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Chicken feet found dangling from residents’ homes September 3, 2011

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A handful of Port St. Lucie residents told police they found amputated chicken feet hanging from their homes, reports TCPalm.com in Stuart.

mug_chicken_feet.JPGAt one of those homes police found chicken feet painted red and tied with a ribbon hanging from a door knob.

Officer Tom Nichols, police spokesman, described the incidents as “conspicuously unconventional and bizarre.” Really????

Absalom, one of the victims, named a person she thought was involved, saying the woman practices “black magic.” Absalom said the woman is “an alcoholic and has many other problems” and was attempting to curse her. Lesaldo, 36, named the same person.

Nichols said police found no evidence implicating the named women and that putting chicken’s feet on the homes of others isn’t necessarily a crime. He said in these cases, the feet caused no damage to property.

Get the DUHtails at TCPalm.com in Stuart.

Photo: Port St. Lucie Police Department


One Response to “Chicken feet found dangling from residents’ homes”

  1. Racheal Says:

    I have somewhat of the same problem well my sister does but she turned to me with it her mother in law received a red rose with chicken feet tied to it… what is happening to the world? Can anyone help me figure out what this means?

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