The Bizarre World of Florida

Boy, 4, found in hotel room tested positive for cocaine. They do start young here in Florida, don’t they? April 21, 2012

“Hi, Policeman.”

Those were the words spoken by a 4-year-old boy, who would later test  positive for cocaine, to Jacksonville police when they responded to a  complaint of prostitution and narcotics activity at a Belfort Road hotel room  about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

When police knocked on the door to Room 306 at the Candlewood Suites, they  could hear the voice of a child coming from the room but no adult voices,  according to the report from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Read the police report

They also smelled marijuana smoke.

When the door opened the child said hi, then the door shut abruptly.

Police had the hotel manager unlock the door, but due to an inside latch the  door only opened about 2 inches.

Immediately a man peeked through the crack and police asked him whose child  that was.

“What kid? I don’t know whose kid that is, it ain’t mine,” said the man,  identified as Quentine Crawford in the report.

Police ordered Crawford to open the door.

Officers found the boy and a second man, Matthew Reagan, sitting on the  bed.

While questioning Reagan the child tried to pick up something off the floor  and eat it, but police were able to intervene before he could put it in his  mouth, according to the report.

The object tested positive as crack cocaine.

Officers then noticed white icing on the table and floor.

Reagan told the officers he paid for the room so the child’s mother could use  it to conduct prostitution, police said.

When officers contacted the child’s mother, who Reagan said left to go to the  store, she refused to come back to the room “due to fear of possible arrest,”  police said.

As of the time the report was written, police were attempting to obtain a  warrant for the boy’s mother on charges of child neglect.

The Times-Union is not identifying the mother, 22, because police have not  obtained a warrant.

The boy was transported to the hospital where he tested positive for cocaine  and was placed in protective custody in the foster care system.

Crawford is charged with possession of cocaine and Reagan with renting  space for prostitution, willfully neglecting a child, possession of cocaine,  possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana and  possession of drug paraphernalia.


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