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The great thing about having surveillance cameras in your home is that you can see the burglars as they steal your treasured possessions November 12, 2014

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In a gated Deerfield Beach condo building, Joan Possiel and her husband found a slice of snowbird paradise.

“My husband has special needs so we couldn’t find the place to accommodate him every time we went to Florida so we purchased our own place,” she explained

UntitledThe couple purchased their beautiful condominium in June of this year.  Saturday, the couple says they were in Philadelphia when that same home had two uninvited visitors.

“They were in my home, they were in a beautiful home, that we bought.  And I just felt very very frustrated that they could do that,” she explained.

Possiel says just days before departing Florida for Philadelphia, she had installed a Dropcam camera in her home and connected it to an app on her cell phone.  Saturday, it alerted her that something had been picked up on the motion sensor.  She clicked the app and watched what happened next, as it unfolded in front of her eyes.

“I kept hearing this banging at the door.  And not figuring out what it was and it turned out that they actually broke, they breached the front door.  With a crowbar,” she explained.

She watched as a woman and man she didn’t recognize entered the home.

“So I’m sitting here in Philadelphia with my husband, screaming, and this woman and man come walking into our beautiful apartment in Florida,” she said.

Possiel and her husband scrambled to find the right phone number and notify Deerfield Beach law enforcement.  They notified Possiel’s brother who lives close to the Florida home and he raced to the condo.

It was too late.  The two who appeared to have broken into the home hurried away and took the camera with them.

“It gave its life to protect my home,” she said.

Possiel’s safe was also taken, she says.  It was empty and the keys had been accidentally locked inside.

“Yes.  Ha. Ha,” she said.

Possiel is now filing a report with law enforcement and handing over the video from the Dropcam.  She doesn’t plan to let it go.  She’s circulating the video through social media and her friends are spreading the word.

“I’ve got a clean picture of this woman’s face and I’m not letting this go.  This is not a minor issue,” she said.

The property management at the Hemingway Condo says it has plans to improve security in some specific ways.  Residents in the same building say there have been multiple condo break-ins during recent months and details are similar to this weekend’s event.


Some people are wondering why it’s a federal crime to invade Mickey & Minnie’s airspace

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The “Happiest Place on Earth” has some of the strictest airspace in America.

os-riding-all-the-rides-at-walt-disney-world-i-063One day last month, an odd pair of security alerts appeared on the Federal Aviation Administration’s website, reminding pilots that they are not allowed to fly into two areas in Southern California and central Florida.

The sky over Disneyland in Anaheim and Walt Disney World in Orlando is “national defense airspace.” Intentionally violating Mickey and Minnie’s airspace, the alerts warn, could result in interception, interrogation and federal prosecution.

These no-fly zones are known as temporary flight restrictions, like the ones that surround the president when he travels or those put in place above Ferguson, Mo., during protests over the summer. Wildfires, air shows and large sporting events regularly get temporary flight restrictions.

Banner towers used to make money with their banner tows around Disneyland; now they’re not allowed to. … You can fly [around] Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags, no big deal.
- Mark Skinner, owner of Anaheim Helicopters
Yet there is nothing temporary about the restrictions over the Disney properties. Such limits do not exist over competing theme parks such as Universal Studios or Knott’s Berry Farm.

The Disney restrictions have been in place since 2003, thanks to a provision quietly slipped into a massive congressional spending bill weeks before the Iraq war. Defense and counter-terrorism officials did not appear to ask for the Disney protections, which were instead urged by at least one Disney lobbyist, according to an Orlando Sentinel investigation in 2003.

The restrictions effectively ended a war between Disney and aerial advertisers who had buzzed over the parks for years before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta testified before Congress last year that, if the congressional mandate were removed, the agency would not otherwise grant requests for no-fly zones over Disney properties under existing FAA rules. That 2003 law also made no-fly zones over sporting events permanent; if that law were lifted, an FAA spokeswoman said last week, the agency would consider requests for such zones on a case-by-case basis and consult with other agencies.


Man offers to pay undercover female police officer a chicken dinner and three buck-buck-bucks in exchange for sex November 11, 2014

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A Melbourne man offered to pay an undercover female police officer $3 and a chicken dinner in exchange for sex, according to police.

