The Bizarre World of Florida

Man had no sex for 3-months …. so …. he broke into a neighbor’s apartment July 30, 2012

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A woman who was awakened early Sunday morning to the noise of someone prying open her apartment’s sliding glass door found her neighbor standing in her living room, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman, whose name is not being released by the Star-Banner, ran screaming from the home, jumped in her car and dialed 911. She drove around near her southwest Ocala apartment complex until deputies arrived.

The 38-year-old woman told deputies that she believed the intruder lived two apartments down from her but didn’t know the man’s name. A police dog then followed a suspect scent to the apartment the woman identified.

That’s when they confronted James Christopher Myles, 42, who admitted to entering the woman’s apartment. After waiving his rights, Myles revealed that he didn’t go to the woman’s home to steal.

Myles told Deputy Yobanny Valdez that he had been drinking Saturday evening. After a few drinks he began thinking about the fact that he “had not had sex in more than three months,” the report stated.

Myles told the deputy, according to the report, that he armed himself with a knife and walked to the back of his neighbor’s apartment and pried open her back sliding door.

“The defendant said his intention was to go and have sex with the victim,” the deputy’s report noted. “Once inside, (after) closing the door, the victim came out of her bedroom yelling.”

The knife believed to have been used to pry open the door was found on a counter in Myles’ apartment. He was arrested and charged with residential armed burglary. He was being held late Sunday at the Marion County Jail.


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