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National nudist convention held in Florida August 8, 2012

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Tampa Bay is hosting a big convention, with people coming in town from all across the country.

But it’s not what you’re thinking.

A national nudist convention started Monday in Lutz. At the 81st annual American Association of Nude Recreation Convention, there’s no need to dress to impress.

“I’ve never seen so many people with such beautiful eyes, because you find yourself making eye contact most of the time,” said Mark Hammond of Michigan.

Lake Como resort is hosting this week’s convention. Like the RNC, the group nominates someone for president, there’s a keynote speaker, and the site is chosen through a bidding process.

But instead of the Tampa Bay Times Forum, those decisions are made on the resort property in places called the “Bare Buns Cafe” and the “Butt Hutt.”

“I don’t think we’ve really paid attention to the other convention, because our heads are so into the AANR convention right now,” said Arlene Reed with Lake Como.

At least when it comes to the attire, there’s nothing conservative about the convention in Lutz.

“It’s relaxing.  It’s comfortable.  It’s natural,” said Bev Price of Arizona.

This is the second time Pasco County has hosted the national convention. About 200 people are expected as it continues through the weekend.


One Response to “National nudist convention held in Florida”

  1. Brian Ckark Says:

    Nudism is a wonderful lifestyle, not for all, but ALL FOR ME,

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