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Man steals book of receipts, but was hoping for cash September 15, 2012

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A man with a history of theft arrests was taken into custody again after he  took a book full of receipts from a local restaurant.

Employees at Slick Micks Deli contacted police after they saw Damon L. Smith,  27, grab a “black folding waitress book” from the counter and flee, according to  his Fort Walton Beach Police Department arrest report.

One person called for him to stop, but Smith hopped into a waiting vehicle  and before it took off the witness saw him hand the book to another person in  the car who tucked it in her purse, the report stated.

Officers arrived at Smith’s home a little later and found the driver of the  vehicle.

She let them inside the home to search for Smith. He was located inside a  laundry room closet.

When confronted, Smith admitted to taking the book and later throwing it out  the window when he discovered it contained only receipts not cash. He couldn’t  provide the location where the book was tossed.

He was charged with felony theft because of two prior theft convictions.

He also had two outstanding warrants from Santa Rosa County for retail theft  and failure to appear for a court appearance.


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