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Even pizza delivery is not safe: Man used stun gun on pizza-delivery man October 15, 2012

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A pizza delivery man was shocked during an attempted robbery late Monday in Daytona Beach.

Kevin Kelly was attempting to deliver two pizzas to an address on North Halifax Avenue just before 9 p.m. when a hungry robber used a stun gun to shock the 47-year-old delivery man, police said.

The suspect attacked Kelly while he was distracted and using a small flashlight to review the receipt for the pizzas.

Investigators tracked the suspect to a nearby river using a police dog, but couldn’t locate him.

Police later tracked down 19-year-old Christopher Collins at his apartment on Seabreeze Boulevard.

Investigators found out the phone number used to order the pizzas during the attempted robbery was also used in the past to deliver food to an address on Seabreeze Boulevard, where Collins lived with his two brothers.

While cops were outside Collins’ apartment door, they heard someone say, “I tried to get the pizza but he wouldn’t give it up.”

Police knocked on the door and confronted Collins, who admitted to the robbery, reports show.

Collins said he “was hungry and just trying to rob the pizza guy of the pizza.”

Officers searched the apartment and found the cell phone used to make the order and the stun gun used to shock Kelly.

Collins is charged with attempted robbery with a weapon and was booked into the Volusia County Jail.


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