The Bizarre World of Florida

Woman gave hubby a lift …… on the hood of her car. April 17, 2012

Andre Xavier Rentz reportedly told officers he knew his wife was going to run into him with the red minivan. But instead of jumping out of the way, he jumped on the hood.

She decided to take him for a two-mile ride, according to a Gainesville Police Department report.

Earlicia Latricia Young-Rentz, 31, of Gainesville, was arrested on a charge of domestic aggravated assault around 5 a.m. Monday.

Young-Rentz drove her husband to his residence after the couple had been fighting about their soon-to-be finalized divorce, according to an arrest report. Young-Rentz and Rentz have been married since 2009.

He told officers that when she dropped him off she intentionally drove the minivan at him. To avoid getting hit, he jumped on the vehicle’s hood.

The husband said he repeatedly asked her to stop, but she refused. He said he didn’t jump off the hood because he was worried he would get hurt. He did not have any injuries.

He told officers his wife would only slow the car for stoplights and stop signs, but did not stop completely. The speed of the car is unknown, according to Cpl. Angelina Valuri.

Young-Rentz told officers she accidentally called 911, according to Valuri. When the dispatcher heard a man yelling to stop the car, they asked what the noise was. Young-Rentz told the dispatcher her husband was on the hood. She finally stopped, about two miles later, in a Publix parking lot.

Young-Rentz also was arrested on Jan. 4 on a charge of domestic battery. According to the report, she and her husband were splitting up and she wanted him to leave their home. When he didn’t go, she tried to push him out. He was left with scratches across his face.

The January case against her was dropped because, according to a notation in online court records, officials were unable to find the victim.


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