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This ‘cabbie’ drove his customers to only one place — up the wall. September 10, 2012

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A man posing as a cab driver was picking up people at Disney hotels, taking money for a round-trip fare and then leaving tourists stranded, with no way back, according to deputies.

Reports show Nankishore Ramkisoon posed as a Mears cab driver and was scamming the system and stealing thousands of dollars for almost a year.

It wasn’t until a sting operation set up by detectives caught him in the act.

“A guest would go to the counter at a Disney hotel and say ‘I’d like to go to, say SeaWorld,’ they’d say ‘OK, we’re calling a Mears cab for you, here’s a ticket,” said Jane Watrel of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Ramkisoon, who’s a former Mears taxi driver, was still driving a cab that looks similar to the Mears cabs.

“They’d step outside the hotel where our fake cab driver would be waiting and say, ‘Hi I’m the Mears cab driver,'” said Watrel.

Customers paid up front for their round trip, which was anywhere from $35 to $100.

Once Ramkisoon ditched the customers at their destination, he would never come back to get them, deputies said.

Police said he even gave people a fake return ticket with a bogus number to call for pick up.

Reports show Disney received a number of complaints about the cabbie for the last 10 months and contacted Mears.

Mears Transportation did their own investigation and tailed Rankisoon and found out he had a routine, which is how the Sheriff’s Office said they caught him.

“They were picked up, the cab driver thought he was talking to tourists instead of undercover investigators and they ended up catching him that way,” said Watrel.

Ramkisoon’s wife told WFTV he’s no longer driving a cab.

Disney told WFTV they don’t plan to do anything differently when booking a cab with Mears. They believe this was an isolated incident of someone who knew how to scam the system.


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