The Bizarre World of Florida

Sex offender lured girl to home, gave her $2, performed lewd act March 28, 2013

kkg9CrkZi6wr8p1SB9_lQDl72eJkfbmt4t8yenImKBVaiQDB_Rd1H6kmuBWtceBJORLANDO,  Fla. —A convicted felon faces charges in Orange County after  investigators said he lured a 13-year-old girl to his home, gave her money and  performed a lewd act in front of her.

Clifford Murray, 39, is  accused of kidnapping and lewd conduct. Authorities said he lured one of two  girls playing near Florida Mall back to his apartment.

The 13-year-old, who was  looking for turtles with her friend, said she went with Murray because he said  he would give her money.

When the girl went to  Murray’s Landstreet Road apartment, investigators say Murray performed a lewd  act in front of her and asked if she would join him. The girl told him, “No  thank you,” and left the apartment, according to investigators.

Murray has two prior child  molestation convictions. He’s now being held without bond at the Orange County  Jail.


One Response to “Sex offender lured girl to home, gave her $2, performed lewd act”

  1. tiffany Says:

    The girl they r speaking about it my little sister who was 7 not 13yrs old today we found out they found him not guilty wtf saying she could have mistaken him for someone else///like are they serious he lived in the same complex as where my little sister resides wit my mom how the fuck can the court say she must have mistaken him for someone else smh! Justice was not served here!

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