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Sandra Rivera Accused Of Attacking, Kidnapping Boy For Calling Her Daughter A Name December 15, 2014

Orlando police arrested a woman accused of attacking a boy at his elementary school, threatening to kill him and kidnapping him.

The incident happened Thursday after school at Eccleston Elementary near Bruton Boulevard in Orlando.

Local 6 spoke to the 11-year-old boy and his mother, Ana Baez.

Sandra-RiveraAccording to the arrest affidavit, Orlando police say 28-year-old Sandra Rivera went to the school waiting to confront the fifth-grader because she said he called her 9-year-old a curse word.

Baez says she saw video of the incident that was captured on the school’s security cameras.

“When I saw the video, I said no mercy, she’s going to jail,” Baez said.

The 11-year-old says he was on his bike at the school when Rivera came up and threw him off.

“She slammed me into the wall and then she came behind me and started choking me and hitting me on the head,” the boy said.

Police say Rivera then threw his bike in her van and forced him to get inside.

“She told me ‘tell me the instructions to your house or I’ll kill you,'” he said.

The fifth-grader says Rivera drove him home and then admitted to Baez what she had done.

“Even if my son called your daughter a name, you come and you tell me,” Baez said. “You don’t go and grab the child and try and kill him. You’re an adult.”

Baez called the school to see what had happened and school officials told her they were notifying police and the Department of Children and Families.

Rivera was charged with battery and kidnapping, and bonded out of the Orange County Jail on Friday. No one answered the door when Local 6 stopped by.

Baez says her son is doing fine physically, but the emotional trauma has taken its toll. She says he’s having trouble eating and sleeping.

“I’m actually scared she might come back for me, for calling the police,” said the fifth-grader.

For now, Baez says, her son will be getting rides to and from school.

Local 6 has requested a copy of the school surveillance video from police.


Mom — with kid on board — jailed for 5th DUI December 8, 2014

A Pace woman is in jail after allegedly driving drunk with her young daughter in the car.

sfl-flduh-mom-daughter-5th-dui-20141204-001The Santa Rosa County Sheriffs Office says Debbie Jones was involved in a hit and run.   Then left the scene dropped her daughter off at a friends house and kept driving,

This wasn’t Jones first DUI.
Around 6:00 Monday evening the Santa Rosa County Sheriffs Office was called to a hit and run involving red 2-door Saturn.

The person who was rear ended followed the Saturn through the Spencer Oaks subdivision in Pace.

The driver Debbie Jones then pulled into this driveway and her daughter jumped out of the vehicle and knocked on the door.

Witnesses say the little girl was screaming and asking for help.
Captain Bob Johnson  “It’s pretty sad that she has such an alcohol problem that she can’t distinguish between apparently child endangerment and she knows not to drive but she still chooses to do it.”

When deputies arrived on scene, Jones was backing out of the driveway, leaving her daughter.

Deputies say they witnessed Jones swerving from one side of the road to the other almost hitting parked cars.

Amber Southard  “Once Jones pulled over deputies say they could smell alcohol, so they placed her in handcuffs and put her in the back of the patrol car where she started hitting her head against the window and even kicking the inside of the door.”

Jones refused to take a field sobriety test.
She was taken to the Santa Rosa County Emergency Room where her blood alcohol content was tested.  It was nearly three times over the legal limit.

She was taken to the county jail and was charged with DUI,  fleeing and eluding an officer, driving while on a suspended license, and refusal to submit a breath test.

“The fact that she didn’t kill anybody is really a miracle.”
This wasn’t Jones first run in with law enforcement while under the influence.

This is her 5th DUI and she could face prison time for the child negect charge.

“She had a permanently revoked license, so she’s not allowed to drive, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get her hands on a set of keys and vehicle.”


Mom jailed for DUI had baby on board November 25, 2014

Lindsay Rose Helen Taylor had her 10-month-old baby in her SUV as she drove west on County Road 484 early Sunday morning and deputies say they stopped the vehicle because it was weaving.

UntitledTaylor, 22, of Belleview, subsequently was arrested on a charge of DUI, according to a Marion County Sheriff’s report.

Deputy John Lightle stopped the vehicle in the 4000 block of CR 484 just after midnight after he said he saw the vehicle weaving, had defective brake lights, was varying its speed and following another vehicle too closely.

Lightle said he smelled liquor on Taylor, her speech was slurred and her eyes were bloodshot. He noticed the baby in a car seat behind the driver in the back seat.

After taking a field sobriety test at the scene, Taylor was arrested and taken to the Marion County jail, where the results of a breath test were .128/.117, around twice the legal limit in Florida.

