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The world’s largest sperm bank has relocated next to a college campus in order to give their target donor base easier access April 1, 2015

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Cryos International, which calls itself the world’s largest international sperm bank, has relocated its U.S. main office and inventory from New York to Orlando.

cryosAccording to a news release, the company expects the move to Orlando will increase the amount of donors and international exposure — due to the region’s 60 million tourists and visitors each year, and the fact that University of Central Florida is among the largest universities in the nation.

“There’s a huge donor base here 18 to 29, because of the universities. Approved donors are screened for a variety of genetic diseases and can make up to $750 a month,” Londeree said.

According to Londeree, the company relocated to Florida for several reasons: High taxes in New York, weather, and “a huge amount of competition in New York for donors.” But the most important factor, Londeree said, was Orlando’s growing reputation as a center of medical research.

The news release from Cryos says it is located IN the Central Florida Research Park, but it is actually outside the boundary of the research park itself.

The company called for new donors to begin signing up for screening online. Cryos says it is looking for donors over 5 feet 9 inches. It accepts donors up to age 39. Donors are also encouraged to allow a child to know the donor’s identity, once the child turns 18 – called a non-anonymous donor.

Cryos has been profiled in national and international media, like Time Magazine and The Guardian, as one of the world’s largest sperm banks since 2000. The company also has a European headquarters in Denmark.

In 2011, Cryos made headlines for an announcement that it would no longer accept sperm donations from redheads, due to over-supply.

A news release from Cryos called the Orlando area “a thriving biomedical community, rich in research facilities and laboratories… with a growing job market.”

“We are looking forward to creating new partnerships in Orlando and utilizing the abundant donor opportunities,” Ole Schou, owner and CEO of Cryos International, said in the release.

About 13 positions were relocated to Orlando, Londeree said, and several open positions are now being advertised. The goal is to ramp up to about 65 employees over the next few years, he said. Medical professionals, such as nurse practitioners and medical techs, are among the possible openings.

Cryos, founded in 1987, says it delivers to 80 countries worldwide and offers an online, interactive database with donors’ vital information and physical details, including photographs and voice recordings.

When ordering sperm, Cryos allows searches for eye color, hair color, race, ethnicity, height, weight, blood type, sperm motility and other factors. Donors can include a baby picture to help prospective sperm buyers visualize their appearance.

Cryos and other sperm banks have coined the term ‘fertility tourism’ to describe international travel to donate or purchase sperm, especially from countries where sperm donation is illegal or where delivery is not possible. Londeree said fertility tourism is more common in Europe and Asia than in North America. He said Cryos has sperm storage locations scattered around the globe that are not publicly disclosed.

Having the sperm bank in Orlando results in lower prices for sperm from Cryos locally – $100 for Orlando messenger delivery, or $50 for pickup, according to the website. That compares to $200 for two-day delivery throughout the U.S.


The teenage son of the Canadian Consul General learns diplomatic immunity doesn’t work when you’ve killed someone over a drug deal


Authorities have arrested the 15-year-old son of the Canadian Consul General in Miami after they say he was involved in a marijuana deal that ended in gunfire and claimed the life of his older brother and another man.

Police believe Marc Wabafiyebazu and his 17-year-old brother Jean Wabafiyebazu — both armed with guns — planned to rob the drug dealers on Monday afternoon at a home in the Coral Way area.

In the gunfire, Jean was shot and killed inside the home. One of the suspected drug dealers, Joshua Wright, was also killed. A third man, Anthony Rodriguez, was wounded and drove off. He was later found at a nearby gas station.

“That’s what we believe, it was a a dispute over a drug transaction,” Miami Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes told the Miami Herald.

Miami police on Monday afternoon arrested Marc Wabafiyebazu for felony murder. Under Florida law, anyone who participates in a violent felony in which someone dies — in this case, armed robbery — can face a murder charge.

Marc Wabafiyebazu is being held in juvenile detention. Rodriguez, 19, is also charged with felony murder and marijuana possession with intent to sell.

At least one other young man was wounded at the home at Southwest 36th Street and 17th Terrace, just east of Coral Gables. Police say Marc Wabafiyebazu was outside the home in the car when the gunfire broke out.

The teens are the sons of Roxanne Dubé, who only recently assumed the role of consul general in Miami. A former Fulbright scholar, she has extensive diplomatic experience, having worked as an aide in Parliament and as the ambassador to Zimbabwe.

The Canadian government and the U.S. State Department are working with Miami police to untangle the events.

The teens, according to sources, drove to the drug deal in their mother’s black BMW — with diplomatic license plates. Detectives are trying to figure out where the teens got the weapons.

The alleged deal was for 2 pounds of marijuana at a price of nearly $5,000, sources said.

Meanwhile, the Montreal Gazette reported that Dubé was named Consul General in Miami in November. According to the newspaper, she has had a long career in the diplomatic corps, including being named ambassador to Zimbabwe in 2005 with concurrent accreditations to the Republic of Angola and the Republic of Botswana. From 2005 to 2008, she served as Canada’s special representative to the Southern African Development Community.


Father ties his eight-year-old son’s tooth to the back of his Chevy Camaro – and hits the accelerator

When it comes to pulling out wobbly teeth, some people may reach for the pliers, while others might go for the tried and tested door handle trick.

2731EF9500000578-3021293-image-a-11_1427887035751However, professional wrestler Robert Abercrombie – known as Rob Venomous in the ring – took a different approach when he tied his son James’s tooth to the back of his muscle car.

A video Mr Abercrombie posted online shows him revving up the engine of his red Chevrolet Camero before powering forward, pulling his son’s front tooth clean out.

