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Woman tried to bring weed along for patrol car ride March 30, 2015

A West Volusia woman is facing drug charges after trying to bring marijuana into the patrol car of a sergeant who offered her a ride, according to a sheriff’s report.

michelleThe sergeant responded about 10:40 p.m. Wednesday to a home near Orange City for a possible domestic dispute and met with Michelle Sanford “who was extremely intoxicated,” the report states. The sergeant determined Sanford had not been struck by her boyfriend, but asked if Sanford had somewhere else she could stay and offered to take her there.

Sanford, 36, brought clothes and an open beer, which the sergeant advised she could not bring, according to the report.

“Why don’t you take your weed with you,” Sanford’s boyfriend, Thomas Laudenslager, 46, said, according to the report.

Sanford said she would and asked the sergeant if she could take her weed and smoke a joint at her father’s house, according to the report.

Laudenslager then asked Sanford why she would actually say something that could get her sent to jail, according to the report.

“It’s just weed and he might be cool with it,” Sanford said, according to the report.

Sanford, after showing the marijuana to the sergeant, was arrested and charged with possession of paraphernalia and a misdemeanor drug offense, records show.


Car chase suspect “wanted to get high before going to jail” March 26, 2015

A man in a stolen car fled from Jupiter police, and then ingested cocaine and Xanax because he “wanted to get high before going to jail,” according to an arrest report.

runnerPolice said they stopped John Grossman, 25, at about 2 a.m. Monday near the McDonald’s at 6760 W. Indiantown Road because his headlight was out. When the officer ran the tags, he realized the car had been stolen, according to the report.

Officers said they could smell marijuana in the car. They also told him the car was stolen, but Grossman said he had just bought the car and could show them the title. When he was supposed to reaching over to the glove box, Grossman put the car in gear and took off toward I-95, according to the report.

After a brief chase that went onto the interstate, Grossman finally got out of the car. Officers said they saw a white powder on his face and he admitted to taking Xanax pills.

“I know what I did was stupid,” Grossman told officers, according to the report. “I’m just going to get high before I go out. … I know I’m going back to prison.”
Police found Xanax, cocaine, marijuana and about $700 in cash in the car.

He faces 11 different charges, including fleeing a police officer, driving with a suspended license, possession of a controlled substance, battery and possession of drugs with intent to sell.

He is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail on $12,000 bail.


Deadbeat dad’s backyard meth cookout is a bust

On March 21, deputies responded to the home of William Mitchell Golden, 46, of 1892 Flowerview Blvd., Laurel Hill, for an active warrant for failure to pay child support.

william-mitchell-golden-and-gregory-parmerDeputies located Golden and Gregory Parmer, 51, of 6370 County Highway 147 Laurel Hill, in a shed on the property.

Golden was wearing a mask over his nose and mouth, along with safety goggles. Deputies immediately smelled a strong chemical odor in the shed, and saw paraphernalia associated with the use of methamphetamine in plain view.

Investigators with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office Vice/Narcotics Unit arrived and performed a consensual search of the property.

Several used “one-Pot” cooking vessels were found, along with a small amount of finished methamphetamine, Adderall, less than 20 grams of marijuana and a trafficking amount of methamphetamine oil.

Golden was arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance without prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, and trafficking in methamphetamine.

Parmer was charged with possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Both were transported and booked at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office Jail.


Four high school students hospitalized after hash oil brownies March 17, 2015

browniesParamedics rushed to Spruce Creek High School Monday after at least four students suddenly became sick, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said the students became ill after eating brownies that were laced with hash oil.

At least 10 students ate the laced brownies, which were sold to them by another student, investigators said.

Several students went home with their parents, but the student who allegedly brought the batch of brownies to school was taken into custody.

Deputies said Monday afternoon that they had arrested a 17-year-old boy and charged him with four counts of sale and delivery of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and seven counts of culpable negligence.