A search of the vehicle revealed a nearly empty gin bottle.

The baby was placed in the custody of Taylor’s step-father, Rudolph Varnadoe, 58, also of Belleview.

David Jason Arroyo, 35, of Ocala, was a passenger in the SUV, which he owned. According to the report, Arroyo did not have a valid driver license and was intoxicated, so the vehicle was towed by Revis Towing.

Taylor was released from the Marion County Jail on $1,000 bond.


Woman, 39, got involved in physical all-girls fight November 19, 2014

A 39-year-old Fort Walton Beach woman is charged with participating in a fight between teenage girls in front of a drug store.

patria-delois-holmanOkaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies were called for a large crowd of juveniles fighting in the parking lot of CVS on Nov. 9, according to the arrest report.

One of the participants said she and her cousins were at McDonalds when another woman and her daughters pulled up at CVS.

An argument started in the parking lot, after which a fight broke out, the report said. One of the youths said she heard Patria Delois Holman screaming, “send her to the hospital,” encouraging one of the girls to continue striking another.

While one of the girls was “on the ground,” Holman “kicked (the victim) in the face and in the stomach,” according to the report. A witness reported seeing Holman kick the girl and yell encouragement at another girl.

Holman said she went to the Beal Parkway pharmacy to pick up medicine when a group of girls began taunting a relative, the report said. Holman told deputies that she was just “a mother” who didn’t want to see a child hurt and that the “situation is terrible.”

She denied striking anyone, according to the report. The girl had injuries to her face, arm and leg.

Holman is charged with child abuse without great bodily harm and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.


Woman learns that even if your kids are potty mouths, you can’t feed them toilet bowl cleaner November 3, 2014

WESH-Amelia-West---imgPort Orange police said they arrested a woman after she allegedly had her young children drink toilet bowl cleaner, and believe she also drank the liquid.

Police said they responded to a home on Timber Trail around 10:30 a.m. Saturday for a report of a suicide attempt. Officers said they found the woman and  her two children had consumed the chemical.

Authorities identified the mother as 29-year-old Amelia West.  Her two children are ages 3 months and 2 years old.

Police said the children were treated and released at a hospital.

West was booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail, charged with two counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated child abuse.

West was initially being held on a no-bond status.


Mom jailed driving 100-mph with kid in car October 30, 2014

An Alachua woman was arrested early this morning on charges of child neglect and reckless driving after she was clocked traveling through High Springs at 100 mph, according to a booking report.

sfl-flduh-mom-100-mph-kid-20141029-001On Tuesday at about 11 p.m., a High Springs police officer spotted a vehicle traveling on U.S. 441 at about 100 mph. The officer caught up with the vehicle more than a half-mile down the highway and identified its driver as 40-year-old Alachua resident Kimberly Ann Lucier, according to the booking report.

Lucier told the officer she was speeding because she was about to run out of gas, and her 15-year-old daughter, a passenger, needed to use the bathroom.

“Driving that fast could have resulted in physical injury to the child,” the report stated.

The teen was released to a friend, and the officer noted he would contact the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Lucier was booked into the Alachua County jail on charges of reckless driving and child abuse, the report stated.


Mom left son, 7, at movie, drank ‘mean juice’

Carolina Uchoa is accused of leaving her 7-year-old son all alone in a theater, during the middle of a movie.

sfl-flduh-mom-mean-juice-20141029-001Uchoa was in tears when the judge told her on Friday that she can no longer have any contact with her son, because she violated her probation from a criminal mischief charge in 2012.

According to police, Uchoa picked up her son from his father’s house around noon to watch a movie at a cinema in Altamonte Springs. Half way  through the movie, the boy told police his mother exited the theater, leaving her purse and cell phone behind.  After the movie was over, police say the boy came out to the parking lot to locate his mother, but she was no where to be found, so he sat down and waited for her to return.

The boy’s father called Uchoa’s cell phone to see how things were going. Police say the boy was in tears and told his father that his mother was drinking her “mean juice,” which authorities say is code for alcohol. The dad rushed to pick him up. Uchoa was no where to be found, until her mother found her at Cranes Roost Apartments with a friend.  Police say her mother turned her in to authorities.

“I’m going to find probable cause on one count of child neglect,” the judge told Uchoa.

“If she’s guilty of what they say she did in this police report, she’s not the best mother,” said a defense attorney.  “But she didn’t injure this child in anyway, and there’s nothing in this police report to indicate that the bond should be quadrupled.”

Uchoa remains at the Seminole County Jail on a no bond status for violating her probation.  She was given a $10,000 bond for her charge on child neglect.



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