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Man called it “extreme shopping,” women called it ‘flashing’ October 21, 2014

Christopher Durrell Glaze told Sanford police he was “extreme shopping” after he flashed two women at the Seminole Towne Center mall last week, an arrest report states.

sfl-flduh-extreme-shopping-flashing-20141020-001Two women reported seeing Glaze, 27, exposing himself at the mall Wednesday afternoon.

The first described doing a “double take” after Glaze flashed her. As she went to report what had happened, he walked into a Victoria’s Secret store, where he encountered another woman, “pulled down the front of his pants and exposed himself completely to her,” according to the arrest report.

Police interviewed Glaze, who eventually confessed to flashing the two women, the report says.

Glaze initially told an officer he was shopping.

Asked what kind of shopping, he said “extreme shopping,” something he defined as “when you go shopping and you talk to girls and flirt,” the arrest report says

When police asked if Glaze had exposed himself, he initially said he had exposed his stomach, but later admitted that he had flashed his genitals, the report says.
He was arrested on two counts of indecent exposure of sexual organs, a misdemeanor.


Crooked Cop Let Woman Off In Exchange For Oral Sex: Police October 16, 2014

A Florida sheriff’s deputy faces felony charges after officials said he accepted oral sex from a woman in exchange for not arresting her.

Ted Arboleda, 32, was arrested Monday. He is charged with unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior.

n-TED-ARBOLEDA-large“It’s discouraging and demoralizing to the 99.9 percent of the men and women that work so hard and so diligently [for the Broward Sheriff's Office],” Sheriff Scott Israel. “We’re not going to tolerate this kind of behavior.”

The charges stem from an incident that occurred in July 2013, investigators with the Broward County Sheriff’s Public Corruption Unit said. Arboleda allegedly spoke with a woman at a Dania Beach gas station and learned that she did not have a valid Florida driver’s license. The woman was also found in possession of marijuana and a bottle of prescription medication.

The woman, who was on probation, reportedly offered the Arboleda money not to arrest her. Officials said he refused the bribe, but accompanied the woman to her home. The woman let him inside the home and offered him oral sex.

“She said something to the effect of, ‘I know you won’t take the money, but I’ll perform oral sex,'” Israel said.

The Sun-Sentinel reports:

Arboleda told the woman he had never done anything like that before but agreed to the sex act, according to the arrest warrant. After the sex act, Arboleda told the woman “he could not believe he agreed” and told her not to tell anyone. He left without arresting her.

Police began investigating the case after the woman’s boyfriend reported what happened. Officials said they suspect this isn’t the first time Arboleda’s done this.

He’s been suspended without pay.


Walmart + Stuffed Horse + Ejaculate = Florida, of course October 15, 2014

Police in Brooksville have arrested a man for allegedly masturbating using a stuffed animal inside Walmart.

5174999_GPolice say 19-year-old Sean Johnson of Lake Panasoffkee has been charged with indecent exposure in public and criminal mischief for the act.

Officers responded to the Walmart on Broad Street just before 3 p.m. Tuesday for the complaint. Employees say they saw Johnson using a stuffed horse toy and go to the bedding department where he masturbated into the animal. The incident was caught on camera.

He then put the toy, now covered in ejaculate, back on the shelf, police say. Other items were contaminated and could not be sold.

Johnson fled the store but was located by police nearby. He was arrested and taken to the Hernando County Jail on $1,500 bond.


Man jailed after dancing naked along Overseas Highway October 14, 2014

A homeless man dancing nude on the side of U.S. 1 in Marathon was arrested Sunday night, says the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

sfl-flduh-dancing-naked-highway-20141013-001The person who called police said he saw Marino Sanchez, 60, at the entrance to the Marathon Government Center at mile marker 48.5 bayside just before 6 p.m. dancing around naked. When deputies Danielle Malone and Anthony Anderson arrived, Sanchez was gone but shortly thereafter found in nearby woods, still naked.

Sanchez was charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure and taken to jail, where he received inmate clothing.


Joy of yoga?? Man wanted for lewd act during yoga class September 17, 2014

A 42-year-old registered sex offender spotted twice on Sunday in Jacksonville is wanted in connection with performing an unnatural and lascivious act at a San Marco yoga facility.

sfl-flduh-lewd-act-yoga-20140916-001Jacksonville police said that at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, Joseph Jordan attended a yoga class in the Hendricks Avenue area and began masturbating during the class until he was confronted by the instructor and three male students.

Jordan was escorted out, police said. They said it was the first time he’s attended the yoga facility.

