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Man assumed car was stolen ……. but he drove it anyway August 30, 2012

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A man told Niceville Police he assumed a car he’d been driving for a week  was stolen, but decided to drive it anyway. For that, he was charged with grand  theft auto.

On Aug. 14 a Niceville Police officer recovered a stolen vehicle that was  parked at a North Palm Boulevard location. His inquiries led him to a residence  on Madison, where he interviewed the eventual defendant and a witness.

The defendant, 30-year-old Jason Hendershot of Niceville, said he knew  nothing about a stolen car. The witness said he’d been a passenger in the car  and Hendershot had been driving it for a week.

Hendershot later told lawmen he got the car from a friend who would not admit  to stealing it. He added, “I assumed the car was stolen, but decided to drive it  anyway.” He parked the car about a block from his residence and admitted to  driving it.

Another witness told lawmen Hendershot had been driving the car for about a  week and used it to take them to Food World.

The grand theft auto charge is a felony.


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