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Surveillance Video: Slippery female robber gets away June 12, 2013

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You won’t believe the boldness of the robber in this video. See what she does when she thinks no one is behind the register.


Neighbors criticize Odessa man for shooting pet goats May 30, 2013

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An Odessa man is facing criticism from his neighbors accused of animal cruelty after he was seen shooting and killing his own pet goats.


Finally …. State Legislature passes bill making it illegal to drive slow in the fast lane May 12, 2013

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Worst_drivers_studya8f457ee-a7c1-4e39-bf96-0c58c10d142b0000_20100601232333_320_240ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – If you’re a driver, chances are you’ve experienced  it.
Junior Santos says it’s one of his biggest pet peeves when fast-lane  drivers go anything but fast. “If people want to drive slow it has to be in the  last lane on the other side,” Santos said. But as Santos knows, that often does  not happen.  However, until now there wasn’t much anyone could do about  it.
This week, after years of trying, both the Florida House and Senate passed  a bill that would make it illegal for drivers to go slow in the left lane.
“I think it’s going to make us a little bit safer,” said Sen. Jeff Brandes,  R-St. Petersburg. Brandes says he insisted lawmakers take this issue up.   Nicknamed the “road rage” bill, the legislation is meant to help drivers  keep their cool.
If Gov. Scott signs the legislation into law, drivers would face a $60 fine  for driving 10 mph or more under the posted speed limit in the left lane.
The law would apply to any road or highway with two or more  lanes.
“If you drive within 10 mph of the speed limit, that’s not a problem. But  if you know you’re going to be overtaken, you should move out of the way,”  Brandes said.
Santos says it’s music to his ears. “It’ll make other people’s days  better,” said Santos.

Girl makes graduation dress out of homework May 4, 2013

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Up close, it’s like any other math equation. Zoom out, and it equals a work of art.


Beautiful golf swing from an unlikely source

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Brittany McDonald, from the Clearwater Beach Hooters, wanted to take a swing off the tee. And she surprised everyone with a lovely swing… nice takeaway and follow-through, smooth swing.. one of the nicest swings in the tournament.


Woman set car ablaze, claimed to be ‘God” April 26, 2013

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Four people hurt as LED screen falls during set-up for Florida electronic music festival March 15, 2013

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