The Bizarre World of Florida

Man beat up his 75 yr-old dad, and left him on floor for 3 days August 23, 2012

A Gainesville man dumped his 75-year-old father out of his wheelchair, beat and kicked him repeatedly, then left him lying on the floor for three days, police said.

David Bickford, 53, was arrested on charges of aggravated abuse of an elderly or disabled adult on Monday.

Here’s what happened, according to a Gainesville Police Department arrest report:

Bickford got into an argument with his father, who is confined to a wheelchair, on Friday. Bickford lifted the wheelchair and dumped his father out of it.

As his father lay on the ground, Bickford repeatedly punched him in the chest, grabbed his nose and wrenched it and kicked him in the abdomen several times. He also stepped on and ground his father’s hand into the floor with his foot.

On Monday morning, the father’s caregiver knocked on the door of the house at 4002 NW 31st Terrace, and saw the man on the floor, with Bickford asleep on the couch. At first, Bickford wouldn’t let her in to check on the father, but eventually he did.

The caregiver found the man lying in a pool of his own urine and having difficulty breathing.

The caregiver told Bickford to call 911, but he refused until she threatened to call the police. Bickford told the caregiver his father had been on the floor since Friday and that he was going to leave him there “until he was dead.” The father also had not taken his medication since Friday.

Police arrived and found visible bruising on the father’s right hand, face and stomach. He also had sores on his back which according appeared to be sores from lying in one position for too long, according to medical staff from North Florida Regional Medical Center.


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