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Woman burned clothes after finding ex with new lover May 4, 2015

Deputies say jealous rage caused a 31-year-old woman burn to another woman’s clothing in front of her ex-boyfriend’s residence in Summerfield.

Brandy-Lee-Stiles-mugshot-36150069_400x800According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Brandy Stiles, the ex-girlfriend of Albert Coleman, came to Coleman’s resident on May 1, and upon finding another woman’s clothing on the bedroom floor, began yelling at that woman, Krista Everman, who was lying in bed.

Everman told deputies that she left the residence, and upon returning, her designer jeans, shirt and shoes were burned in the front yard.

Stiles admitted that she took the clothes and burned them using lighter fluid. She was arrested Saturday and released on a $500 bail the same day.


Wife sent hubby a message by setting his clothes afire April 24, 2015

It’s all fun and games until the house catches on fire.

That’s what some might say following an apparent flaming feud that on April 15 sparked a law enforcement response and caused about $10,000 in damage.

MAILBRITT_CANTERBURYAnother man told police he was renting a bedroom there. He said his landlady fought with her husband before lighting his closet on fire and taking off on a bicycle.Port St. Lucie police went to an address in the 2300 block of Southeast Rock Springs Drive where firefighters were extinguishing a blaze, according to records. A 47-year-old man identified as the victim said he thought his wife, Maibritt Canterbury, 39, set the house on fire.

Police spoke to Canterbury at St. Lucie Medical Center. She said she tried to light some of the victim’s clothes on fire that were on the floor of his closet.

“She did this because of the ongoing back and forth of lighting each other’s property on fire over the last few days,” an affidavit states.

Records didn’t state whether Canterbury is a fan of “Burning Down the House,” a Talking Heads single from 1983, or of Def Leppard’s “Pyromania” album from the same year.

Canterbury said she used a lighter and noticed “a small flame but did not think the fire lit.” She left the room, not intending for the house to catch on fire.

It could be said that the victim fanned the flames by saying that over the past few days they’d been torching each other’s stuff in the backyard.

Asked whether he thought Canterbury meant to catch the house on fire, the victim said, “No, she was probably just trying to burn my stuff.”

A fire investigator determined the blaze started in the victim’s closet, and that there was about $10,000 in damages.

Police held Canterbury’s feet to the fire as they arrested her on an arson charge.


Neighbor forced man on balcony, microwaved his wallet April 16, 2015

A Tampa man forced his neighbor on a balcony at their posh downtown apartment tower before he microwaved the man’s wallet and tried to start a fire, according to Tampa Fire Rescue officials.

almariFirefighters responded on Sunday morning to a report of a fire on the 30th floor of the Element apartment tower at 808 N. Franklin St. where a resident was said to be trapped on a balcony.

When they arrived around 8:45 a.m., firefighters found smoke, but no active fire, officials said.

According to a fire marshal’s report, Mohammed Almarri, 21, illegally entered his neighbor’s apartment and threatened the owner of the apartment until he retreated to the balcony.

From the balcony, the owner, who was not identified, watched as Almarri put his wallet in the microwave and turned it on, then piled his collection of lighters next to a small electric heater and turned that on, officials said.

Almarri was arrested and charged with first-degree arson, assault with a deadly weapon, three counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, armed burglary of a dwelling and false imprisonment.

The owner of the apartment was not injured. Damage was estimated at $1,000.


Man carrying torch for ex set her car ablaze April 11, 2015

A Lakeland man is facing felony arson charges after being accused of setting his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle on fire inside her garage

fireJames A. Carter, 24, of 808 Florence Ave. N., Lakeland, admitted to investigators he set the fire to exact revenge on former girlfriend Kiera Williams, 24.

On Tuesday, the Winter Haven Police and Fire departments responded to a 3 a.m. call regarding an attached garage on fire at 654 Ave. O SE.

Williams and her parents — Traci and Theodore Williams — were asleep inside the home when they discovered her white Scion engulfed in flames next to her parents’ vehicle, according to a Winter Haven Police Department affidavit.

The Williams family was unhurt during the fire, said police spokeswoman Jamie Brown.

“We thank goodness for that because things could’ve gone a lot worse,” Brown said.

Property and vehicle damage is estimated to be $60,000.

Williams ended a six-year relationship with Carter in January and had obtained a temporary injunction for protection against him.

