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Doctor busted for fondling employee’s breasts September 12, 2012

A Pasco County doctor whose patients and employees have testified for years that he was feeling them up against their will has finally gone to jail.

Doctor Gunwalt Dhaliwal is no stranger the 10 News Investigators. Allegations about Dhaliwal go back as far as 1999.

“He began to enter my shirt, removed my breasts from my bra and began to fondle them,” said one woman.

“I left and felt awkward and dirty,” said another.

“He was feeling around my breasts all over and both sides. I think I was just violated,” said a third victim.

Those were just some of the women who said the Pasco doctor inappropriately touched them.

“He entered into my shirt and then he entered into my bra and removed my breasts. He continued to fondle my breasts and my nipples with both hands,” testified a former employee who won an $800,000 judgment against Dhaliwal earlier this summer.

Her testimony in a criminal case finally put Dhaliwal behind bars, but it was only a 10-day sentence.

“No comment” has been the order of the day for Dhaliwal and his attorney for more than five years, from the first time we confronted him in 2007 until the last time in 2011.

Dhaliwal isn’t the only “no comment” we’ve gotten. The Florida Board of Medicine has refused to comment on what it’s doing even though five years ago a spokesman said the agency would take action.

“We treat that very seriously and all we need to do is determine there was a doctor-patient relationship and then it will be investigated,” said Bob Garey with the Florida Department of Health.

Not only did the Department of Health take no action when we brought them several women who said they had been inappropriately touched by Dhaliwal several years ago, but also now despite the fact he’s been convicted of criminal charges and a civil case saying he inappropriately touched women. The department continues to let Dhaliwal practice medicine.

Melissa Satinoff another alleged Dhaliwal victim will be involved in both a civil and criminal trials later this year. Her story is a familiar one.

“He pushes me back and lifts up my shirt and took my breasts out of my bra and kind of touched my area and then he did the other side first the left then the right,” said Satinoff in 2007.

When we asked Dhaliwal that since he’s been convicted on criminal charges, paid $800,000 in civil charges and now faces other criminal charges, how can a women feel safe going to his clinic? He would not comment.

Victims do say women can’t feel safe in his clinic and they are hoping that Dhaliwal’s ‘clear and active’ license will be revoked and he will spend more time in jail for what they say this doctor did to them.


Woman arrested after beating ex ….. with prosthetic leg September 11, 2012

A Pensacola woman was arrested after she allegedly beat her ex-boyfriend with  his prosthetic leg after he confronted her about trying to kidnap their  child.

Deputies were called to the 25-year-old ex-boyfriend’s Baker home Aug. 27  following an altercation with Jadian Faye-Marie Hatfield, 23, and two other men,  according to a news release from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident began earlier in the day when the two began exchanging text  messages unrelated to their 2-year-old child. At one point in the conversation,  Hatfield is accused of telling her ex that she would “put him six feet  under.”

Later that evening, she arrived at his Baker home where the child was staying  for two weeks per the custody agreement reached after their breakup in  February.

Once she was there, Hatfield is accused of pulling the toddler out through a  window and putting him inside the vehicle before her ex came outside and  confronted her, according to the arrest report.

Two males who apparently came with Hatfield to the house then started  fighting with the ex-boyfriend.

At some point in the altercation, Hatfield pulled off the 25-year-old’s  prosthetic leg and hit him with it, the report states.

When the ex-boyfriend freed himself, Hatfield allegedly pulled a shotgun and  threatened to kill him if he didn’t let her take the child with her.

He let her take the child and went to a relative’s house to contact law  enforcement.

After examining the man’s injuries, which were consistent with his story, and  seeing the curtain hanging outside a bedroom window, warrants were issued for  Hatfield.

She was arrested on Aug. 31 and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly  weapon without intent to kill, domestic battery, interfering with the custody of  a minor and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. She was previously  charged and convicted for domestic battery in October 2008.


Woman clobbers girlfriend with an ashtray. Domestic violence!

A local woman is accused of hitting her girlfriend with an ashtray during a  shoving match on Aug. 23.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office investigated the incident after  receiving a report of a domestic violence incident. The two have dated the past  year and live together at a Bob Sikes Boulevard residence.

The arrest report indicated the two got into an argument and began pushing  each other. One of the women picked up a glass ashtray off a table and struck  the other in the jaw, causing it to swell and bruise.

A witness verified this train of events.

The woman was charged with misdemeanor battery.


