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Woman says she attacked mother because she wanted a lighter September 8, 2012

A woman told lawmen she punched her mother in the neck with her car keys in  her fist because she wanted to get a cigarette lighter out of her mother’s purse  and her mother was trying to stop her.

On Aug. 27 a Fort Walton Beach Police officer went to a Wright Parkway  address after receiving a report of a battery.

Once there he spoke with the woman’s mother, who said she rushed to her  daughter’s house because her daughter was threatening suicide. Once there the  two became involved in an argument.

When the argument was over, the mother returned to her car. Her daughter  reached into the car and tried to take her mother’s purse. A struggle ensued,  and the daughter became enraged and began punching her mother. At one point the  daughter swung at her mother with her car keys in her fist, cutting her  throat.

When the police officer questioned the daughter, she admitted to attacking  her mother and said the reason was she “wanted a lighter” that was in her  mother’s purse.

The daughter was charged with misdemeanor battery and has a Sept. 18 court  date.


Man seen chasing woman near sex novelty shop

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A man was arrested after he allegedly pushed his girlfriend to the ground and  tried to get her into a car in downtown Fort Walton Beach.

The incident is said to have occurred near Romantic Ideas, a sex novelty  shop, on Miracle Strip Parkway. A Fort Walton Beach Police officer was called to  the area by a report of a man chasing a woman.

A witness told the officer that the man pushed his fiancee to the ground and  tried to force her into a vehicle. The woman corroborated the witness’s story  but refused to provide a written statement.

The two have been living together for five months and are engaged to be  married.

The man was charged with battery and has a Sept. 18 arrest date.


Man accused of crashing into police cruiser, pulling a gun on cop September 5, 2012

Officer Wrestles Gun Away During Struggle with Armed


Arrested Suspect: Preston Bernard Johns, B/M, DOB 08/17/90 of 1100 64th Avenue South

At about 10:45 p.m. last night, a 2011 Nissan VRS driven by the above listed suspect struck a St. Petersburg Police cruiser at

the intersection of 39 Avenue South and 6th Street. According to reports the Nissan was traveling at a high rate of speed

with it lights out north bound on 6th Street as the cruiser turned left east bound in front of it onto 39th Avenue South.

After the collision, Johns fled from his car heading in a westerly direction. Officer Lisa Gaskins, 30, who was operating the

cruiser, called for assistance and was later transported to Edward White Hospital with minor injuries.

A K-9 Unit responded to the area and began to track Johns who was eventually observed by officers fleeing west into Lake

Maggiore Park in the 3800 block of Dr. MLK Street South.

Acting Sergeant Kevin Sullivan, 37, pursued Johns on foot, eventually tackling him to the ground. Johns resisted and during

the ensuing struggle pulled a 9mm automatic pistol from his waist band. Acting Sergeant Sullivan was able to disarm Johns

and take him to custody.

Johns has been charged with several felony charges to include Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting

Arrest with Violence, Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Injuries.

At the time of this incident Johns was on felony probation for Armed Robbery and had several prior arrests for Battery on a

Law Enforcement Officer


‘I aint’ stoppin’ unless you have a warrant’ September 4, 2012

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A man who refused to stop and answer an Okaloosa County Sheriff deputy’s  questions about possible gunshots was arrested for obstruction.

On Aug. 29 the deputy was sent to a King Street address after the Sheriff’s  Office received multiple reports of shots fired.

When he arrived he found a group of about six people walking away from the  area. He stopped to question them.

All the people stopped except one. The deputy told him to stop, and the man  replied, “I ain’t stopping unless you have a warrant,” and continued to walk  away.

He was charged with obstruction without violence, a misdemeanor.

His court date is Sept. 18.


Fired pest control employee kept working, scammed customers September 3, 2012

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A-1 Pest Control employed Luis Angel Roman for several years. He was terminated on July 1, 2012, due to failed environmental regulations.

Being terminated from the company did not stop Roman from doing business with the customers though, nor did it stop him from using the A-1 Pest Control company name. Roman continued visiting his regular customers and selling them pest control services. He even advised some of his customers that they were “infested” with “super termites” that he referred to as “Formosa termites.” He advised them that they should purchase costly contracts from him (as he continued representing the company they already knew and trusted) so he could assist in getting rid of the insects.

Several customers trusted Roman’s professional advice and purchased the costly contracts. Obviously, none of the customers had reason to believe that Roman had been terminated from A-1 Pest Control.

One customer became suspicious when her son, who was visiting from out of town, questioned a contract written by Roman for fungus. The son could find no fungus, contacted A-1 Pest Control, and was advised that Roman was terminated in July. The customer then called the Sheriff’s Office and the investigation began.

After speaking with the owner of A-1 Pest Control, Jerry Cole, detectives determined that Roman had been writing fictitious contracts, cashing the checks, and keeping the money. Mr. Cole also advised there are no such insects as “Formosa termites.”

The victims identified Luis Angel Roman out of a photo pack as the individual that sold pest control services to them, representing A-1 Pest Control.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Luis Angel Roman W/M DOB/08-03-1971 for Grand Theft (2 counts). Shortly after the warrant was issued, another case was received by the lead detective. This case involves one victim that signed six fictitious contracts over a four-month period, totaling $13,365. This victim also identified Roman as the suspect. Additional charges are forthcoming as other cases come in.


Woman clings to trunk of car to keep man from driving off with child September 2, 2012

A woman who climbed onto the trunk of a car to keep a man from driving off with their child held on as the man repeatedly tried to throw her off, police said.

The woman finally was forced into the car by the man who sped through the streets and swerved into opposite lanes of traffic, telling her, “I’m going to kill all of us,” according to a report.

The man, Charrence Demond Hunt, was arrested Saturday on numerous charges, according to the Gainesville Police Department, which gave the following account.

Hunt, 22, went to the woman’s house on Northeast 39th Place around 2 p.m. Friday to bring her some money, and they began arguing when Hunt accused her of stealing his debit card.

Hunt went into the apartment to look for the card and the woman waited outside with the child. When he came out, Hunt grabbed some money from the woman’s hand and began choking her. She got free and ran to Hunt’s car to get the child, who was in a car seat in the back seat.

Hunt took the child away from her, put the child back in the car seat, and dragged the woman into the apartment, leaving the child unsecured and unattended.

The woman dialed 911 as she struggled with Hunt to keep him from leaving with the child, and he knocked the phone away.

As Hunt tried to drive away, the woman climbed onto the trunk of the car and he sped up and stopped abruptly to try to throw her off.

At one point, he got out of the car and punched her, knocking her off the car. Hunt then dragged her away and shoved her into some bushes, where she hit her head on a wall.


Firefighters reprimanded after risque behavior at ‘strip’ show

No bump-and-grind if it’s on city time.

That’s the line Jacksonville Fire Chief Marty Senterfitt is taking  after six off-duty firefighters were reprimanded for what the department  views as risque behavior at an Aug. 2 benefit auction, the Florida Times-Union reports.

From now on, firefighters will have to tone down the act if they even appear to be representing the city, Senterfitt said.

Photos from the benefit at Whisky River showed male firefighters  faking sexual positions and a female lieutenant wearing firefighter  pants and suspenders that covered only her nipples. “I’m not going to allow anybody to go out there and do anything that resembles stripping,” Senterfitt said.



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