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Super drunk woman tried to pick up kids from school April 30, 2015

A drunk woman tried to pick up children from a Kissimmee school on Monday, according to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said the incident was reported around 4:39 p.m. at Highlands Elementary School after a school employee said a parent waiting in her car appeared to be intoxicated.

7607441_GCarlhie Thompson, 32, was with four children, ages 2-11 years old, deputies said.

Investigators said Thompson’s eyes were bloodshot and that they smelled alcohol on her breath.

Deputies said when the responding officer arrived at the school, he saw people surrounding Thompson’s car, physically stopping her from leaving with the children.

“When they realized that she could possibly be intoxicated, they did the right thing by notifying law enforcement and trying to get the lady to not leave the area,” Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Twis Lizasuian said.

She was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and four counts of child neglect.

“Not only was she irresponsible, what she did was criminal and that was the reason that she was charged,” Lizasuian said.

Deputies said the Breathalyzer test revealed Thompson was three times over the legal limit.

The judge set her bond at $1,300. Thompson remained in jail Tuesday night.

If released from jail, Thompson is ordered to not drive and not drink.


Sheriff’s deputy arrested for DUI April 23, 2015


An Orange County sheriff’s deputy was arrested on charges of driving under the influence, according to authorities.

Florida Highway Patrol said Deputy Gregory Popp was arrested early Sunday morning on State Road 528 near Dallas Boulevard driving home from a Jimmy Buffett concert in Tampa.

Troopers said Popp told them that he had been drinking since 10 a.m. at the concert, which was at 8 p.m. He told troopers that he was trying to get everyone home.

According to the report, Popp’s passenger had nothing to drink for several hours, and her blood-alcohol level was zero.

Popp has since been relieved of his law enforcement duties, credentials and firearms, pending an internal investigation.

Popp has been with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office since 2007 and was assigned to the Agricultural Marine Unit, the Sheriff’s Office said.

He was released from jail on Monday morning.


Undies-clad women caused ruckus at McDonald’s drive-thru April 6, 2015

A 23-year-old woman wearing a bra and underwear was arrested on a DUI charge early Monday morning after creating a ruckus at a McDonald’s drive-through.

leesburgLydia Grace Kelm, a nurse, was at the drive-through on North 14th Street about two miles from the city’s police department around 3:30 a.m. revving her engine loudly and backing up twice, prompting the McDonald’s employee to yell twice to pull forward to the window, according to an arrest affidavit.

She “seemed to be confused, lethargic” and “had slurred speech,” according to the affidavit. Kelm told an officer she had three beers.

After giving her a jacket to wear on the chilly 48-degree morning, officers conducted a field-sobriety test, which she performed poorly.

A test later indicated that her alcohol content was three times the legal limit.

Kelm was booked into the Lake County Jail, where she has since bonded out.


Man accused of drunken driving after dumping cup of liquid on officer’s shoes March 23, 2015

policeA 38-year-old Niceville man is accused of speeding and driving drunk after allegedly dumping a cup of liquid on an officer’s shoes.

A Niceville Police officer was patrolling on March 8 when he saw the man’s truck doing 51 mph in a 35 mph zone, according to the incident report. When the officer pulled the man over, the man said he knew he was speeding and guessed he was going “at least” 45 mph.

The officer smelled alcohol and vomit and noticed the man’s eyes were bloodshot, watery and glassy, the report said. When asked if he’d had anything to drink, the man admitted he’d had “a couple.”

The officer noticed a cup with liquid and asked what was in it, according to the report. The man initially said Redbull and ice, but when the officer asked a second time, the man allegedly dumped the liquid on the officer’s shoes.

When the officer asked why the man dumped the liquid out, the man replied, “You know what was in the cup,” the report said. The man refused to perform Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and refused to submit to a breath test.

He is charged with driving under the influence and speeding.


DUI stop: Man flashed illegal police insignia March 9, 2015

A man who told a Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy he was working undercover was arrested Wednesday night and charged with DUI and unlawful use of a police badge or insignia.

Deputy Gary Miller saw a blue Dodge pickup traveling erratically in the 4700 block of Northeast 25th Avenue and motioned for the driver to pull over.

bildeThe driver, Peter Craig Martin, 59, had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. When he was asked for his driver’s license and registration, Martin showed the deputy a MCSO Citizen’s Academy pin and said he was working undercover.

The deputy said he did not recognized him, to which Martin replied that he does not work for the MCSO but was looking for a man and when he found him he was going to turn him in.

Martin told the deputy he had three beers. He agreed to a field sobriety exercise, which he failed.

Martin was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail, where he declined to take a breath test.

The deputy discovered Martin had a prior DUI conviction. The kind of pin Martin presented to the deputy has not been issued in more than a decade, authorities said.


Man claimed ownership of only legal items in car March 2, 2015

A man pulled over for allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs told deputies that the belongings in the vehicle were his, except for any illegal items.

robert-eugene-pursleyRobert Eugene Pursley was pulled over on Cody Avenue around 2:45 a.m. on Feb. 15, arrest reports said.

After the DUI arrest, 54-year-old Pursley’s vehicle was inventoried before being towed, according to arrest reports. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies found a small baggie of cocaine in the center console.

Pursley told deputies “all the items in his vehicle were his except for anything illegal,” reports said. He refused to submit to a urine test for the DUI and, when asked if a urine test would show cocaine use, allegedly replied with “no comment.”

He is charged with DUI, failing to drive within a single lane, knowingly driving while his license was suspended or revoked and possession of cocaine.


Woman refuses to pay bar tab, gets DUI February 17, 2015

Reeking of alcohol and unable to stand, Jennifer L. Dworak told a deputy that she had only consumed one pitcher of Yuengling beer, records show.

And, a report noted, she said she didn’t feel intoxicated.

duiBut Dworak’s unpaid bill at Houligan’s in Ormond Beach — nearly $100 — and her reported boozy behavior outside of the pub provide contrasting versions of what happened Thursday.

The manager of the pub at 1643 N. U.S. Highway said the 36-year-old Palm Coast resident tried to drive away in her green Subaru after 11 p.m. without paying her $96.68 bar bill, according to her arrest report.

The bill, according to the manager, was for two pitchers of Yuengling, one double Bacardi drink, one Jack Daniels, eight Kamikaze drinks and one Philly cheese steak.

A deputy with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office was called to the pub and found Dworak behind the wheel of her car with the pub’s manager nearby.

She got out of the vehicle at the deputy’s request and almost immediately fell down. She “reeked of alcohol” and had glassy, watery and bloodshot eyes, her arrest report said.

She agreed to pay her bill but her credit card was declined due to insufficient funds. She said she had no other way to pay and the manager said he wanted to press charges.

Then the deputy said he was investigating her for driving under the influence.

She failed field sobriety tests, refused to give a breath sample and stopped answering questions.

The deputy checked her license and found it was cancelled indefinitely on Feb. 2 after three DUI convictions in 2007, 2008 and in December.

She was taken into custody and placed in a holding cell in a Sheriff’s Office facility.

Police say that a baby pulled a bag of cocaine out of Candyce Harden’s shirt during a traffic stop.
That’s where she suddenly fell down and stopped moving. She was hospitalized and then medically cleared and later booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail.

She was charged with DUI, defrauding an inkeeper and operating a vehicle without a valid license.



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