The Bizarre World of Florida

Eighteen-year-old Lake City man to police: ‘The devil’ tried to use his body to rape 13-year-old girl September 5, 2012

An 18-year-old man said he tried to rape a 13-year-old girl because “the devil tried to rape her in my body,” according to a release from the Lake City Police Department.

Gerome L. Robinson was arrested on charges of battery and lewd or lascivious battery and booked on a $55,000 bond after trying to hold the girl against her will.
Robinson asked the girl, who was walking to her grandmother’s house, if she wanted to hang out and she said “no,” the release stated.
He then allegedly pushed the girl into his backyard and up against the house.  He’s accused of taking off his clothes and telling the girl to “stop resisting” as he tried to take off her clothes, according to police.
At this point, after repeatedly saying “no” and “stop,” the girl was able to push away and escape.
Police said Robinson tried to chase the girl but was apprehended by his mother and taken back into his house.
Police later arrived at Robinson’s house, at which point he told officers “the devil tried to rape her in my body.”


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