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It’s not gay to run around naked with your best friend. Unless a bunch of surveillance cameras are watching you September 21, 2012

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A Wabasso man who ran naked around a condominium pool was arrested after  being linked to damaged video cameras, according to a recently released  affidavit.

Gregory Zimmerman, 21, was recorded on video Sept. 13 on the Fairways  condos pool deck in Vero Beach. He was with a male friend and both looked  to be drinking.

“After running around the pool deck nude together, the defendant’s friend …  noticed the video cameras hanging from the wall that were recording the two of  them,” an affidavit states.

It wasn’t immediately clear why the dudes were nude.

Nude swimming, however, is not an entirely out of the ordinary activity –  even for those in powerful positions.

For example,  U.S. Rep. Kevin  Yoder,  R-Kan., made headlines for a summer 2011 skinny dip in the Sea of  Galilee, which Christians believe is the location where Jesus walked on  water.

U.S. Presidents John Quincy Adams and Theodore Roosevelt also are said to  have been naked swimmers, according to some accounts.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman’s friend broke two cameras, while another camera  captured Zimmerman laughing. Zimmerman pulled and turned that camera.

“After several hours of swimming and drinking, the defendant, (his friend)  and three unknown females left the pool deck,” the affidavit states.

The females weren’t there when Zimmerman and his buddy are accused of  damaging the cameras.

Indian River County Sheriff’s investigators tracked Zimmerman down at his  home. He said he couldn’t recall his friend’s full name.

Zimmerman was arrested on a felony criminal mischief charge.


One Response to “It’s not gay to run around naked with your best friend. Unless a bunch of surveillance cameras are watching you”

  1. th@ bullshit only 1 guy damaged the equipment only in fascist countries can they charge you with a crime they know you didn’t commit.

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