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Man accused of shoplifting ….. pulled knife on workers …. pushed them …. now in jail July 31, 2012

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A Destin man accused of pulling a knife on employees at a Destin Commons business is charged with armed robbery by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. 50-year old William Jay Freeland of 60 Sand Prints Drive was taken into custody July 23rd after an OCSO K-9 unit traked him into the woods near Destin Commons.

Employees of Maui Nix on Legendary Drive say the door alarm activated when Freeland tried to walk out with merchandise he had not purchased. The clothes had security devices attached. They say Freeland shoved the business owner and two other employees who tried to keep him from leaving the store.

The workers say Freeland also pulled a black knife from his pocket and told them “I’m going to cut you bad” before he ran out of the store into nearby woods.

OCSO K-9’s located Freeland and also found several bags of merchandise from multiple stores in the area.


‘The sea hag’ fatally shot a man over a beer July 30, 2012

A 62 year old Conch Key woman is under arrest for shooting a man to death Sunday night.
According to a witness who saw the incident took place, Carolyn Dukeshire also known as “the sea hag” shot 64 year old Martin Mazur five times in the abdomen, back and arm after he refused to give her a beer.
Deputies responded to the scene at #53 North Conch Avenue. When they arrived, The victim, the suspect and the witness were all still there, waiting for their arrival. Dukeshire was taken into custody. Paramedics assisted the victim, who was still alive. He was transported to Fisherman’s Hospital where he later died of his wounds.
30 year old Casey Whippo of Conch Key, told Deputies Michael Claudy and Nicholis Whiteman he and Mazur went to dinner at the Brass Monkey in Marathon. They returned to the house and were sitting outside. He said they had just opened a beer when Dukeshire walked around the side of the house and asked if she could have one. Whippo said Mazur refused to give her a beer; that is when she shot him. He said she fired the gun multiple times, shooting Mazur twice in the abdomen, twice in the back and once in the wrist.
Whippo grabbed Dukeshire’s arms and told her she couldn’t leave. Whippo called the Sheriff’s Office for help. He said she threw the gun into the canal behind the house, then sat down and waited for deputies to arrive.
Major Crimes Detective Deborah Ryan charged Dukeshire with murder and she was booked into jail.

Man had no sex for 3-months …. so …. he broke into a neighbor’s apartment

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A woman who was awakened early Sunday morning to the noise of someone prying open her apartment’s sliding glass door found her neighbor standing in her living room, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman, whose name is not being released by the Star-Banner, ran screaming from the home, jumped in her car and dialed 911. She drove around near her southwest Ocala apartment complex until deputies arrived.

The 38-year-old woman told deputies that she believed the intruder lived two apartments down from her but didn’t know the man’s name. A police dog then followed a suspect scent to the apartment the woman identified.

That’s when they confronted James Christopher Myles, 42, who admitted to entering the woman’s apartment. After waiving his rights, Myles revealed that he didn’t go to the woman’s home to steal.

Myles told Deputy Yobanny Valdez that he had been drinking Saturday evening. After a few drinks he began thinking about the fact that he “had not had sex in more than three months,” the report stated.

Myles told the deputy, according to the report, that he armed himself with a knife and walked to the back of his neighbor’s apartment and pried open her back sliding door.

“The defendant said his intention was to go and have sex with the victim,” the deputy’s report noted. “Once inside, (after) closing the door, the victim came out of her bedroom yelling.”

The knife believed to have been used to pry open the door was found on a counter in Myles’ apartment. He was arrested and charged with residential armed burglary. He was being held late Sunday at the Marion County Jail.


Man hit wife with gun, forced 7-year-old to smoke pot …. Whatta guy.

A 26-year-old man from McDonough, Ga., has been charged with hitting a woman  with a gun and forcing a seven-year-old boy to smoke marijuana at gunpoint,  according to an arrest report from the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

Justin Blake Mitchell hit the woman in the head with a gun, pointed it at  her, threatened to kill her and then robbed her of cash and other personal  property, the report said.

Then Mitchell pointed the gun at the seven-year-old boy and threatened to  shoot him if he didn’t smoke marijuana, according to the report.

He also stole another man’s debit card at gunpoint and robbed another woman  of her personal property, the report said.

The incident took place on July 12 at a home on Santana Drive. Mitchell was  arrested then, but further investigation led to additional charges, according to  the report.

Mitchell has been charged with aggravated battery using a deadly weapon,  three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse, grand  theft of a firearm, possession of a controlled substance and possession of  marijuana, two counts of felony larceny and two counts of misdemeanor  larceny.

He is being held in the Walton County Jail with no bond.


Scary stuff in St. Cloud. Undercover agents created neo-Nazi motorcycle club to dupe racist bikers

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 A neo-Nazi motorcycle gang created by an undercover law-enforcement unit to investigate white supremacists and racist bikers has helped topple two domestic-terrorism groups in Central Florida.

The original investigation began in 2007, when an undisclosed agent traded emails with August Kreis III, a leader of the Aryan Nations hate group who wanted to form a Nazi motorcycle club to serve as the militant arm for white supremacists across the country, according to records obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

Using a false identity, the agent with theOrange County Sheriff’s Office became the Aryan Nations’ top Florida administrator responsible for recruiting members for what would become the 1st SS Kavallerie Brigade Motorcycle Division — operating out of a clubhouse inSt. Cloud.

