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Man used stolen trailers to build Doomsday bunker September 13, 2012

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What started out as the recovery of a trailer reported stolen by Clay & Sons, a tire and automotive store in Kissimmee, turned into a morning of unearthing a resident’s “doomsday bunker.”

The stolen trailer was found in the front yard of a Kissimmee man’s home, and police spokeswoman Stacie Miller says it’s likely that the man had plans to add it to his double-decker bunker already in the making.

The man didn’t tell police exactly when he thought the world would come to an end, but cops say he was preparing a personal underground survival bunker. One stolen food truck was buried in the backyard, and another stolen storage trailer was parked at ground level above it.

Craig Holland, development-services director for the city of Kissimmee, said it isn’t likely that his bunker would have helped the man live through an apocalypse.

“A trailer is not structurally sound,” he said. “I don’t think it would have protected him from much.”

The Development Services Department heads the Building Department that is responsible for approving permits for residents who want to build any kind of structure on their property.

“Burying a trailer would never be allowed by code,” Holland said, adding that the man did not have a permit to build.

The man’s home is on Manor Drive in Kissimmee near Eola Circle. The homes on the suburban, tree-lined street have large backyard lots.

Miller said the man intended to cut a hole through the bottom of the above-ground trailer that would serve as an entrance to the buried truck. Police believe he used large construction equipment to dig a hole several feet deep to cover the truck, making the top flush with the ground.

No charges have been filed against the man but police are investigating to determine what charges, if any, will come. Police will not release the man’s name unless charges are filed.

“You can have your doomsday bunker if you want,” Miller said. “You just can’t make it out of stolen materials.”


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