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Man busted after illegally dumping burned motorcycle August 24, 2012

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Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Gulf Cove man for dumping his motorcycle after it caught fire at a gas station Friday night. Arrested for Violation of Florida Litter Law (Trash dumping) and Resisting an Officer, was Neil Jason Bishop, 35, 5236 Wylie Lane. 

CCSO and Charlotte County Fire were dispatched to the Mobil Gas Station, 13423 S. McCall Road, for a motorcycle that was on fire at the gas pumps. Bishop told deputies he was getting gas for the motorcycle when it caught fire and he pushed the burning cycle away from the pumps. Bishop told deputies he just bought the motorcycle from a friend a few days ago and advised he does not want it any longer since it caught fire. 

Bishop was advised to find a way to remove the burned black motorcycle from the property. He said, “It’s not my bike, I just gave it back to my friend.” He started to walk away and deputies told him to come back and remove the motorcycle. He returned and then pushed the motorcycle about 200 yards down the sidewalk. Deputies saw him drop the cycle and as they approached, he ran into a wooded area. A K9 unit arrived and Bishop was advised on the PA system to come out or the K9 would be released. Bishop finally came out and deputies said he could barely walk at that time. 

A search of Bishop located an empty pouch of incense and two metal pipes; one was still warm to the touch. Bishop said he had smoked the incense while in the woods. Bishop was transported to the Charlotte County Jail and was released after booking. His motorcycle was towed to the CCSO impound lot.


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