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Florida “off-the-grid” woman thought George Michael’s song “Faith” would heal dog May 16, 2014

1400152449000-SperonisA Cape Coral woman who has been in the news lately for living “off the grid” believed singing George Michael’s “Faith” would help her dog, also named Faith, with a skin condition, according to a report.

The 24-page report from Lee County Domestic Animal Services was obtained first this morning by news-press.com.

Cape Coral Police officers arrested Robin Speronis on Wednesday evening on one charge of animal abuse. She remained in custody without bond as of 10 a.m.

Speronis was using alternative means to treat Faith’s condition, according to the report. Raw meat, raw organs, eggs with shells, garlic, olive oil, organic dog food, and “super food” were among the items used.

She recently discontinued the organic “diet” and began feeding Faith the same food she eats (scraps) and whatever else is donated to her, the report said.

1397088723002-Dog3Animal control officials have been trying to examine her pets since last year. Her Labrador is a 14-year-old named Faith and the smaller dog is a 7-year-old named Suzie.

They’ve visited the home regularly, almost a dozen times between December of 2013 and April of this year, but were never allowed inside the house.

Speronis would hide or run in and lock the door when she saw them coming, according to officials. Both dogs were taken from Speronis’ custody on April 9 after being found in a nearby neighbor’s lanai.

Officials say Faith’s skin condition seemed to be growing worse. Speronis told them it started nine years ago. She told officials she believed “Faith’s condition is due to her ‘elephant skin,’ but that the dog did not have any scabs or open wounds on her legs. Therefore, she did not feel the dog was suffering. Suzie seemed in overall all good health and was returned to Speronis on April 24.

Before returning the little dog, officials asked Speronis if she intended to provide a county license or rabies vaccine for the dog. She said no.

“She also would not give information on whether she has taken either dog to a veterinarian,” the report says. “Speronis owned another dog named ‘Hope’ which has since died, no further information provided.”

Speronis believes steroids and antibiotics kill good bacteria, according to the report.

“We have turned this case involving her dogs over to the State Attorney’s Office,” said Ria Brown, spokeswoman for Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

Speronis’ decision to live independent of modern amenities brought her into the spotlight after her story went viral on conservative pundit Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze. She’s been contacted and zealously defended by strangers around the world. Speronis claims there is no code that forbids living as she does.

Speronis has been at the center of a code enforcement legal battle since late last year.

She was supposed to come back before Special Magistrate Harold S. Eskin Thursday morning to discuss the open code enforcement case.

She’s been fighting for her interpretation of an “off-the-grid” lifestyle and refuses to connect to city water. She’d been using city sewer to drain until the city capped it a few months ago.

Due to her incarceration and to give her the opportunity to attend, Code Enforcement Manager Frank Cassidy agreed they should hold off until June.

“She usually attends,” Eskin said. “It’s a controversial case. I agree with the city.”


One Response to “Florida “off-the-grid” woman thought George Michael’s song “Faith” would heal dog”

  1. Actually, what’s really “duh” about this, is that the News-Press thinks it’s their job to be the thought police.

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