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Cops find raccoon in birdcage at drug bust May 27, 2014

A drug bust in Port St. Lucie lead to an unusual find, including a raccoon inside of a bird cage.

Mugshot-David-WatsonThat’s one of the things police found when they showed up at the home of David Watson, 50, at Southwest Liberty Avenue in Port St. Lucie on a drug warrant, according to a report by Port St. Lucie Police.

Police also found vials human growth hormones (HGH) in Watson’s refrigerator, and cocaine and marijuana in the house, the report said.

Police say they believe the raccoon spent all day, every day in the cage, never being let out.

“The only door that opened up to the cage was zip-tied shut,” Master Sgt. Frank Sabol said. “And the raccoon was obese.”

Along with the raccoon, police also confiscated several rabbits, a snake and two kittens.

Watson’s mother came up from Miami to care for most of the animals. The raccoon was transferred to a wildlife shelter in Jupiter.

Watson was arrested and was taken to the St. Lucie County Jail for booking.


Florida “off-the-grid” woman thought George Michael’s song “Faith” would heal dog May 16, 2014

1400152449000-SperonisA Cape Coral woman who has been in the news lately for living “off the grid” believed singing George Michael’s “Faith” would help her dog, also named Faith, with a skin condition, according to a report.

The 24-page report from Lee County Domestic Animal Services was obtained first this morning by news-press.com.

Cape Coral Police officers arrested Robin Speronis on Wednesday evening on one charge of animal abuse. She remained in custody without bond as of 10 a.m.

Speronis was using alternative means to treat Faith’s condition, according to the report. Raw meat, raw organs, eggs with shells, garlic, olive oil, organic dog food, and “super food” were among the items used.

She recently discontinued the organic “diet” and began feeding Faith the same food she eats (scraps) and whatever else is donated to her, the report said.

1397088723002-Dog3Animal control officials have been trying to examine her pets since last year. Her Labrador is a 14-year-old named Faith and the smaller dog is a 7-year-old named Suzie.

They’ve visited the home regularly, almost a dozen times between December of 2013 and April of this year, but were never allowed inside the house.

Speronis would hide or run in and lock the door when she saw them coming, according to officials. Both dogs were taken from Speronis’ custody on April 9 after being found in a nearby neighbor’s lanai.

Officials say Faith’s skin condition seemed to be growing worse. Speronis told them it started nine years ago. She told officials she believed “Faith’s condition is due to her ‘elephant skin,’ but that the dog did not have any scabs or open wounds on her legs. Therefore, she did not feel the dog was suffering. Suzie seemed in overall all good health and was returned to Speronis on April 24.

Before returning the little dog, officials asked Speronis if she intended to provide a county license or rabies vaccine for the dog. She said no.

“She also would not give information on whether she has taken either dog to a veterinarian,” the report says. “Speronis owned another dog named ‘Hope’ which has since died, no further information provided.”

Speronis believes steroids and antibiotics kill good bacteria, according to the report.

“We have turned this case involving her dogs over to the State Attorney’s Office,” said Ria Brown, spokeswoman for Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

Speronis’ decision to live independent of modern amenities brought her into the spotlight after her story went viral on conservative pundit Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze. She’s been contacted and zealously defended by strangers around the world. Speronis claims there is no code that forbids living as she does.

Speronis has been at the center of a code enforcement legal battle since late last year.

She was supposed to come back before Special Magistrate Harold S. Eskin Thursday morning to discuss the open code enforcement case.

She’s been fighting for her interpretation of an “off-the-grid” lifestyle and refuses to connect to city water. She’d been using city sewer to drain until the city capped it a few months ago.

Due to her incarceration and to give her the opportunity to attend, Code Enforcement Manager Frank Cassidy agreed they should hold off until June.

“She usually attends,” Eskin said. “It’s a controversial case. I agree with the city.”


Dumbass didn’t realize it’s illegal to keep gators in your backyard April 26, 2014

 South-Daytona-gator-upclose-0425A woman in a South Daytona neighborhood got a surprise when she peeked over her neighbor’s fence in Volusia County Thursday night.

The two pet alligators are being kept in a small, backyard pen at the home on Lambright Road. The house is very close to the South Daytona Christian Church, which runs a preschool, and South Daytona Elementary School.

Rick Brown from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said he spoke to the animals’ owners, who are out of state.

FWC said they will wait until the owners return before proceeding with the matter.

Brown said the animals appear to be in good health, are properly caged and pose no threat to neighbors.

If they were deemed at risk, wildlife officers would go in and remove the gators immediately.

The homeowner told wildlife officers the reptiles have been human-raised since birth.

An FWC officer said while you can get a permit to keep exotic animals, such as alligators, South Daytona ordinances do not allow them.

