The Bizarre World of Florida

Mom forced son to panhandle to pay for motel room September 7, 2012

Filed under: Amazing,Bad Mother,Bizzarre,Really Dumb,Sad Story,WTF? — floridaduh @ 7:04 pm

 The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Jamie Spicer, 34, of Pace, Florida for Child Abuse after she forced her son to panhandle for her. Deputies responded to the area of Davis Highway and Olive Road around 8:40am on Thursday morning after several reports of a child holding a sign that read, “Homeless, need help, God Bless.” Spicer was sitting on a nearby bench while her son stood on the side of the road with his sign. When deputies arrived, Spicer snatched the sign away from her son in an attempt to conceal it.

When Deputies questioned Spicer about what she was doing, she told deputies that she needed money to pay for her motel room and that was why they were panhandling. When asked why she attempted to conceal her son’s sign, Spicer told deputies that she was a substitute teach and did not want to get into any trouble.

Spicer was arrested and booked into the Escambia County Jail with no bond. The child was turned over to his father and Department of Children and Families was notified.


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