The Bizarre World of Florida

Man pleads not guilty to leaving mom covered in feces from head to feet July 7, 2012

A 58-year-old man accused of elder abuse pleaded not guilty Tuesday in  court.

Michael Nolan was arrested June 5 after allegedly allowing his 88-year-old  mother to lie in her own feces for three days before calling for help, according  to his Okaloosa County Sheriff’s arrest report.

The incident with Nolan’s mother occurred May 2, according to the report. The  woman was covered in feces and maggots from head to foot and had “other possible  parasitic-type topically on her skin,” according to hospital records.

While at the hospital, the elderly woman was decontaminated by hospital  officials who found that her house shoes had dried fecal matter inside them,  which caused the shoes to stick to the woman’s feet.

The woman also had a urinary tract infection as well as “oozing” open wounds,  which prompted doctors to perform a blood trans-fusion on her.

Nolan told officials he “knew that he should have acted and failed to do so,  which caused serious medical and hygienic issues.” He is scheduled to appear in  court for a jury trial Aug. 27 with Judge Michael Flowers.


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