son of the Canadian Consul General in Miami after they say he was involved in a marijuana deal that ended in gunfire and claimed the life of his older brother and another man.

Police believe Marc Wabafiyebazu and his 17-year-old brother Jean Wabafiyebazu — both armed with guns — planned to rob the drug dealers on Monday afternoon at a home in the Coral Way area.

In the gunfire, Jean was shot and killed inside the home. One of the suspected drug dealers, Joshua Wright, was also killed. A third man, Anthony Rodriguez, was wounded and drove off. He was later found at a nearby gas station.

“That’s what we believe, it was a a dispute over a drug transaction,” Miami Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes told the Miami Herald.

Miami police on Monday afternoon arrested Marc Wabafiyebazu for felony murder. Under Florida law, anyone who participates in a violent felony in which someone dies — in this case, armed robbery — can face a murder charge.

Marc Wabafiyebazu is being held in juvenile detention. Rodriguez, 19, is also charged with felony murder and marijuana possession with intent to sell.

At least one other young man was wounded at the home at Southwest 36th Street and 17th Terrace, just east of Coral Gables. Police say Marc Wabafiyebazu was outside the home in the car when the gunfire broke out.

The teens are the sons of Roxanne Dubé, who only recently assumed the role of consul general in Miami. A former Fulbright scholar, she has extensive diplomatic experience, having worked as an aide in Parliament and as the ambassador to Zimbabwe.

The Canadian government and the U.S. State Department are working with Miami police to untangle the events.

The teens, according to sources, drove to the drug deal in their mother’s black BMW — with diplomatic license plates. Detectives are trying to figure out where the teens got the weapons.

The alleged deal was for 2 pounds of marijuana at a price of nearly $5,000, sources said.

Meanwhile, the Montreal Gazette reported that Dubé was named Consul General in Miami in November. According to the newspaper, she has had a long career in the diplomatic corps, including being named ambassador to Zimbabwe in 2005 with concurrent accreditations to the Republic of Angola and the Republic of Botswana. From 2005 to 2008, she served as Canada’s special representative to the Southern African Development Community.


Woman accused of shooting at car after dispute March 31, 2015

stories-from-the-streetA 29-year-old Freeport woman is accused of shooting at another woman in a moving vehicle after a dispute at a private property.

Walton County Sheriff’s deputies were called for the shooting on March 26, according to the arrest report.

Deputies encountered Hailey Elizabeth Smith as they responded to the call, the report said. Smith told them the other woman had tried to kill her, and claimed the woman had tried to run her over in a vehicle.

She said she fell to the ground and retrieved her handgun, shooting at the car, according to the report. The woman said she was in fear for her life and tried to flee when she realized Smith and a man had blocked her in at the property.

She said she was trying to get around the vehicle blocking her when she saw Smith draw her firearm.

Smith is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, firing a weapon in public and firing a missile into a vehicle.



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