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Women hid drugs in her dentures. March 30, 2012

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A Bradenton woman who was hiding drugs inside her dentures was arrested Tuesday night, an arrest report shows.

At about 9:30 p.m., Theresa DeMarco, 56, was driving when a deputy stopped her for a loud muffler.

When the deputy spoke with DeMarco and the passenger in her car, Mary E. Winchell, they “appeared extremely nervous,” the report shows.

The deputy gave her a written warning for the muffler, searched the car and found a hydromorphone pill where Winchell was seated. She was arrested.

Winchell then told the deputy that DeMarco kept walking away from the car to destroy some crack cocaine and that she was hiding more pills in her dentures.

When the deputy confronted DeMarco, she removed the pills from her dentures and swallowed them.

She was taken to Manatee Memorial Hospital for evaluation.

Winchell and DeMarco were booked into the Manatee County jail.

DeMarco was charged with possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence. She was being held at the jail on $2,000 bond on Wednesday.

Winchell, 36, was charged with possession of a controlled substance and was being held on $1,000 bond on Wednesday.


Masked naked flasher reveals himself. Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

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The 42-year-old man arrested Wednesday for exposing himself to a woman on a South Hutchinson Island beach trail while wearing nothing but a homemade mask had been charged in the past for indecent exposures along the Treasure Coast.

Wednesday’s arrest occurred after a woman told deputies a masked, naked man ran toward her on a beach access trail in the 7500 block of South Ocean Drive, stopping a few feet away from her.

Deputies stopped a white pickup truck matching a description of the suspect’s vehicle.

One of the deputies reported the truck had stopped. There, the deputy reported finding in the bushes a blue-gray cloth with two holes cut in it.

“The material was tied in the back and resembled a homemade mask,” the arrest report states. “This mask was later identified by the victim as the one used in the crime.”

Investigators would not furnish a photo of the mask, because it is part of an ongoing investigation.

According to the arrest report, Whelan admitted to running at the victim while naked and wearing a mask to conceal his identity.

“Whelan advised he has urges to expose himself to others in public,” the arrest report states, “and that he has been arrested previously for the same thing.”


This woman was flying high long before she got onto the plane.

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A New Jersey woman was arrested Tuesday at Southwest Florida International Airport on accusations that she cursed at, spit toward and attacked a flight attendant who refused to serve her alcohol.

After she was denied a drink, witnesses said Peggy S. Albedhady-Sanchez, 50, a passenger on a U.S. Airways flight from Charlotte, N.C., to Fort Myers, responded by grabbing the flight attendant and “cursing, spitting, kicking and screaming,” according to a Lee County Port Authority Police Department arrest report.

Although it was unclear if Albedhady-Sanchez was already intoxicated, flight attendants are trained not to serve alcohol to passengers who appear to be under the influence, airline spokesman Bill McGlashen said.

Shortly after Albedhady-Sanchez’s request for alcohol was denied, reports said she slapped another flight attendant who tried to intervene and kicked a third flight attendant in the groin. An off-duty Lee County sheriff’s deputy who happened to be on the flight stepped in and took the woman to the back of the plane, where she was placed in plastic restraints, reports said.

“Flight attendants are trained to recognize levels of passenger disruption,” McGlashen said. “They correctly assessed the passenger and helped restrain the passenger for the safety of everyone on board.”

Upon an on-time arrival in Fort Myers around 6 p.m., Albedhady-Sanchez of Union City, N.J., was arrested and taken to the Lee County jail, where she faces charges of interfering with the operation of an aircraft and three counts of battery. She remained held at the Lee County jail Wednesday on bonds totaling $5,500. Bond was withheld on one of the battery charges.

One of Albedhady-Sanchez’s family members in Bonita Springs declined comment when reached on the phone. McGlashen said Wednesday the flight crew had returned to its base in Charlotte, N.C.


If you’re going to steal some wheels to get to a strip club, make sure the strip club isn’t just down the street.

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A man who said he found a set of car keys on the floor of a local nightclub  and then drove away in the car is facing felony charges.

Law enforcement was first alerted that the vehicle was missing after the  owner started looking for her car keys and realized she didn’t have them,  according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

She told the police the keys went missing between midnight and 3:30 a.m. and  provided a description of the vehicle.

Deputies soon located the vehicle in the parking lot of a nearby strip club.  The vehicle was locked and the owner was contacted to get a spare set of keys  from her home.

While she went to do that, a deputy watched her vehicle and saw the lights on  the vehicle flash suggesting the keyless entry had been activated.

Soon a man, later identified as Carlos R. Ortiz-Ortiz, walked towards the  vehicle and then veered away when he spotted the deputy.

