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Unusual Kmart burglary attempt foiled September 16, 2012

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Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies foiled an unusual burglary attempt on a  Kmart store early Sunday morning.

According to officials, they believe  someone stayed inside the store located at 12412 U.S. Highway 19 after it  closed, and may have called another individual later to assist them.

Around 1:30 a.m. deputies responded to an alarm intrusion coming from the  electronics department, but did not find anything and all of the doors were  secure.

A few more alarms were tripped in a short time period,  including the rear portion of the store where the loading area is.

When  a store employee arrived to check out the situation, investigators say they saw  someone on the property and called law enforcement.

Deputies came back  out to the area and saw a male subject take off in a U-Haul from the back of the  store.  They followed close behind the truck, when it flipped over on  Beacon Woods Drive nearby.

Authorities say the suspect managed to get  out through the window and fled on foot, but a K-9 apprehended him shortly after  5 a.m.

At the scene, deputies were seen inspecting a large number of  electronic goods found in the vehicle.

Two people are suspected to be  involved, but at this time one arrest has been made.


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