The Bizarre World of Florida

Man claiming to be FBI informant disrupted boarding plane, later exposed himself to nurses December 19, 2012

Officers with the Lee County Port Authority arrested 28-year-old Arnaldo Jose Santiago Burgos Monday, after he allegedly forced his way onto a plane, claiming he needed to get to Boston, due to medical complications and was an FBI informant.


Authorities say Santiago Burgos was apprehended at the Southwest Florida International Airport just before 7:30 p.m. after disrupting boarding procedures for a Southwest flight.

Officers say the suspect faked a seizure while in custody, blaming a faulty pacemaker, though medics say the device was working just fine. They found several prescription bottles on him, with a variety of pills inside.

Santiago Burgos was transported to Gulfcoast Hospital. According to his arrest report, it was there that he exposed his genitals to nurses repeatedly, at one point asking them if they liked what they saw.

The report continues to say Poison Control was contacted to identify the pills. The medications were determined to be 23 Clonazepam, one Zoloft and three unidentified white pills. When asked why he was in possession of those, officers say the suspect responded, “I like to mix pills for the fun of it.”

The suspect was charged with trespassing, resisting with violence, battery on a law enforcement officer, unlawful exposure of sexual organs and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.


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