As for how someone could keep a pair of alligators virtually hidden in plain sight for six years or so, as this person has done, Brown says it’s not difficult. “Alligators aren’t like barking dogs or chickens in a coop. They don’t make a lot of noise. It’s perfectly conceivable to possess this kind of species and, if you don’t talk with your neighbors about it, then no one would perceive them to be there.”

Horace Burch, who lives next door to the alligators had no clue what lived just beyond the cages of rabbits in the backyard next door. It didn’t really bother him, except for the size of the pen the alligators are in. “I mean, I’m an animal-lover but I believe in people that do have animals of any kind, they should take care of them.”

The gator’s owner is in Kentucky right now, where Rick Brown says he had a permit to have exotic animals. Brown says the man told him he wasn’t aware of the Florida rules regarding exotics though. The homeowner is expected to be back in South Daytona the first part of next week.


Sara Zamora Is A Sick Bitch, She Created Animal Snuff Films April 8, 2014

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A Miami woman took fetish pornography to a disturbing extreme, police say — repeatedly decapitating live chickens and killing rabbits while engaging in sex acts during the filming of an animal torture video.

SIMG_20140405_154810_zpsvvfsuu7rara Zamora, 28, was arrested Friday on eight felony counts of animal cruelty for her feature role in a video called “SOS Barn” that a Miami-Dade police arrest report described in gory, stomach-turning detail.

“The chicken is enduring extreme pain and suffering during this process,” according to the arrest report.

The video clips — filmed for a twisted animal torture genre called “crush” — depicted her and other porn actresses “torturing and killing a wide variety of animals, including chickens, rabbits and more for the sexual gratification of its viewers,” according to police.

The barnyard snuff video was filmed at the South Miami-Dade home of Adam Redford, according to the police report, who is listed as a co-defendant. He is already on probation for a similar animal cruelty case in Lee County last year but had not been charged in the Miami-Dade case as of Friday night.

Redford, a boat captain who claims on his website to have filmed a variety of videos “related to South Florida fishing,” said he knew nothing about Zamora’s case.

“I haven’t seen or talked to her in close to a year,” Redford said.

Detectives from Miami-Dade’s agricultural unit learned of the video clips from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a prominent animal rights group.

Stephanie Bell, director of cruelty cases for PETA, called the arrest “excellent news. We have been waiting for this.”

Bell said the group also had tipped off authorities in Redford’s case in Lee County, where she said he had moved. Bell said such videos, graphically depicting animal torture and death, are illegal under state and federal laws.

“These videos are unfortunately in demand and it’s hard to fathom that anyone would produce or enjoy them,” she said.

In one clip of “SOS Barn,” Miami-Dade police say, Zamora gropes a man’s genitals with her left hand while “repeatedly cutting a chicken’s neck using hedge clippers with her right.” In others, she posed “in a sexy outfit” after hacking off the head of another screaming bird, or she beat chickens to death with a wooden stick.

Chickens weren’t the only victims. She also karate-chopped the necks of several rabbits as they howled in pain, according to the report, then admitted to killing them.

On the Internet, Zamora goes by the moniker Gloria Shynez. On a website called Model Mayhem, Zamora claims she has been “modeling” since age 19. Her rates are flexible.

“My middle-eastern look distinguishes from many models and I am so excited to see what fun, beautiful shots we create together!” she writes.

Zamora was arrested while already in jail. She had been on probation on two separate cases, on charges including grand-theft with a firearm, credit card fraud, possession of a fictitious driver’s license and cocaine possession. If convicted on the animal cruelty charges, she could face up to five years in prison on each count.

She had been in jail for the past month after failing a probation drug test but would likely have been released Friday “if not for the fickle finger of fate,” said defense attorney Theodore Mastos.

On Friday, Miami-Dade prosecutor Jason Pizzo informed the court and Mastos of the new charges. Mastos, while questioning whether the state could mount a “viable prosecution,” told the Miami Herald he was shown portions of the video outside court during a brief hearing.

“I’m glad I didn’t have breakfast because I would have puked all over the place,” said Mastos, who used to prosecute pornography cases in the 1970s. “It was disgusting.”

As for Redford, he is on probation in a 2013 case on charges of causing the cruel death and torturing of animals in Lee County. On Friday, he acknowledged the earlier arrest was a matter of public record but that “it had been resolved.”

So-called “crush” animal torture videos aren’t new and have been the target of past legal crackdowns. In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a law that outlawed depictions of animals being “intentionally maimed, mutilated, tortured, wounded, or killed,” saying it was too broad and violated the right to free speech.

The federal law had been aimed at videos that often depict women slowly crushing animals to death “with their bare feet or while wearing high heeled shoes,” sometimes while “talking to the animals in a kind of dominatrix patter,” the opinion read.

But the 2010 decision did not apply to the actual acts themselves of extreme cruelty to animals — and did not preclude the passing of future laws that narrowly applied to crush videos.



