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Three men accused of exposing themselves on park trail September 30, 2011

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Three men, Ronnie Dale Payne, Mark Thomas St. Pierre and Robert Fielder, were arrested  at the Greenways Trailhead in Ocala for exposing themselves, reports the Ocala Star-Banner.




St. Pierre, 57, was busted after allegedly fondling himself in a restroom and asking an undercover official “Is this what you’re looking for?” before displaying his private parts, the report noted

Fielder, 71, was allegedly fondling himself while sitting at a picnic table.

The third alleged diddler, Payne, identified as a therapist, reportedly told the officer, that he was a “therapist and helped people come out of the closet or understand that sex is just sex,” according to a report.

DEP officials have received a number of complaints from residents, visitors and regular patrons of the trails about men exposing themselves in recent years.

DEP figures say that from January 2009 through Sept. 28, 2011, 41 arrests have been made at state parks for indecent exposure. Thirteen were made at Marion County’s two state parks.

Get the details at the Ocala Star-Banner.

Photo: Ronnie Payne (l); St. Pierre; Felder (r) / Marion County Sheriff’s Office


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