Early members included at least two additional undercover FBI agents — who infiltrated the club — and a biker accused of offering $1,000 to anyone willing to shoot a black man riding an ATV in rural Osceola County, records show.

“The underlying aspect through all of it was that they were obtaining explosives and explosives expertise, and they intended to use them to kill people in the United States,” Orange-Osceola State Attorney Lawson Lamar told the Sentinel last week about what he characterized as the region’s most complex undercover operation in decades.

“We have a duty to stop what they were doing.”

The two cases — the motorcycle club and the takedown of the American Front white-supremacist group in Osceola in May — have resulted in 20 arrests on charges ranging from unsuccessful bomb and murder plots to drug dealing, illegal firearms possession and conducting paramilitary training to prepare for a race war.

Hidden mikes, cameras

Once one of America’s largest white-supremacist groups, the Aryan Nations broke into factions after losing a 2004 civil lawsuit brought by the Southern Poverty Law Center that depleted the racist group’s finances. In 2008, Kreis came to Central Florida to meet his new followers after Brian Klose became the new club’s “Fuhrer.”

A 6-foot-6 giant known for drinking from a 70-pound beer stein, Klose worked as an enforcer for the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, which the U.S. Department of Justice describes as one of the country’s largest “outlaw motorcycle gangs” with a long, violent history in Florida. A doting son of elderly parents, he opened the Kavallerie Brigade’s clubhouse within walking distance of their St. Cloud home on Old Canoe Creek Road.

The Sentinel obtained hundreds of pages of documents related to the two domestic-terrorism cases. The information in this report comes from them and from interviews with Lamar, some members of his staff and local law-enforcement officers.

Once the operation into the Kavallerie Brigade began, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force installed enough hidden microphones and cameras in the clubhouse to stage a reality-TV show.

Unaware of being filmed and recorded, Klose warned members to be wary of the post-9-11 Patriot Act, which gave police new surveillance powers, and to never admit they belonged to the Kavallerie Brigade.

Despite his wariness of police infiltration, Klose’s in-house explosives experts turned out to be agents whom he asked repeatedly to build bombs and hand grenades for attacks he was planning.

Documents in the case show an agent reported to officials that he stalled Klose and others by claiming the explosives were difficult to make or easily traceable.

But on April 28, 2009, the agent detonated a remote-control bomb to show Klose what he could do. The blast so excited Klose, he fired a pistol and told the agent “he had a target for him to use the explosives on and that was the [rival] Warlock motorcycle gang’s clubhouse.”

By then, agents had become so entrenched in the group that three of them traveled with Klose to Chicago to meet with heads of the Outlaws’ chapters about opening Kavallerie Brigade chapters there, records state. The outcome of the discussions was not disclosed.

Combat training

In the spring of 2010, the local Joint Terrorism Task Force began looking at the American Front, another Nazi-influenced group of white supremacists rumored to be conducting combat training in rural Osceola County for a race war.

There were no law-enforcement officers inside that organization. Instead, that investigation relied on a former drug dealer working as a confidential informant for the government. In that capacity, the man received offers to join biker gangs and the Confederate Hammerskins, a skinhead group that required genetic testing to prove racial purity.

Emailing agents late at night, the informant reported on whom he met, the drugs they sold, the guns they carried and violent acts the group was planning.


This sorry ass went and stole from employer, just days after being hired

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A 26-year-old Golden Gate Estates man is accused of stealing from his employer days after being hired.

Andrew Alexander Roberts, of the 3600 block of Sixth Avenue Southeast, was arrested Thursday by Naples police at the 3100 block of Eighth Avenue Southeast.

Police say the management of Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs at the Coastland Center mall discovered jewelry missing on July 20. A review of surveillance video showed Roberts taking the jewelry and cash, according to the arrest report. Roberts is accused of stealing several gold chains, a silver chain, a gold clasp, a gold ring and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police say Roberts sold several of the stolen items to another shop at the mall.

When confronted about the thefts, Roberts told management to “discount it from his paycheck,” according to the arrest report.

Roberts is facing felony charges for grand theft, dealing in stolen property and fraud of a secondhand dealer. Roberts was hired on July 14, just five days before the crimes were caught on tape, according to the arrest report.


Woman stole brake fluid, beef jerky, WD-40, bug spray and gumout from convenience store

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A store employe noticed a woman, later identified as  Melissa Ann Ortagus, steal some items from a shelf before exiting a Kangaroo store in St. Augustine, according to an arrest affidavit from the St. Johns Sheriff’s Office.

mug_ortagus.jpgWhen the clerk reviewed surveillance video, Ortagus could be seen taking items and placing them in a large purse and a Slim Jim beef jerky under her shirt into the front of her shorts, according to the report.

When the clerk noticed Ortagus enter the store again a few hours later, the clerk told her to wait  and then called authorities. But she hopped into a car one minute before a deputy arrived, the affidavit stated.

When deputies caught up with Ortagus a short time later in the vehicle and asked her about the stolen items, Ortagus replied that it “was gone,” and they “had used it all in the car,” according to the affidavit.

The mosquito repellant spray, brake fluid, Gum Out gas treatment and octane booster and beef jerky were valued at $94.65.

Ortagus, 40, was charged with Petit Theft



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