The Bizarre World of Florida

Dad threw 3-year-old son at boy’s mother. Are you kidding me? April 30, 2012

Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Port Charlotte man for Child Abuse and Battery after he threw his three year old son at the boy’s mother. Arrested was Christopher Mathew Hackworth, 28, 21187 Glendale Avenue.

CCSO received a call Thursday morning at 8:30 a.m. from the grandmother of the child who told deputies Hackworth and his girlfriend (the caller’s daughter) had been arguing. She said she saw Hackworth raise the child in an elevated position and intentionally throw him onto the mother who was lying in bed. She said the impact was hard and both mother and son were holding their heads crying hysterically. The deputy observed a knot on the back of the boys head.

Deputies called for Charlotte County Fire/EMS to respond; the boy’s mother refused medical treatment and said she would take her son to the hospital Emergency Room. Doctors advised deputies that they told the mother to observe her child for 24 hours due to a possible concussion. Deputies notified the Department of Children and Families.

Hackworth was arrested and transported to the Charlotte County Jail where he remains on no bond.


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