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Drunken man outside of bar had knife, threatened deputy’s family September 22, 2012

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Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputies arrested an intoxicated man at Boomer’s Bar & Nightclub early this morning that had a knife and also threatened a deputy’s family with harm. Charged with Threat on a Public Servant, Possession of a Concealed Weapon, Disorderly Intoxication, Resisting an Officer, and Breach of Peace, was Joseph Jean Baptiste, 37, 21422 Kenyon Avenue, Port Charlotte.

Deputies were on patrol in Boomer’s parking lot, 2360 Tamiami Trail, in Port Charlotte at 1:42 a.m. and observed Baptiste being told to leave by a bouncer. Baptiste turned around and advanced toward the bouncer in an aggressive manner. The bouncer asked Baptiste to leave several times but he continued to argue and raise his voice. With a clenched fist he ran toward the bouncer again when deputies grabbed him. Baptiste began pulling away, became violent and continued to resist, yelling “I’m drunk.” He was then placed under arrest. A search found a foldable knife protruding from his back pocket with the blade extended out and locked.

The owner of Boomer’s wanted Baptiste trespassed from the premises so he is no longer allowed back. When a deputy transported him to the Charlotte County Jail, Baptiste stated, “Your children are going to pay for this, I know their innocent, but they’re going to pay.” He then said, “Do you have children, if you don’t, it would be your niece or nephews.” The deputy felt Baptiste was intending to hurt his family out of retaliation for his arrest. Baptiste posted a $7,000 bond and was released Thursday morning.


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