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Haunted cemetery tells scary story of St. Pete’s creepy past October 17, 2014

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There is a cemetery in St. Petersburg where the ghosts of our ancestors haunt the land. Or that’s at least what the creator of Hellview Cemetery says.

Mark Muncy’s haunt that’s built right in his front lawn, tells the scary story of St. Pete’s creepy past.

Legend has it that ancient settlers moved to the Bay area in the hopes of a better life. But year after year, hurricanes washed their villages away. Their bodies never were found. But their ghosts still haunt the land known as Hellview Cemetery, said Muncy.

“No one knows how old Hellview Cemetery really is. Some say it existed even before the Seminole Indians were ever to set foot on the peninsula of what is now St. Petersburg, Florida.”

The outdoor haunt has a realistic touch made to resemble old Florida. Around every corner, the settlers ghosts jump out at you. After all it’s been a long time since they have had human flesh. So be prepared to scream!

The haunted journey is elaborate with plenty of details to look at such as old pictures and skulls. And new this year they have a haunted corn maze. But watch out for the Blackwater Clan, said Muncy.

“The serpent worshiping Blackwater clan has been seen hunting for sacrificial offerings to their ancient god. These cannibalistic inbred swamp people, led by their high priest are some of the most feared denizens of the swamps of Florida,” he said.

Muncy said his haunt is one of the largest in the area and it’s free. However, they do accept donations that go to local charities including Child’s Play, a charity that donates toys and games to sick children at hospitals, The Kind Mouse; they feed, educate and house local families that have suffered hard economic times, and Florida Bat Conservatory, a private non-profit organization that protects and preserves Florida’s bats.

The haunt is scary. However they want everyone to join in on the fun. So they offer a less scary haunt earlier in the night for the young ones. The haunts open October 18th.

For more information on the haunt and dates and times they are open, visit their website http://www.hellview.net/home.html.


Woman pulls cocaine out of bra because deputy was ‘going to find it anyway’

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A 29-year-old woman is facing drug charges after allegedly pulling a small amount of cocaine in a cellophane wrapper out of her bra, saying the deputy was “going to find it anyway.”

nicole-kathleen-franklinNicole Kathleen Franklin was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped for speeding on Oct. 7, according to the arrest report. When Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies checked her record, they found that she was on probation for 2013 drug charges.

Deputies asked for permission to search her purse, and she agreed, the report said. They found rolling papers in her purse, which she admitted she used to smoke marijuana occasionally.

The driver granted deputies permission to search the vehicle, according to the report. They found a gram of marijuana and two partially smoked marijuana cigarettes in a cigarette package and glass smoking device hidden in a tampon box.

Franklin admitted that the weed and pipe were hers and said she’d forgotten they were in the console, the report said. Before she was arrested, she reached into her bra and handed deputies the cocaine.

She is charged with possession of cocaine, possession of not more than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Undie-clad neighbor took a pee on woman’s porch

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A man clad only in underwear scared his neighbor when he banged on her door, according to a Flagler County sheriff’s report.

sfl-flduh-neighbor-undies-piddled-20141016-001John Joseph Rossi, 57, is also accused of attempting to push the door open at the neighbor’s home Wednesday, relieving himself around the front porch, and then getting into her sports utility vehicle, the report states. He was still inside the SUV when deputies arrived.

The neighbor said she was awakened by her dog barking and then someone knocking at the door about 7 a.m. Wednesday.

“The knocks became harder and more urgent,” according to the report.

She looked through the door’s peep hole but did not recognize Rossi.

“While (the woman) was on the phone with 9-1-1, the man was trying to push in the front door while wiggling the door handle,” the report states. “(The resident) was scared for her children’s (6 and 8 years old) life, so she put the children in the master bedroom.”

When she returned, Rossi was urinating and then he walked away, according to the report.

Deputies arrived and found Rossi in the SUV “in the driver’s seat.”

“I opened the driver’s door and saw Rossi was only wearing his underwear,” the investigating deputy reported. “I also observed that there were items on the driver’s floor.”

Rossi was asked if the SUV belonged to him and he said “nothing was his.”

Rossi was charged with two counts of burglary and indecent exposure. He was booked into the Flagler County Detention Facility where he was being held Thursday on $10,500 bail.


When does a dream home turn into a nightmare? October 15, 2014

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Six months after building a large custom house with an ocean view, Missouri residents Mark and Brenda Voss learned of a big problem – it’s on the wrong lot.

sfl-flduh-dream-house-wrong-lot-20141014-001Their three-story vacation rental house with an estimated construction value of $680,000 actually sits on the lot next to the one they own in the gated Ocean Hammock resort community.

“We are in total disbelief, just amazed this could happen,” said Mark Voss, who owns a property management and real estate company in central Missouri. “We may have moved (to Ocean Hammock) someday. But, with this headache and grief, we’re not so sure. The Midwest is looking pretty good right now.”

The Voss’s builder, Keystone Homes, which is based in Ormond Beach but builds primarily in Flagler County, has contacted the two lot owners and other parties and is trying to negotiate a settlement, said Robbie Richmond, company vice president.

“The buck stops with the builder. We know that. We are in the process of trying to schedule a conference call and find a fair resolution without the lawyers,” Richmond said. “I have built about 600 homes in Flagler County and this has never happened to me before. It does happen, but it’s rare.”

The Vosses, who own 18 other residential lots in the Hammock Dunes master-planned community, paid $160,000 for one with a street address of 23 Ocean Ridge Blvd. North in June 2012, according to Flagler County property records. They hired Keystone Homes to design and build a 5,000-square-foot house there to use as a vacation rental managed by Vacation Rental Pros in St. Augustine.

The house has five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. It also includes a home theater, game room and screened-in pool.

