The Bizarre World of Florida

Naked, screaming, and stabbing cars is no way to go through life. Except if you’re in Florida September 11, 2012

With a yell of “God is here, I’m going to repent,” a woman swung a butcher  knife Wednesday afternoon at someone inside Teen Challenge at 3333 Philips  Highway, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

She next stabbed a table before stripping down and attacking two cars. She  had chased children with the blade before a Taser stopped her rampage, police  said.

Cheri Dana, a 42-year-old transient, has been jailed on charges of aggravated  assault and criminal mischief. She remains in the Duval County jail on $90,000  bail, according to jail records.

The woman walked into Teen Challenge, an addiction treatment center, just  before 1 p.m. and grabbed the knife off a counter, according to the report.  Yelling as she swung, she stabbed a table before running to the Jaguar Car Wash  at 3366 Philips Highway, stripping as she went. Two men were inside a car there  when she stabbed it, but were not injured.

The woman ran to Philips Auto at 3386 Philips Highway and stabbed a second  car, then chased teens getting off a school bus with the knife, police said.  Police found the woman stabbing stairs with the knife and ordered her to drop  it. When she refused and started toward two officers, one fired a Taser.

The woman was taken to Shands Jacksonville, then arrested, police said.


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