Steven-TorresSteven Torres, 32, was arrested Thursday in Sanford on charges of soliciting prostitution.

According to police, Torres was one of seven men arrested during a Sanford police prostitution sting.

The officer posed as a prostitute near South 27th Street and South Orlando Drive, police said.  Torres agreed to exchange chicken and cash for sex after a brief conversation, police said.

Torres was taken to jail but was later released on bond.  He will be arraigned Dec. 1 at the Seminole County Courthouse.


Man charged with fight over whether or not acquaintance was dead November 10, 2014

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A 62-year-old man is accused of getting into a physical fight after an argument about whether or not an acquaintance was dead.

henry-hill-shiver-jrOkaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies were called for a disturbance on Oct. 23, according to the arrest report. They found Henry Hill Shiver Jr., who reported that the victim told Shiver and another person that an acquaintance had died.

Shiver said the victim later said the acquaintance was not dead, the report said. Shiver and the other person began yelling at the victim, which escalated to a physical fight.

Shiver said “they hit the victim with a bucket” but later changed his story several times, according to the report. He eventually said it was “self defense” and the other person assisted him.

Shiver said he’d “jumped on the victim” and “began striking him in the face with his fists,” the report said. The victim had several injuries, including a cut on his head.

Deputies were unable to observe the injuries “due to the amount of blood on the victim,” according to the report. The victim was taken to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center for treatment.

Shiver was arrested and a baggie of marijuana was found in his pocket, the report said.

He is charged with battery as a second or subsequent offense and possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana.


Man, 81, stole 11 truckloads of tangerines

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A Lake Wales man has been charged with stealing 11 truckloads of tangerines from groves around Polk County, then selling the fruit at Parksdale Farms in Plant City.

sfl-flduh-stole-truckloads-tangerines-20141107-001Herman Southall , 81, was charged Wednesday with 11 counts of transporting citrus without a certificate, grand theft between $300 and $5,000, grand theft of more than 2,000 pieces of citrus, and trespassing.

Southall and Christopher Scarlett were found by deputies Wednesday picking fruit in a Dundee grove after a Polk County Sheriff’s Office helicopter pilot saw them.

A Sheriff’s Office report said the two had picked more than four rows of tangerines, about 2,000 pieces of Sunburst tangerines. The report said they were preparing to load the fruit into Southall’s truck.

Detectives reported that Southall sold a separate load of tangerines valued at $338 to Parksdale Farms on Tuesday.

He was being held in the Polk County Jail on Friday in lieu of $8,500 bail.


Man accused of being a serial toilet flusher thief

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Ten days after flushers began disappearing from businesses’ restrooms, Jacksonville police arrested a 24-year-old man who was caught trying to sell one of the stolen items to a metal recycler.

sfl-flduh-toilet-flushers-20141107-001According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, officers began investigating Oct. 27 after getting reports from numerous Jacksonville businesses that had flushers stolen off their public restroom toilets.

The flushers are valued at $300-$800.

On Tuesday, the McDonald’s at 8570 Argyle Forest Boulevard reported a theft. Video surveillance was obtained of the suspect walking in and out of the restroom when the theft occurred. Another police officer was able to identify the suspect reference a previous unrelated theft arrest.

On Thursday James That Ton was taken into custody when he tried to sell the flusher stolen from the McDonald’s at a metal recycling service.

JSO is currently working 17 cases Ton is believed to be involved and the Clay County Sheriff’s Office is also working toilet flusher thefts.

Ton is currently being charged in Duval County with grand theft, dealing in stolen property and false verification of ownership.


Move over, Tarzan: ‘Gator Whisperer’ behind bars November 7, 2014

Kiss a dog on the nose… no problem.

Kiss an alligator on the snout… and you could get arrested.


A man calling himself the “Gator Whisperer” was offering up close encounters with alligators for $250, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

It sent undercover officers to investigate.

FWC says officers saw the man get in the water with a mask and fins and swim with alligators. He also had customers in the water with him, according to the FWC.

The interaction is considered harassment of a protected species and illegal, according to wildlife officials

FWC identified the arrested man as Hal Kreitman. He was booked into the Monroe County Jail.

The alligator encounters took place in the southern Everglades



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