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Just being neighborly, Man accused of breaking into his neighbor’s home twice January 30, 2012

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A 40-year-old Fort McCoy man who deputies say burglarized his neighbor’s residence twice, once stealing jewelry and food such as butter, milk and hamburgers to feed his family, was taken into custody on Thursday afternoon.

The neighbor whose home had been burglarized told a sheriff’s deputy on Jan. 25 that he left his residence, located on Northeast 210th Street, in the morning and on returning late in the afternoon discovered someone had burglarized his home.

Among the items taken were jewelry, laundry detergent, butter, milk and hamburgers, the man told deputies.

The next day, the victim said he was at home when he heard a knock at his door. Walking in the kitchen area, the man said he noticed things were suspicious, so he decided to call 911.

Upon entering his bedroom with a 911 dispatcher on the phone, the man said he was face to face with a masked intruder, dressed in camouflage clothing, exiting his bedroom. The intruder then attacked him, the victim told deputies.

The victim said the masked man asked for food, swore at him and demanded to know who he was talking to.

The homeowner said he was struck multiple times by the burglar and that a flathead screwdriver was placed at his neck, and the burglar ordered him not to tell the dispatcher what had occurred.

The burglar then tied up the homeowner and fled the scene, deputies were told.

Deputy Jon Turner and his dog searched the area, at which point the K-9 led deputies to a driveway, where they encountered Michael Williams, who was detained by Deputy Charles Barker.

Detective Barney Gaskin was then called to the location, where he interviewed Williams, who at first denied burglarizing his neighbor’s home, deputies said.


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