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Mom ankle deep in trouble after throwing shoe at daughter May 11, 2015

Some people may not want to be in Linda Morgan’s shoes.

linda_morganThat’s because she got booted into jail after being accused April 22 of throwing a shoe at her 20-year-old daughter in Vero Beach.

Investigators determined Morgan got in a verbal altercation with her daughter. Morgan tossed the shoe, an article of clothing worn on a foot, at her daughter while a deputy was there.Indian River County Sheriff’s officials arrested Morgan, 50, following the flying footwear flap at an address in the 3900 block of 46th Street, records state.

The footwear flinging allegations against Morgan recall the Eddie Murphy stand-up routine known as “Shoe Throwin’ Mothers” in which Murphy explains his mother’s skill at throwing and hitting him with a shoe following perceived infractions.

“She would carry that (expletive) like a gun,” Murphy said in the “Delirious” video from 1983. “By the time I was like 10, my mother was like Clint Eastwood with a shoe.”

Meanwhile, Indian River sheriff’s investigators found the spat between Morgan and her daughter happened when Morgan locked her daughter out of the home. The daughter forced her way in, angering Morgan.

Some might not describe Morgan as a goody two-shoes or straight-laced because the report states she made “several threatening statements” towards her daughter. The report doesn’t indicate whether the statements caused anyone to be shaking in their boots.

Morgan, of the 3900 block of 46th Street in Vero Beach, was jailed on an assault/domestic violence charge.


Woman burned clothes after finding ex with new lover May 4, 2015

Deputies say jealous rage caused a 31-year-old woman burn to another woman’s clothing in front of her ex-boyfriend’s residence in Summerfield.

Brandy-Lee-Stiles-mugshot-36150069_400x800According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Brandy Stiles, the ex-girlfriend of Albert Coleman, came to Coleman’s resident on May 1, and upon finding another woman’s clothing on the bedroom floor, began yelling at that woman, Krista Everman, who was lying in bed.

Everman told deputies that she left the residence, and upon returning, her designer jeans, shirt and shoes were burned in the front yard.

Stiles admitted that she took the clothes and burned them using lighter fluid. She was arrested Saturday and released on a $500 bail the same day.


Naked woman with knife chased boyfriend in neighborhood

A Fort Myers woman was arrested Tuesday morning after deputies found her running through the Pine Manor neighborhood naked chasing her boyfriend with a knife in hand.

635659392208280697-washingtonAccording to an arrest report from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, 20-year-old Rolchika Washington was chasing her boyfriend of three years, Guerson Lapimarede, 26, after an argument over money. The incident occurred on Third Avenue.

Washington told deputies the argument stemmed from an incident the day before where she found money missing from her wallet. After a physical altercation the next day, Washington armed herself with the knife.

Washington’s roommate said she heard the two arguing in the bedroom and then watched Washington run toward Lapimarede with a knife. Washington’s roommate ran out of the house and dialed 911.

Washington was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. She is being held at the Lee County Jail on $10,000 bond.


Woman, 80, accused of “keying” car in mall parking lot April 30, 2015

7596875_G80-year-old woman was arrested on vandalism charges after deputies say she “keyed” a car in the parking lot near the Bed, Bath and Beyond in Estero.

The victim’s rental car was damaged while she was shopping in the Coconut Point Mall. She did not know it until she returned to the parking lot and found the mall security officer and another man standing near her car. The witness reported seeing a woman between 70-80 years of age, key the shopper’s car.
Deep scratches ran from the vehicle’s front fender all the way down to the back fender, enough to go through the paint and into the primer. Deputies later estimated the damage in access of $1000.
The witness told deputies he saw a woman get out of a silver vehicle and key the other one. He confronted the woman who told him “they did it to my car so I’m getting them back.”
The witness told deputies he took a photo of the vehicle’s tag as the older woman drove off. They located an address for the vehicle’s owner who lives in Bonita Springs. On the way, the vehicle was spotted at a fitness center parked in a handicapped spot without the proper sticker.
Joyce Darlene Kazanjian was confronted deputies inside the fitness center who told the deputy she admitted to the vandalism. She was asked to step outside where the deputy showed her the damage to her car did not match the one she keyed. She admitted it was wrong and she was sorry.
Deputies said Kazanjian started to resist when she was arrested and was placed in handcuffs on a charge of criminal mischief. Her bond was set at $5000.

