The Bizarre World of Florida

Man decides to strike a deputy – with his truck October 30, 2011

Authorities went to Mark Stephen Preston’s residence on Lazy D Farm Road in Estero to investigate the theft of fencing material from the county’s Port Authority property, reports the Naples Daily News.

Preston was arrested Sunday, and is facing charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, after authorities say he struck a Lee County sheriff’s deputy with a pickup during a theft investigation.

On Sunday, Port Authority requested a deputy accompany them to a home in Estero to investigate a 2000 white Ford pickup that was parked outside the driveway gate. The truck was part of an investigation into a large quantity of fencing material that was recently stolen from Port Authority property, reports said.

The deputy observed Preston coming down the driveway and positioned himself in front of the pickup to prevent access to it, reports said. Preston spoke with Port Authority officials before walking to the truck. Preston was instructed not to enter the pickup, but ignored law enforcement’s requests, reports said.

He started the engine and accelerated forward while the deputy was still standing in front of the vehicle.

The deputy tried to avoid contact, reports said, but was struck by the front bumper before Preston continued forward through the driveway gate and parked the truck. The deputy removed him from the vehicle and placed him into custody after a brief struggle.

Get the details at the Naples Daily News.

Photo: Lee County Sheriff’s Office


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