“One of the students was so impaired on Monday that he could barely speak,” deputies said in a statement. “[He] sold seven of the brownies at school on Monday for $5 each. He claims he told the people who bought the brownies that they were very potent and shouldn’t be eaten at one time.”

Investigators are working to determine if any other students may have been affected by the brownies.

Deputies said they retrieved another 11 brownies that the student allegedly tossed into a trash can at the school on Monday while running away from a campus official.

Last week, a student was hospitalized after eating a bad brownie, according to the Port Orange Police Department.


Undercover agents: Dozens lined up for heroin at condos March 15, 2015

Undercover deputies said they took a number of heroin dealers off the streets Friday in a raid at the Blossom Park Condos in Orange County.

a aa aaaUndercover drug agents from the DEA and Sheriff’s Office had several men in custody, some of whom jumped from a third-story window to avoid being arrested, officials said.

Agents said they followed a suspected drug dealer to the condos and found people lined up down three flights of stairs waiting to shoot up with heroin inside.

Agents said they were undetected until a marked car showed up outside for an unrelated incident. At that point, it looked like something out of a movie with dozens of people running away, leaving behind drugs and money, officials said.

Authorities said one suspect even jumped from a third-story balcony.

“I didn’t jump from the third floor. He lied,” the suspect said to Butler.

After the suspects were taken into custody, authorities said they found drugs, used needles, cash and gun inside the condo.

Piles of clothes, some with the tags still on them, were also recovered. Agents said addicts steal the clothes and trade them for heroin.

“Were you selling heroin?” Butler asked another suspect.

“No. Swear to God, I wasn’t selling heroin,” said suspect John Cartagena. “Why would I be selling heroin? I don’t even live here. I live all the way in Bushnell. I was here helping. I came all the way over here to help a cousin move. I only smoke weed.”

Following the arrests, several cars pulled up to the complex and drove off after hearing a heroin bust had just gone down.


A major dump! Man dumped 500-pounds of raw human waste

Santa Rosa County Deputies arrested 30 year old Leamon Alex Thompson II, of Pace for felony dumping of over 500 pounds of raw human waste as well as misdemeanor possession of marijuana, according to reports.

thompsonWhen the deputies arrived at 3787 Diamond Street , listed in Thompson’s name, reports said they observed him running to the back of a sewage pump truck where he disconnected a hose from the back.

The complainant, reports said, stated he has video of the sewage going into Pace Water System lift station on 6 th Ave and reports said he has confronted the sewage company multiple times about illegal dumping. A witness said he also went to the lift station and noticed a black septic sludge coming from the main into the lift station reports said.

While detained, deputies also recovered a small plastic baggie “which appeared to have a green leafy substance in it.” Deputies report Thompson saying, “There’s you a misdemeanor right there”. Other than asking for a lawyer, Thompson refused to answer any questions and transported to Santa Rosa County Jail. He was released last Wednesday on a $8,000 bond.


Man broke into home to make meth March 13, 2015

Deputies say a man from Ohio, broke into a Port Charlotte house while the owner was away on vacation– and cooked meth.

6971819_GDeputies arrested 30-year-old Brenton Mann on Friday after neighbors noticed a suspicious man in the neighborhood.

In response to barking and 911 calls, deputies were able to find Mann inside the home on Barbour Avenue. Mann claimed a friend was letting him stay there for a few days, a story that didn’t pan out.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Debbie Bowe says deputies, “did talk to this person but he denied having any doing in allowing this gentleman to be in this house.”

When they investigated, deputies found Mann’s stuff all over the house and meth making materials in a bedroom.

The meth they found was nothing to take lightly. During their investigation a testing vial exploded in an investigator’s hand.

“You never know what they’re cooking with, it could be enough stuff to blow the house down and half the block so I’m glad it’s over with,” said
neighbor James Harden.

The homeowner confirms no one was allowed in the house at the time.

On Monday March 9, deputies added charges against Mann for Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Unlawful Possession of Chemicals and Possession of Methamphetamine. He is being held on a $70,000 after his first appearance hearing.



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