A man is accused of slapping his ex-girlfriend and fatally kicking her miniature pinscher March 29, 2014

fl-animal-cruelty-hollywood-20140327-001Alijon Akbar, 38, of Encino, Calif., faces charges of causing cruel death, pain and suffering to an animal and domestic violence in connection with a 2011 incident, authorities said. He was extradited from California and booked into Broward County jail on Wednesday, records show.

During his first-appearance court hearing Thursday, Akbar was ordered held on a $17,500 bond.

“He had no idea that a warrant was going to be issued, so he did not abscond at any point during the investigation or subsequent to the investigation in this case,” said his attorney, Brett Schwartz. “He wants to see this through.”

In February 2011, police say that Akbar terrified his former girlfriend’s cats and caused the death of her dog, named Karma, according to a Hollywood police report.

The woman got rid of a long-haired feline because Akbar was allergic to it, but kept two other cats, which police say Akbar treated “cruelly.”

Akbar screamed at the animals, stomped on the floor when the pets would try to go into the woman’s bedroom and used a broom to remove them from under the bed, the report said.

The cats grew so scared that they often hid in their covered litter boxes and developed staph infections, the report said. One of the cats was euthanized after the infection grew severe, it said.

The woman then gave away her last remaining cat, but got a new dog when Akbar appeared to approve of it, police said.

Akbar moved out of the home, but eventually returned a year and a half later. During one instance in 2011, Akbar told his ex-girlfriend that he struck the dog with a broom and caused a swollen eye and a cut beneath it after the animal defecated under a couch, the report said.

Akbar told her it was an accident, but admitted that the dog slid under the couch because it was “terrified” of him, it said. Following that incident, Akbar and the woman had a discussion about the dog and he allegedly asked her to spank it to discipline it, police said.

During the discussion, Akbar slapped his ex-girlfriend in the face, and both agreed that he had to move out, authorities said.

As Akbar packed his belongings for the move, the dog tried to run out of the apartment and bit Akbar as he tried to detain the dog. Police say Akbar kicked Karma and put it in its crate. Upon returning from work, the woman found her dog dead and called police.

Akbar admitted to a detective that he kicked Karma, the report said. A necropsy of the dog’s body showed Karma had died from “blunt trauma, liver fracture with abdominal hemorrhage, and hypovolemic shock.”


ANOTHER man caught in-the-act having sex with a dog … come on man! March 19, 2014

os-james-guy-bull-20140319They heard the puppy yelping through the walls of their Daytona Beach apartment.

Witnesses called police, alleging their neighbor was raping his 8-month-old female dog on his porch.

The suspect, James Guy Bull, 61, remained in the Volusia County Branch Jail today, charged with two counts of animal cruelty, after his arrest Tuesday.

Two neighbors told police they saw Bull attacking the dog on several occasions.

“They heard the animal yelp and cry but [Bull] continued with the conduct,” police said in a report.

One of the witnesses told police about hearing a “dog in distress” at Bull’s residence on Magnolia Drive.

The witness told police Bull was attacking the dog.

When Bull saw the neighbor, he “pulled up his pants and put the dog down,” the report said.

“Both witnesses claim that they can hear the animal crying and yelping through the walls of the apartment but not when she is chained up on the porch,” the report added.

The dog was described as “a small light brown mix dog nearly 8 months old.”

It was chained to a post on the front porch.

“The chain was rather large and it was stuck in … the wood slats. She had about 8 inches of space from the post. There was no water or food, the report said. The dog was “clearly emaciated” and suffering from abuse, the report said.

“The female dog was transported to Halifax Humane Society for medical treatment,” the report said.


Man admitted to attacking a dog with a pickaxe because the dog “looked at him funny” March 8, 2014

imagesA Fort Myers man is facing a felony animal cruelty charge after he admitted to investigators he stabbed his dog with a pickaxe because the dog had “looked at him funny.”

Animal Care and Control officers started receiving complaints from neighbors of Galen Aune in October of 2013.

Neighbors told officers that they witnessed Aune punch his pitbull puppy Nelly and pick her up by the ears and throw her on two separate occasions a couple months earlier. Officers made a report and continued to investigate.

When officers contacted Aune at his home in the 3800 block of Papaya Street, officers say Aune answered the door and responded, “Oh, not a problem anymore the dog is dead. I killed it.”

The responding officer asked what his reason was for the killing and Aune stated, “I know pit bulls, they are all about body language. She just looked at me funny and showed bad energy. I had to do something about it, for my health.”

Officials say Aune admitted to stabbing the dog with a pickaxe to the head and burying the body in the backyard. Officers located a plot of land where the dog was buried and took over control of the dog’s body.

Aune was given a notice to appear. He faces a felony animal cruelty charge.



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