Man, 92, tried to kill daughter because she went against ‘old school principles’ September 9, 2012

A 92-year-old Orlando-area man faces first-degree attempted murder charges after deputies say he hit his daughter over the head with a frying pan, tried to shoot her twice then tried to grab a knife to stab her.

When Orange County deputies arrived at Benjamin King’s home on the 1200 block of Linton Avenue, he had bloodied arms and shins. His arrest affidavit said his injures happened during a brawl with his adult daughter, Patricia Pernacchia.

Pernacchia, who lives with her father and is his caretaker, told deputies King had never been abusive in the past. She also said they had recently gotten into an argument because she allowed her adult son and his fiancée to sleep in the same bed and he thought that was “against his old school principles.”

She was at her father’s home Thursday morning when he came from the kitchen and hit her over the head with a heavy frying pan from behind.

When Pernacchia didn’t pass out from the blow to the head, King tried to hit her again. Pernacchia wrestled the pan from his hand and he demanded to see her head, saying he had “hoped (the pan) was heavy enough to kill her,” the affidavit said.

After Pernacchia got ahold of the pan, King reached for his .22-caliber pistol and shot at his daughter twice.

Both times, the gun failed to discharge and Pernacchia was able to wrestle the gun from him as well.

During the fight for the gun, deputies say King attempted to load a bullet into the chamber of the gun and clear any obstructions that had prevented firing when he pulled the trigger twice before.

Pernacchia managed to get to a phone to call for help. While she was on the phone with 911 dispatchers, King went to the kitchen to grab a knife. Pernacchia said she had to slam the drawer shut on his hand to stop him.

King is now being held in the Orange County Jail without bail. Pernacchia said she thinks he may have some kind of psychological problem.


Girl attacked mother in dispute over ‘short shorts’ September 8, 2012

A 15-year-old Destin girl faces charges after she and her mother got into an  argument, which turned physical, over “short shorts.”

On Aug. 30 an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy was summoned to a Destin  residence (the address was redacted from the arrest report) to investigate a  disturbance.

Once there the deputy was told by the girl’s mother that she and her daughter  had become embroiled in an argument over shorts that were too short for school.  The woman said her daughter became “verbally combative,” so as punishment she  decided to remove some electronics from the girl’s room.

The girl started throwing items around the room and told her mother to “Shut  up f—— bitch!” the deputy wrote in his report.

The girl’s mother admitted she “smacked” the girl in the mouth for cursing  her, at which point the girl knocked her mother’s glasses off, kicked and bit  her several times, and tried to choke her before fleeing the house.

The deputy saw bite marks and bruises on the woman’s arm.

Another sheriff’s deputy found the girl at her bus stop and asked her what  had happened. The girl recounted a similar to story to her mother’s, but said  she bit her mother so she could escape.

She was charged with misdemeanor battery and has an Oct. 10 court date.


Woman says she attacked mother because she wanted a lighter

A woman told lawmen she punched her mother in the neck with her car keys in  her fist because she wanted to get a cigarette lighter out of her mother’s purse  and her mother was trying to stop her.

On Aug. 27 a Fort Walton Beach Police officer went to a Wright Parkway  address after receiving a report of a battery.

Once there he spoke with the woman’s mother, who said she rushed to her  daughter’s house because her daughter was threatening suicide. Once there the  two became involved in an argument.

When the argument was over, the mother returned to her car. Her daughter  reached into the car and tried to take her mother’s purse. A struggle ensued,  and the daughter became enraged and began punching her mother. At one point the  daughter swung at her mother with her car keys in her fist, cutting her  throat.

When the police officer questioned the daughter, she admitted to attacking  her mother and said the reason was she “wanted a lighter” that was in her  mother’s purse.

The daughter was charged with misdemeanor battery and has a Sept. 18 court  date.


Man seen chasing woman near sex novelty shop

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A man was arrested after he allegedly pushed his girlfriend to the ground and  tried to get her into a car in downtown Fort Walton Beach.

The incident is said to have occurred near Romantic Ideas, a sex novelty  shop, on Miracle Strip Parkway. A Fort Walton Beach Police officer was called to  the area by a report of a man chasing a woman.

A witness told the officer that the man pushed his fiancee to the ground and  tried to force her into a vehicle. The woman corroborated the witness’s story  but refused to provide a written statement.

The two have been living together for five months and are engaged to be  married.

The man was charged with battery and has a Sept. 18 arrest date.



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