The deputy caught up with him just before the 29-year-old walked back into  the strip club and saw Ortiz-Ortiz had the keys to the vehicle.

Once he was detained, the deputy found a small bag of marijuana in  Ortiz-Ortiz’s pocket.

Once he was arrested, Ortiz-Ortiz told the officer that he had found the keys  on the floor of the nightclub and decided to take the vehicle to get to the  strip club.

Ortiz-Ortiz was charged with grand theft auto and possession of less than 20  grams of marijuana.

Read more:  http://www.nwfdailynews.com/articles/keys-48462-okaloosa-car.html#ixzz1qbXNFemb


Don’t let cops inside your home if it’s also a ‘shroom grow operation.

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Charlotte County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit detectives arrested a mother, father and son Tuesday for growing psychedelic mushrooms in their northwest Port Charlotte home.

Two CCSO deputies went to the home at 13515 Goodrich Avenue at 12:27 p.m. concerning a felony warrant. Joshua Lee Mudge, 20, answered the door and said his brother no longer lived in the home. Deputies asked if they could go in and look around and was given permission to enter. Joshua Mudge advised what was behind each door in a hallway. Deputies asked him to open one of the doors then he put his hand in front of a deputy blocking him from walking into the room. Deputies smelled a very strong odor of marijuana coming from the room and saw several funnels, buckets, empty glass jars, a propane torch and sandwich bags. Joshua Mudge told them it was a school project and they needed to leave the house.

Deputies called Narcotics detectives to obtain a search warrant. Joshua Mudge was removed from the home and became uncooperative then violent; he struck on deputy in the face with a closed fist and a Taser was used. He refused to be handcuffed and became violent again attempting to hit and kick the two deputies. A second Taser was used to finally gain control and handcuff him.

A judge signed a search warrant and Narcotics detectives entered the home. They located six plastic bags of Psilocybin mushrooms (51 grams), a plastic container with 1.5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, six syringes labeled various types of Psilocybin strains, a sealed incubation Hallucinogenic Mushroom (Psilocybin) operation containing four large mushrooms growing in a black container, several starter containers of strains of Psilocybin mushrooms along with growing material for the mushrooms, several dried Psilocybin mushrooms, a container with assorted growing material for mushrooms, a coffee can with 120 grams of marijuana and six smoking pipes with marijuana residue.

Detectives arrested Joshua Mudge, William Lorne Mudge, 55, and 50 year old Betty Lou Mudge and transported them to the Charlotte County Jail. All were charged with Manufacture of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms (Psilocybin), Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Joshua Mudge was additionally charged with felony Battery on an Officer, and Resisting Arrest with Violence; this is his eighth booking. Joshua remains in jail on no bond and his parents bond was set at $6,000 each.


Nurse Snips Off Baby’s Pinky Finger March 29, 2012

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The mother of a 3-month-old is suing a local hospital after a nurse accidentally  cut off the end of her baby’s pinky finger.

The attorney for Veronica Olguin, 15, said the nurse at the Heart of  Florida Regional Medical Center in Polk County cut off the tip of the child’s  finger with scissors in October.

“I felt horrible just seeing all of that,” said Olguin.

Officials said the nurse was trying to snip an intravenous tube attached  to the baby’s hand.

The baby, Salena, was admitted to the hospital for treatment of a fever.

“I was so scared and I just started screaming, ‘Her finger, her finger,'”  said Olguin.

The baby was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital where doctors tried to  reattach the finger but were unsuccessful.

Olguin is suing the nurse and the hospital for negligence, because her  attorney, Luzardo Pendas, said a settlement couldn’t be reached.

“All I wanted is for her to have her finger,” said Olguin. “That is  completely impossible and she cannot have it back.”

Hospital officials said the incident was an “unfortunate accident” that  they deeply regret.  The nurse is still working at the hospital, according to  authorities.

The lawsuit is seeking an unspecified amount of at least $15,000.

Read more: http://www.wesh.com/news/30786771/detail.html#ixzz1qVvDUCC2


Lady Gaga impersonator wrapped in caution tape gets busted

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A self-described Lady Gaga impersonator wore a crime-scene inspired outfit last weekend – even before police accused her of drunk driving.

Brittney Kay Harland’s attire for the night included yellow-caution tape that was wrapped around her neck, inner thighs and buttocks and glued to her skin.

Harland, 27, faces a charge of DUI involving property damage after she was involved in a two-car crash in Orlando about 2:45 a.m. Sunday.

Harland told officers the other car ran a red light, but a witness said it was Harland who ran the light, according to an arrest affidavit. She was found at fault in the accident for running the red light, police said.



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