Man accused of shooting grandma’s car April 24, 2015

A man was arrested after he shot a hole in his grandmother’s car, police said.

imagesBoynton Beach police arrested James Frederick, 23, on Wednesday.

Police said Frederick and his mother got into an argument while she was sitting inside of his grandmother’s car. He told her to get out of the car and then let off five shots, according to the arrest report. One of the bullets hit the car near the right rear door.

His mother said she was not afraid nor did Frederick at anytime point the gun at her. The grandmother said she did not want charges filed.

Frederick has been convicted of four felonies previously, according to records.

He was arrested Wednesday after officers caught him driving a stolen vehicle. After a brief chase, he was apprehended.

He is charged with discharging a firearm in public, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of ammunition by a convicted felon. Additionally, he faces charges of grand theft auto, driving without a license and resisting arrest.

He is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail in lieu of $3,000 bail.


Wife sent hubby a message by setting his clothes afire

It’s all fun and games until the house catches on fire.

That’s what some might say following an apparent flaming feud that on April 15 sparked a law enforcement response and caused about $10,000 in damage.

MAILBRITT_CANTERBURYAnother man told police he was renting a bedroom there. He said his landlady fought with her husband before lighting his closet on fire and taking off on a bicycle.Port St. Lucie police went to an address in the 2300 block of Southeast Rock Springs Drive where firefighters were extinguishing a blaze, according to records. A 47-year-old man identified as the victim said he thought his wife, Maibritt Canterbury, 39, set the house on fire.

Police spoke to Canterbury at St. Lucie Medical Center. She said she tried to light some of the victim’s clothes on fire that were on the floor of his closet.

“She did this because of the ongoing back and forth of lighting each other’s property on fire over the last few days,” an affidavit states.

Records didn’t state whether Canterbury is a fan of “Burning Down the House,” a Talking Heads single from 1983, or of Def Leppard’s “Pyromania” album from the same year.

Canterbury said she used a lighter and noticed “a small flame but did not think the fire lit.” She left the room, not intending for the house to catch on fire.

It could be said that the victim fanned the flames by saying that over the past few days they’d been torching each other’s stuff in the backyard.

Asked whether he thought Canterbury meant to catch the house on fire, the victim said, “No, she was probably just trying to burn my stuff.”

A fire investigator determined the blaze started in the victim’s closet, and that there was about $10,000 in damages.

Police held Canterbury’s feet to the fire as they arrested her on an arson charge.


Family feud leads to pickax, shotgun showdown April 22, 2015

On a ranch in Bardin, a family’s domestic disturbance spiraled out of control and left one man in jail after he tried to break down the door of his daughter and son’s home with a pickax.

According to Putnam County deputies, they responded to the ranch on Songbird Road at about 5 p.m.

Elvis-Rhodes-jpgDeputies said when they arrived they found 55-year-old Elvis Rhodes, who had gotten into an argument with his son, Christopher Rhodes, 28, and his daughter Elaina Rhodes, 34.

They said that the argument started because Elvis Rhodes took two beers from a cooler on Christopher and Elaina’s front porch while they were gone.

After he was confronted about it, Elvis got angry and went to the store to replace the beer then headed to his home which was on the same property as his children’s.

A short time later, officials said that Elvis went back to the house and wanted to talk to his kids but they refused and locked themselves in the house.

Deputies said that Elvis wasn’t happy about it and demanded to talk to them by trying to tear down their front door with a pickax.

Christopher, who was afraid of Elvis due to prior violence, grabbed a shotgun and fired through the front door, scaring Elvis off.

Deputies eventually arrested Elvis for burglary and two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Elvis is currently in the Putnam County Jail without bond.



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