Police were able to identify it as Jordan because he used his real name when he signed up for the class.

“He filled out the form with a lot of his specific information,” said Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Melissa Bujeda. “Maybe couldn’t control himself once he was in there. … He wasn’t trying to hide, which causes us more concern.”

On Monday, the campus police at the University of North Florida sent out a warning about Jordan, who police said was found Sunday evening acting suspiciously outside the women’s bathroom at the Student Union, Building 58W.

A UNF spokeswoman said UNF police talked with Jordan, he answered all their questions and even waited around while JSO and the State Attorney’s Office responded, but since he didn’t commit any crime on campus, he was let go.

“I can tell you when we had him on our campus, he told our police officers that he was going to be leaving town, the state,” said UNF spokeswoman Sharon Ashton. “We really thought that was the last we’d see of him, but at that point we didn’t know about the incident at the yoga studio earlier that day.”

Ashton said the university has 17 different ways to communicate and emergency to students, faculty and staff, and officials base their method of delivery on the severity of the case. In the case of Jordan, an email was sent.

“He didn’t commit a crime on our campus, so we couldn’t do anything about it,” Ashton said. “But we felt the need to notify the campus community, as we typically do, to say, ‘Be aware. Be on the lookout for. If you feel uncomfortable, you can always call for an escort.’”

On Monday, police connected Jordan to the yoga incident and obtained an arrest warrant. They then posted Jordan’s mugshot and information online on the JSO Facebook page.

News4Jax crime and safety expert Gil Smith said Facebook and Twitter are proven tools in apprehending criminals.

“Not just with JSO, but throughout law enforcement, some have noticed a 50 percent increase in actually catching these suspects who are wanted by police, because people are watching these sites,” Smith said.

As for Jordan’s history, JSO said he was released from jail on Sept. 3 and was on probation for lewd and lascivious acts on a minor. The Florida sexual offender website shows Jordan registered his address as a home in Dayton, Ohio, the same day he was released.

Under Florida law, convicted sexual offenders are allowed on college campuses. The UNF alert reminded people on campus to lock their doors, don’t walk alone and to report any suspicious activity on one of the campus emergency phones.

Jordan was described as a black man, 6 feet 3 inches tall and 180 pounds. Police said Jordan should be considered dangerous.

“We’re very concerned. We want to let the community to know that this has occurred, we want them to see his picture, we want them to know what he looks like,” Bujeda said. “If anyone knows his whereabouts, we want them to call police right away.”


This old guy had nothing to do so … he stalked and masturbated near Walmart shopper September 12, 2014

A North Port retiree was jailed Wednesday after he masturbated near a woman outside of a North Port Walmart, the city’s police reported.

sfl-flduh-stalked-shopper-masturbated-20140911-001It was at about 12:50 p.m. when officers responded to a call from the 45-year-old female shopper. She said Raymond Douglas Hunt, 62, had followed her throughout the store, waited for her as she checked out and followed her to her car.

As the woman placed her groceries inside her car, Hunt stood nearby with his hands in his pants, staring at her. She told officer she believed Hunt was masturbating.

Hunt drove off before police arrived, but was found a short while later and confessed to the crimes alleged against him, police said. He was charged with simple stalking and lewd and lascivious exhibition by an adult.

He is being held in Sarasota County Jail, without bond for the stalking charge.


Woman accused of committing solo sex act on motorcycle in open garage September 9, 2014

A woman who Ormond Beach police say was committing a sex act atop a motorcycle with her garage door open was arrested after the activity was witnessed by a 13-year-old boy, the child’s mother and another neighbor, an arrest report shows.

sfl-flduh-sex-act-motorcycle-20140908-001Karen Marie Dilworth was charged with lewd/lascivious exhibition by a person over 18 on a person under 16, after the incident in front of her house on Pine Cone Trail in The Trails subdivision on Saturday night, a report shows.

The 50-year-old Dilworth, who denied she committed a sex act on a motorcycle, told Ormond Beach police that she was in her garage smoking and drinking beers, the report shows.

But at least two of her neighbors said otherwise, one of them calling 9-1-1 and yelling at Dilworth to shut her garage door.

The boy and his mother were arriving at their residence on Pine Cone Trail when they spotted Dilworth — the front of her half-nude body on the bike was facing the street — in her garage, the report shows. The shocked mother called out to her other neighbor and that neighbor in turn yelled out to Dilworth, the report shows.

Dilworth was taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail and was released after she posted $1,000 bail. When reached by phone Monday, Dilworth declined comment.



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