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Boy wears sign at school apologizing for cussing December 19, 2012

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A South Florida school suspended him, but the mom of one Oakland Park sixth grader worried that wasn’t enough for her son. He used profanity in the classroom and now his mom is trying to teach him a lesson in front of the school.

But 12-year-old Erol Faustin wasn’t doing a whole lot of smiling on Monday, and his friends, let’s say they were less than supportive.

Erol’s been suspended for three days from Rickards Middle School after his teacher told him to move his bookbag “and he told her he doesn’t give an “f”, “b.” and those words are not acceptable in my house.”

So mom wrote up this sign which reads in part, “I disrespected my teacher. I would like to apologize, not only to that teacher, but to all adults.”

“He has a younger sister and brother that look up to him. He needs to be a role model.”

So, for each of the three days, here he is standing in the morning and later at dismissal in front of the school, with his sign.

“This isn’t for a punishment. It’s for him to understand that I’ve tried everything I could and, if this is what it takes, then this is what it takes.”

Mom says she’s done all she can, from long talks to counseling and this was a last resort.

“He has tons of support at home, tons of support from the after school system, and nothing’s working. He doesn’t want to listen to anyone but his friends. Maybe that’s what he needed.”

Erol’s mom said she was not trying to humiliate her son, but she was worried if she didn’t do something to change his behavior, he would get in more trouble down the road.


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