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Fake cop yelled and threatened to arrest people at bar August 29, 2012

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A man who apparently was intoxicated when he went to a business and told customers he was a police officer and threatened to arrest them was later taken into custody.

Officers received a call Sunday night from an employee at the Suite 306 Lounge at 3131 SW College Road, who said a man entered the building and identified himself as an Ocala Police Department officer, yelled at some people and said he was going to arrest everyone. The man also said he was working an off-duty detail for the next few weeks outside the business.

The man later was identified as Scott Jason Williams.

While Williams was in the lounge, an employee took his photo and sent it to police, who responded that he was not an officer with their agency.

Police came to the area and searched for Williams, who was found at a nearby eatery. When questioned by an officer, he denied being at the lounge but later said he was there and said he had consumed so much alcohol he could not remember what occurred.

Williams was arrested for falsely impersonating an officer and unauthorized use of personal information. With the arrest, his probation for a prior offense was violated. He remains without bond at the Marion County Jail.


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