In the week prior to the car fire, Carter had repeatedly violated the injunction by texting Williams, the police report said. On Saturday, Williams found a burnt area on her front lawn.

After initially denying any involvement, Carter admitted to setting the car fire during an interview Wednesday with Winter Haven detectives about his injunction violations.

According to the affidavit, Carter originally said he placed papers and oil on the Scion’s hood and ignited it. However, Carter changed his statement while being readied for transport to the Polk County Jail.

Carter told detectives he drove from Lakeland to Winter Haven in the early morning hours Tuesday and filled a plastic water bottle with a mixture of water and gasoline. According to the affidavit, his goal was to create a large smoke cloud near the house that would scare Williams and her family.

Instead, the mixture ignited and Carter — unable to hold the bottle — threw it into the garage. He drove back to his Lakeland home and waited for the police to arrest him.

“I let everyone down,” Carter said at the end of his revised statement, according to the affidavit. “My life is over … I am going to prison for a long time.”

Carter has been booked into the Polk County Jail on first-degree felony charges of arson and burglary of a structure with damage. He also faces third-degree felony charges of domestic violence-aggravated stalking after injunction.


Man sets home ablaze after niece refused booze run March 2, 2015

After being spurned by his niece for a ride to the liquor store, a Boynton Beach man decided he should burn something: his house, according to authorities.

fireOn Dec. 14, Clemons — who had already been drinking — asked his niece for a ride to the liquor store, according to a report from the agency. She told investigators she told him “No” and they got into an argument. To avoid further confrontation, the woman said she left the house.

Not long afterward, Clemons’ brother arrived at the house. He told investigators Clemons was standing out on the porch mumbling to himself about being “tired of it all,” according to the report.

His brother started making dinner and went out to see if Clemons was OK. Then, he saw a huge flame burning at the northeast corner of the house.
Clemons’ brother was able to extinguish the fire with a hose. Officials said the structural damage was minimal, but a garbage container and an all-terrain vehicle were slightly damaged.

Boynton Beach fire officials later found Clemons walking down the street with a large burn on his forearm.

Investigators determined Clemons poured gasoline against the wall outside and on the all-terrain vehicle and lit the fire while his brother was inside.

Clemons had left the hospital before Boynton Beach police were able to detain him.

He is charged with arson and is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail without bail.


A mother’s burning love: Mom stole son’s car, set it ablaze January 23, 2015

A West Palm Beach woman stole her son’s car and set it on fire in order to free him from the financial burden it was causing him, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

fl-west-palm-beach-mom-car-arson-20150122-001Deputies said they found a burned vehicle in the 24500 block of State Road 80, near Wellington, in August and determined the car had been set on fire. The next day, the car’s owner reported it stolen and police told him it had been destroyed.

He told them he had returned from a trip to Orlando and noticed his car was missing, according to the arrest report.

About three weeks later, the man came back to deputies and said he had figured out who had burned his car: his mom, Evangelista.

He said sometimes his mom would take his car and use it, according to the report, and recently she had told him that she was the one who burned the car. He told deputies she wanted to ease his financial responsibilities by burning it, according to the report.

She told deputies she doused the car in gasoline and ignited it using a grill lighter. She chose the secluded spot off the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuse as a good spot to get rid of it because no one was around.

Evangelista is charged with arson. She was released from the Palm Beach County Jail Thursday on $3,000 bail.


Tattooed-face man used beer bottles, gasoline to start fires December 30, 2014

A 30-year-old man with a heavily-tattooed face was arrested last week after he admitted to using homemade devices to start fires in burn barrels in Orange County, officials said.

jeffrey-mark-jalinski-jpg-20141229Jeffrey Mark Jalinski of Orlando was charged with possession or discharging a destructive device.

He has since bonded out of Orange County Jail.

Orange County deputies and SWAT served a search warrant at a motor home on Rose Boulevard — near Orange Blossom Trail and West Oak Ridge Road — around 9:15 a.m. Dec. 22.

The officials went to the home, where Jalinski lives, looking for drugs, according to court documents.

When they arrived, they found Jalinski inside the motor home with three beer bottles containing possible gasoline and a rag stuck in the neck of each bottle.

Jalinski told the deputies that the bottles belonged to him.

He also said the fluid inside each bottle was gasoline, which “he used the rags to start fires in burn barrels,” an arrest report said.



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