According to posts on his Facebook page, James had been asking Mr Abercrombie for several days to extract the tooth using his car before he finally relented.

Mr Abercrombie’s fiancee Bianca Huertas, to whom he has been engaged since 2010, seems to have been less keen on the idea, but eventually gave in, saying: ‘Boys will be boys’.

Since it was first posted four days ago, the video has gone viral, attracting more than 3million views and has been reposted across the globe.

This is not the first time a car has been used to pull out a child’s tooth, after another youngster in Utah used his remote control monster truck to remove the wobbly incisor.

The boy, known as Striker Stanger, from Harrisville, is seen sitting in the hallway of his home with a piece of string attached to the miniature truck, and the other end to his tooth.

Asked by his mother what his is trying to do, he says: ‘I’m going to take this remote, the truck’s going to go all the way forward to dad . . . and I’m going to see if I can pull my tooth out.’

He then presses forward on the remote control, and to his surprise, the truck manages to dislodge his tooth.

‘Oh my gosh, It did it!’ he exclaims before running towards the camera to show off his new grin.


Baby choked on cigarette butt while mom was in bar

A mom was arrested on multiple charges after a 1-year-old choked on a cigarette butt while the woman walked to a nearby bay because she “needed a break,” deputies said.

1427739517578Kendra Page Hampton, 39, of Palm Coast, was charged with felony child neglect, domestic violence and resisting arrest without violence.

According to a Flagler County Sheriff’s Office report, Hampton began consuming alcohol around 1 p.m. Saturday.

Hampton’s boyfriend told deputies he was concerned for the three children in the home, ages 1, 2 and 9, because Hampton has been “drinking alcohol excessively for the past few months.”

Hampton’s boyfriend left the house Saturday and left the woman with the three children.

Two other adults who were at the house heard the 1-year-old choking after the child managed to find smoked cigarettes in an ashtray.

One of the adults was able to remove the cigarette butt from the child’s mouth, deputies said.

According to the report, Hampton left the house and walked to a nearby bar.

When she returned home, Hampton and her boyfriend got into an argument over a cell phone and punched the man in the nose, a report states.

The two adults in the house told deputies they didn’t know the children were left unattended until they heard the 1-year-old choking.

Hampton was taken to the Flagler County Inmate Facility, where she remained Monday afternoon on $5,550 bond.


Woman with pipe asked deputy “do you want to smoke some on it?”

A Bradenton woman was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

bwDWe.AuSt.69Carolyn Sue Luna, 37, was arrested Sunday afternoon in the 1400 block of 14th Street West, Bradenton. A deputy driving down 14th Street West spotted Luna, who had a warrant for violation of probation, according to the report. The deputy arrested Luna and placed her in the backseat of his vehicle to take her to the station.

Luna reportedly could not sit still and her eyes kept rolling back in her head. The deputy suspected she was under the influence of a drug. Before the deputy placed Luna in his backseat, he noticed a napkin jammed underneath the seat with a glass pipe inside. The pipe, commonly used for smoking crack cocaine, had metal jammed in one end and burn marks on it, deputies said.

Luna denied the pipe was hers but admitted she put it there. She then asked the deputy “Do you want to smoke some on it?”

Luna was being held in Manatee County jail on $500 bond, according to the sheriff’s website.


Man breaks into ex’s home, defecates on belongings March 31, 2015

A family of four had a rude awakening Friday morning when the homeowner’s ex broke in and defecated on several of the family’s belongings, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

photo-JPGThe victim was asleep at first, but at least one of the three children inside the home allegedly witnessed Michael Anthony Johnson, 27, of Apopka, break into the home and defecate on things, deputies said.

Johnson is accused of defecating on the victim’s bed sheets, a glass kitchen plate, a wallet and a dresser.

Johnson was arrested in January for domestic battery, criminal mischief, and resisting arrest and was not supposed to be at the home, deputies said. A court order was issued banning him from returning to the home.

“The defendant had only been out of jail two days before violating the no contact order,” investigators said in the arrest report.

Johnson allegedly gave deputies false information, but one officer said, “I recognized the defendant, and remembered responding to the same address in regards to an aggravated stalking with credible threat in May 2014.”

Johnson was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling, criminal mischief, sanitary nuisance, providing false information to law enforcement, petit theft and aggravated stalking. He was booked into the Orange County Jail on Friday.


Probationer Busted For Trying To Pass Off Gatorade As Urine During Court-Ordered Test

A Florida woman tried to pass off a mixture of Gatorade and warm water as a urine sample during a recent meeting with her probation officer, according to police reports.

coulombeTabatha Coulombe, 29, was jailed last week in connection with her alleged scheme to game the urine test, which is part of the probation requirements stemming from her 2013 sentencing for felony animal cruelty.

In late-January, Coulombe met with her probation officer and provided a urine specimen. But due to “the abnormal color (blush)” and the “abnormal test result,” the officer questioned Coulombe about the sample’s source.

“Coulombe admitted that she did defraud the test and…removed a plastic pill bottle that was concealed in her vagina,” according to a Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office report. Coulombe’s probation officer subsequently “discovered that the submitted solution was a combination of Gatorade and hot water.”

While police records no not reveal the Gatorade flavor used by Coulombe, it appears likely that she opted for Lemon-Lime or Lemonade (as opposed to Orange, Fruit Punch, or Mango Xtremo).

Three weeks before her attempted Gatorade ruse, Coulombe, seen at left, failed a urine test (amphetamines were detected in a sample she provided).

Coulombe, a Wendy’s employee, is scheduled for an April 12 arraignment on the probation violation charge.



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