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Man attempted to sell jewelry to store manager whose home he burglarized November 30, 2011

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Of all the boutiques in all the towns in all the world, Collier County sheriff’s deputies say Nathaniel Coleman tried to sell stolen jewelry to the one managed by the woman whose home he had just burglarized, reports The Naples Daily News.

Coleman, 33, was arrested Monday at Marilyn’s Boutique.

The store manager of Marilyn’s Boutique was working at the store when Coleman approached her with several items of jewelry that he said he wished to sell to her, according to an arrest report. As she began to look at the pieces of jewelry she told deputies she started to recognize the items as her own.

The woman then told Coleman to excuse her for a moment while she walked to the back of the store and called her husband on the phone, according to

reports. Deputies said the woman’s husband arrived at the store around the same time they did. Deputies then transported the woman and Coleman to the Immokalee substation for further investigation, reports said.

The woman’s husband and deputies arrived at the victim’s home where they found the back door had been forced open and the inside of the home had been ransacked, according to reports. The victims told deputies they wished to press charges against Coleman.

Coleman faces charges of grand theft, dealing in stolen property and defrauding a pawnbroker.



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