The Bizarre World of Florida

Rush hour rage: Man goes beserk September 28, 2011

A man who claimed to be an employee from the Tampa Airport Post Office is accused of letting out a little road rage after work Monday afternoon.

According to a Criminal Report Affidavit, 54-year-old Ross Urso of Tampa told police he was tired of “getting run off the road” and decided to take matters into his own hands.

mug_UrsoRO.jpgDuring Tampa’s after-work rush hour, Urso rammed a marked Tampa Airport Police cruiser before leading the cops on a chase in his Mustang, where he intentionally hit motorists, reports WTSP News-10 in Tampa Bay.

His traffic tantrum wasn’t over yet: Urso then allegedly got on top of his car and began jumping from car to car and even tried to direct traffic.

Tampa Police finally caught up shortly after 7:30, but he wasn’t ready to give up yet.   He’s accused of stabbing an officer with his car keys before he was finally taken to the ground.

Why did this 54-year-old do it?

Find out why he did this and get the details at WTSP News-10 in Tampa Bay.

Photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office


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