The Bizarre World of Florida

This woman must have been all keyed-up and raring to go…to jail. June 29, 2012

A 60-year-old woman was arrested for keying a man’s truck on all four  sides.

The incident took place on June 12 when an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy  was called to a unit at Shoreline Towers. When the deputy arrived he found the  woman banging on a man’s door, shouting obscenities and demanding that the man  come out. The deputy removed her from the hallway and issued her a trespass  warning. The woman responded by saying civil court does no good and she had  “other ways” of handling the situation. She vowed to return to the unit once the  deputy left.

Ten minutes later, the man and his girlfriend saw the woman walk up to the  man’s 2007 Dodge Durango and key all four sides of the SUV. The man estimated  the damage would cost over $1,000 to repair. A separate witness saw the woman,  identified as Donna Jo Blair, near the man’s vehicle.

Blair was charged with felony criminal mischief and faces a July 17 court  date.


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