But the house was mistakenly built on the lot next door, 21 Ocean Ridge Blvd. North.

Andrew Massaro and his wife, Brooke Triplett, of Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, bought that lot in 2003 for $355,000. They could not be reached for comment.

The builder and Voss each say the error can be traced to the first survey in 2013. East Coast Land Surveying in Ormond Beach misplaced stakes, and the foundation survey and other documents and building activity were based on the error. During construction, dozens of subcontractors arrived each day to work at the wrong lot. And a final survey failed to note the error.

“We require a preliminary plat, foundation and final survey and they all indicate it’s the right lot where the house sits,” said Mark Boyce, Flagler County’s chief building official. “We rely on the surveyor. They are state licensed professionals and we count on them to get it right.”

Calls to East Coast Land Surveying last week were unreturned.

Voss, the buyer, visited the construction site several times. He said he was stunned by the error because East Coast Land Surveying, “is not a fly-by-night surveyor. They are one of the most experienced in the Hammocks,” he said.

Boyce, the building official, noted that the west side of Ocean Ridge Boulevard North has a stretch of about 10 vacant lots in a row. The grass is mowed short and there are no distinguishing landmarks or lot markers to help surveyors and builders find the right lot or catch an error.


Bouncers give tourist beatdown inside strip club, steal his jewelry October 14, 2014

A former Flagler County sheriff’s deputy is among four men charged with beating and stealing from a customer at Lollipops strip club in Daytona Beach.

sfl-flduh-bouncers-tourist-strip-club-20141013-001Daytona Beach police arrested Jermine Riley, 40, former deputy Michael Kramer, 35, and Brent Rose, 42, Saturday night as Local 6 cameras were rolling. All three are employees of the club, while a manager, Joseph Victorelli, 47, turned himself in at the Volusia County Jail on Sunday.

All four men have since bonded out of jail.

According to police, surveillance cameras show the four men severely beating 55-year-old Thomas Volz, who was visiting from Omaha, Nebraska. Police said in the video it is also clear the men stole several pieces of jewelry from Volz.

“He gets punched in the face, they knock him down to the ground and they stomp him. They give him a good old-fashioned beat down,” said Chief Mike Chitwood.

According to attorney Brett Hartley, who represents Lollipops, Volz was refusing to pay for $200 in lap dances he received. Volz said he never got the dances and the employees beat him up in an effort to intimidate him into paying.

Hartley said Volz was repeatedly asked to leave, but instead threatened the employees and kept trying to come back into the club. Hartley said Volz at one point appeared to physically challenge the bouncers and that Volz spit in the face of one of the bouncers, which initiated the physical confrontation.

In a phone conversation with Local 6, Volz said he will move forward in an effort to prosecute his alleged attackers. He said he was beaten “without regard for human life,” suffering a broken nose, sore ribs and a concussion.


What would thieves do with 18 tons of Crisco? October 13, 2014

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St. Petersburg police are dealing with that question as they search for the people responsible for stealing a tractor-trailer loaded with about 36,000 pounds of the vegetable shortening.

DIY-Crisco-Candle-1The rig was reported stolen Sunday morning from Coastal Towing, 2390 118th Ave. N., police said.

In additon, another tractor-trailer filled with boxes from Amazon’s Ruskin distribution center had been burglarized, police said. A number of boxes were opened and the contents taken.

The Crisco sticks were to be delivered to the Publix distribution center in Lakeland, police said.

The stolen cab was a 2005 red Volvo with “NS Express LLC, Bowling Green, KY 42104” written on both sides, with Florida tag 52393P. The trailer was a white Hyundai with Florida tag 4450PP.

Police don’t know yet what items were taken from the Amazon boxes.

Anyone with information should call St. Petersburg police.


Woman defrauds Victoria’s Secret out of more than $53,000 by stealing and returning underwear for cash October 5, 2014

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After nearly a year of eluding police, a woman wanted for defrauding Victoria Secret of thousands of dollars is now in custody.

nathilia-hooksNathilia Hooks, 39, turned herself in to police Friday morning. She’s been charged with retail theft, organized fraud and money laundering/unlawful proceeds.

Investigators said Hooks would steal from the lingerie stores, return the items and pocket the refund. She reportedly came to the attention of the loss prevention fraud investigators at Victoria Secret last January after multiple returns to her debit card were found.

Total loss – about $53,000.00.

Aventura Police say they first started looking for her after she was captured on surveillance tape shoplifting at a Sunglass Hut store at the Aventura Mall. They circulated flyers with her images and they heard from a number of police agencies.

Aventura Police Det. Olga Burns told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench, “It feels great to have her in custody. We have been working on cases involving her since last November.”

Authorities say Hooks victimized Victoria Secret stores in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach counties, and in some cases, as far north as Orlando.

Police said she had been pulling the scam since last year. Police agencies in Bal Harbour and Palm Beach will have shoplifting charges against her.

Surveillance tape from one Victoria Secret store reportedly showed Hooks using a screwdriver to remove anti-theft sensors from clothing that police said she would steal and then turn in for a credit on her debit card.

Hooks turned herself in after learning there was a warrant out for her arrest. During her bond court hearing, Hooks did not speak but the prosecutor told the judge she pulled her fraudulent return scam at least 255 times over 18 months at 37 stores.

“We have a strong case against her and we have surveillance tape of her from some 30 stores,” said Shireen Brueggeman, an Assistant Statewide Prosecutor.

Brueggeman also told the Judge in bond court that Hooks had a history of arrests for petit and grand theft and larceny from 1993 and 1994. She said Hooks was also arrested in 1996 for carrying a concealed weapon.

In court, Hooks was represented by Assistant Public Defender. He said Hooks had lived in Miami for some time and had ties to the community.

But the judge refused to lower Hooks’s bond of $260,000.



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